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GOP Veeps

Click the below link for detailed musings about potential V.P. selections on the Republican side of the ledger.

Charlie Crist

Pros: Young, healthy and telegenic governor from the fastest-growing large state in the country.

Cons: Florida in the general election won't be in play -- McCain easily will prevail in that state, regardless of who's named Veep. Crist also is single. It's difficult enough to get evangelical conservatives to vote in general elections -- they often search for reasons not to vote -- and the inevitable "rumors" that would surround Crist only would make that more of a chore.

Tim Pawlenty

Pros: Young, healthy and telegenic governor from a swing state with a material number of electoral votes. Populist viewpoints with Mid-Western charm.

Cons: None of which I'm aware.

Tom Ridge

Pros: Won two major elections in the 1990's in what's now become the most important swing state in the country. Would help define the key issue in this election as national security, which is a veritable nightmare for the weak-minded and reality-denying Democrat Party.

Cons: Ridge has been out of political circulation for the past several years. A bit too old for Veep -- especially given McCain's advanced age. Pro-choice viewpoints would give single-issue evangelicals a reason to stay home and not vote.

Condi Rice

Pros: A political tsunami. Would cause liberal Democrats in the media and on university campuses to go over the edge into abject lunacy. Would reduce the so-called "gender gap" (Democrat strength with female voters) without affecting the unreported but very entrenched *reverse* gender gap (extreme Democrat weakness with male voters). Once and for all would bury the long-standing media meme of the GOP being the party of old white men. Once and for all would jettison whatever remnants there are of the racist cracker blocs.

Cons: Single and never married. As alluded to above, that alone would give certain elements of the irrational right a reason to stay home.

Rudy Giuliani

Pros: Theoretically could help make New Jersey and Connecticut and perhaps even New York more competetive, forcing the Democrats to expend time and money in states long considered for them to be safe zones. Like Ridge, Giuliani would focus the ticket's message on a winning issue -- national security -- and away from less-important social issues. Potentially would foster a needed re-alignment of the Republican Party -- away from country club WASPs (many of whom categorically refuse to vote in general elections) towards a more urban, gritty, working-class and pragmatic base of secular Republicans, Independents and disaffected, old-school Democrats.

Cons: Too old and too unhealthy for Veep. Social conservatives would stay home in droves.

Mitt Romney

Pros: Accomplished and tenacious fundraiser. Definitely would bring in large piles of cash. Huge name recognition in Michigan might be enough to flip that state to the GOP column. Relatively young and certainly telegenic.

Cons: The Mormon issue would be anathema for millions of Christians -- especially in the South and in the Mid-West.

Fred Thompson

Pros: His wife looks pretty good in an evening gown. No, seriously, one could argue Thompson might shore up McCain's support among evangelicals.

Cons: Such weak support out in the real world -- as opposed to the cocoon of conservative talk radio and blogs -- he couldn't even make it to February's primary calendar. Out of political circulation from 2003 - 2008. Has not won an election since 1996. Never held an executive-level public office. Too old and far too unhealthy for Veep.

Mike Huckabee

Pros: Theoretically could shore up McCain's standing with evangelicals. Multi-term governor. Relatively young and apparently healthy.

Cons: Being a Baptist preacher plays well in the South and in the Mid-West and especially in connection with low-turnout caucuses. In a general election, however, Huckabee's loud Protestant overtones would be a major turnoff for secular voters, Northern Republicans, Catholics, and many Independents, especially in key Northern and Western swing states, e.g., Oregon, New Hampshire, Nevada, Wisconsin and Minnesota.


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Comments (18)

My favorite would be <a hre... (Below threshold)

My favorite would be Sarah Palin. She offers the same break-from-old-white-men type benefits of Condi, but w/o the Bush-era baggage.

She's also right on the issues.

Mitt Romney doubled up on M... (Below threshold)

Mitt Romney doubled up on McCain Huckabee in Minnesota which is in the midwest, so I think the state would swing to GOP this round. was close in 2004.

Tim Pawlenty is a supporter of implenting GLOBAL WARMING shenanigans on us taxpayers as well as raising punitive taxes against smokers (He called them fee's) in My state..they are currently trying to gouge an additional .50 a pack and pushing E84 subsidys down our throats.

These are a few cons..

Sarah Palin would help deli... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Sarah Palin would help deliver the crucial swing state of...Alaska?

I say Dick Cheney for Veep.

Ann Coulter would balance o... (Below threshold)

Ann Coulter would balance out the ticket.

