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Weekend Election Roundup

Click the below link if you'd like to read some musings about this weekend's primaries and caucuses.

Obama Wins LA, WA, ME and NE

Well, duh. Obama has been winning all the caucuses. And it didn't take a crystal ball to know he'd win the Louisiana primary. Speaking of which, check out this breakdown from the Bayou State:

White LA Democrats voted for Clinton 58-30 {gulp}
Black LA Democrats voted for Obama 86-13 {yikes}

Which raises the following question, doesn't it?

Was Bill Clinton *really* the country's "first black president?"

Wash. State GOP Chair Declares McCain Winner of Precinct Caucuses

That was the headline from the AP, NBC, et al. Here's a link to the actual press release.

The total delegates awarded, BTW?


They award the delegates at their party convention.

Every Vote Counts

Check out the vote total from the Louisiana GOP primary:

69,665 - Huckabee - 43%
67,609 - McCain - 42%

Total delegates awarded?

None. They'll be doled out at the state party convention.

Huckabee's winning margin in the vote total, incidentally, was far less than the number of ballots cast in favor of . . . . Mitt Romney. Go figure.

Huckabee Wins KS Caucus

Well, yeah. On whom would you have bet to prevail in a *Saturday morning* caucus in the dead of winter? Having said that, however, a win is a win.


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Comments (7)

A 60-24 drubbing in Kansas ... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

A 60-24 drubbing in Kansas is newsworthy and it is silly of you to downplay that.

Washington has not yet been won by McCain as 13 percent of the votes have not been counted and the margin is only 200 votes when they mysteriously stopped counting. Serious irregularities going on there and I'm sure we'll hear a lot more about this. By the way, this was only their presidential preference caucus... their primary is in 9 days.

"Huckabee Wins KS Caucus</p... (Below threshold)

"Huckabee Wins KS Caucus

Well, yeah. On whom would you have bet to prevail in a *Saturday morning* caucus in the dead of winter?"

Sure JJ, those 40 degree temps in KS with no rain really suppressed the McCain vote. Kansasans are such pussies.

"Was Bill Clinton *really* ... (Below threshold)

"Was Bill Clinton *really* the country's 'first black president?'" JJ

"In the Republican race, almost half of the voters were born-again, evangelical Christians, and most of them voted for Huckabee. McCain got less than 30 percent of their votes."

JJ, be careful when you start throwing that prejudice card around, or I will have keep pointing out that the republican party is the party of religious intolerance. And, don't even get me started on Ann Coulter's comments about McCain's age.

"And, don't even get me ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"And, don't even get me started"


Please, please don't get comrade barney started!

By the way bunyion, my grea... (Below threshold)

By the way bunyion, my great grandfather, a lumber jack in MN, was bestowed the title of Paul Bunyan, so as a decedent of the one and true PB, I ask that you stop sullying the reputation of PB.

To paraphrase: I knew Paul Bunyan; Paul Bunyan was my great grandfather; you sir are no Paul Bunyan.

Serious irregularitie... (Below threshold)

Serious irregularities going on there and I'm sure we'll hear a lot more about this.

Do tell, what exactly are the irregularities?

Mikey Newdow is a Republica... (Below threshold)

Mikey Newdow is a Republican?
Rosey O'Donnell?
Ted Turner?






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