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Doing the jobs Brits won't do?

How many unemployed in England would have liked a shot at those 11,000 security guard jobs? From ITN-

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was forced to admit that more than 11,000 illegal workers may have been cleared to get jobs as security guards two months ago

The latest security blunder to hit the Government was only revealed when an insider leaked the contents of a confidential memo to Home Office minister Liam Byrne.


The document also advised ministers to keep quiet about the incident unless asked by the media "given recent coverage of security guards employed illegally at Government offices".

I guess British bureaucrats are too busy removing the word prostitute from criminal statutes to do employment eligibility checks. Maybe the Home Secretary should resign. Better yet- Off with her head!(Sarcastic laughter time)

Does it gladden your heart to know the Brits are just as dysfunctional when it comes to illegal alien workers?


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Yes, you're right the Brits... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Yes, you're right the Brits have little idea about the volume of their immigration, illegal or legal or foreign workers especially from the new EU countries or international students. They have consistently understimated all figures.

In 2001 and during 9/11, I lived in London much of the time with Brazilian cleaners. Most of them take language courses and work part-time as cleaners but there can be many delays to renew their status: by the same token, as it involves a long bureaucratic process to deport someone, many continue to stay and work illegally.

My grandmother was born in the UK, so I can legally work there, even though she left the UK over hundred years ago. Periodically. I must renew my working papers but in 2002, the Home Office in Croydon which is swamped lost my documents even though they had confirmed they recieved them by registered mail.






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