How about Colin Powell??... (Below threshold)

How about Colin Powell?? Or did he stray just too far away, sickened and running from both himself and the crap he fed the nation???

Or how about the man with VP experience, Dick Cheney? I guess that would automatically be a losing ticket, right, conservatives?

What about Don Rumsfeld Nah, Abu Ghraib and John McCain must not come into contact.

That leaves us with Ron Reagan, Jr. Go for it, conservatives!!

some names i have seen band... (Below threshold)

some names i have seen banded about:

Jim DeMint
Mark Sanford
Bobby Jindal
JC Watts

any thoughts on any of these?

Rudy is my personal favorit... (Below threshold)

Rudy is my personal favorite...was my close second behind Rudy... Listening to McCain's speech at CPAC on Thursday, it looks like he has already lifted is tax and economic agenda from Rudy's stump speech, which was great.

Gov Sanford, SC - if McCain isn't holding a grudge for a lack of endorsement in primaries.

Going off the board for $200... Tony Snow... little political baggage, would wipe up the floor with whomever is the Dem. VP candidate. Go watch his CPAC speech on Townhall.com

For McCain, DeMint or Sanfo... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

For McCain, DeMint or Sanford would be the best option and balance the ticket a bit. My prediction is Crist and I think that would be a terrible choice as folks are beginning to turn on him down here in Florida.

Given Obama 's extreme libe... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Given Obama 's extreme liberal agenda of "killing babies, not terrorists" big gov, McCain will need a VP to balance out his problem with big gov view. Bobby Jindal will be a great choice, but he may be too young and too conservative for McCain. Since Obama is so extreme in the "killing babies" leg of liberalism, McCain can use stronger contrast there as well. McCain can take care of the "saving terrorists" leg of the liberals by himself I think.

John said, no balancing of ... (Below threshold)

John said, no balancing of the ticket regionally. Hmmn. Well, then will he try for some pizzaz? After all, Obama will kill him on TV debates,and perhaps John will need a risky choice to keep the election at least close. How bout Mike Steele of Maryland? I like the JC Watts ploy too. Condi will remind the Left of Iraq and that will be that. Pubs do not have that strong of a bench except down South and that will not do since they are Senators and even a Gov. or two. Such as Barbour. Or how bout Mike Pence of Indiana? A rep , it it true but young, smart and might bring some MidWestern cred for the ticket. I like the idea of Rudy but he does not bring conservs back to the fold. The above guys might. Too bad we don't have M. Thatcher in a younger pants suit , say from Ca. or Michigan! That would be some pizzaz.

Interesting choices. I like... (Below threshold)

Interesting choices. I like Steele, and have always wanted to see Condi on a Pres ticket. Jindal might be an excellent choice - but he is just now settling in to his role as LA gov, and I think that he is needed there more than in DC (for now!).

Aaah typical libnut Herman ... (Below threshold)

Aaah typical libnut Herman can't even debate let alone tell us what his pathetic corrupt lying party who has yet to keep their promises plans are.Next time Herman look no further than your precious Democratic party when you go to insult they are the ones who started this war first but oh I forgot Democrats can start wars without UN and congressional approval.I'm strongly looking forward to the presidential election whether it's Hillary or Obama it's going to be sweet watching Dems go down in flames again!

Guiliani was sniffing McCai... (Below threshold)

Guiliani was sniffing McCain's butt too long after Guiliani's concession. I suspect the deal is in with Guiliani.

914,I live in MN t... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:


I live in MN too, and I think Pawlenty has done a great job. I know he has gone a little off on the GW issue, but he has done a masterful job against a lib legislature. I can overlook a couple questionable items for his overall performance. Also, he is one of McCain's top campaign guys, so he might have an in there.

And he is an evangelical, b... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

And he is an evangelical, but without the Huckabee stupidity and convict love.

The organization against wh... (Below threshold)

The organization against which you spew is actually the "Democratic Party." No "Democrat Pary" exists in our nation. Further, the word is pronounced Noo-Clee-Ar. At least, that's what those raving Lie-berals at universities say. We know better, though. Off to clear some brush and kill some brown people for oil!

Unless something breaks one... (Below threshold)

Unless something breaks one way or the other, I said Pawlenty is the guy. Another darkhorse is Sen Richard burr of NC.

You might see a black like Steele or a woman like Palin if McCain is facing a Hillary/Obama ticket or feels he needs something to break out of the demographic box. Besides Martinez of FL no real good Hispanic choices.

In the end McCain will pick who he wants regardless what others think; thats just who McCain is.

Aren't we a little sensitiv... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Aren't we a little sensitive, Tony?






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