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Demographics & Politics

I read this article with keen interest:

Study: U.S. Hispanic Population to Triple by 2050

The U.S. population will soar to 438 million by 2050 and the Hispanic population will triple, according to projections released Monday by the Pew Research Center.

Ah, yes, demographics.

Legal immigration + a younger existing population + higher birth rates = much higher net rate of population growth.

There's also the attendant fact of the states possessing the largest rates of population growth being located along the Gulf Coast and in the West and Southwest, e.g., Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Idaho, California, whereas the states with the lowest rates of population growth -- if not actual population declines -- are in the Northeast and in the Rust Belt, e.g., Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan.

Demographics + economics + local politics = population trends.

All of which raises an important question, doesn't it?

What will be the partisan breakdown of the population-driven U.S. House of Representatives come 2050?

What's your opinion about that, Pat Buchanan?


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By 2050 we be France under ... (Below threshold)

By 2050 we be France under under it's previous leader and conservatives as we know them today will be extinct.

<a href="http://books.googl... (Below threshold)
Perhaps someone should expl... (Below threshold)

Perhaps someone should explain to the Mexicans and other Latinos that if they come here, it is a sure guarantee that they will spend all of their working years being taxed in order to pay for the retirement of American gringos. That in itself might stem the tide of immigration.

Already too late......the n... (Below threshold)

Already too late......the neocons, ie, liberal republicans, (Jorge Bush, Juan McAmesty, etc) have won.

The latino mindset is one of tribalism. Doesn't matter if they are 5th generation American, they are Mexican in the heart and in their loyalty.

Best to dissolve the nation immediately. Get it over with. We can't produce our own food, steel, automobiles anymore.

Declare a Norte Latino Americano Unión!

Pat Buchanan wrote the Deat... (Below threshold)
Al in St. Lou:

Pat Buchanan wrote the Death of the West long before anyone had ever heard of Mark Steyn.






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