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Potomac Primary Quandary

With Sen. John McCain cruising toward the nomination I'm wondering if my vote in tomorrow's Virginia primary (Maryland and D.C. are voting as well - hence the Potomac Primary moniker) imight have more worth elsewhere; specifically as a vote for Hillary Clinton. Having no dog in the Obama/Clinton fight I have no problem casting a ballot in the Democratic primary to try and get Hillary, who I consider the more favorable opponent for McCain in November, back on track for the Democratic nomination.

I've not made up my mind about how to proceed, and if there's even a hint that McCain might not win big in Virginia then there's no way I even consider such a move. Since my mind is not made up I figured it was worth opening up for discussion.

It's a not suicide voting, it would be more like kamikaze voting...

Update: I voted for McCain.


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Comments (27)

Don't do it. I failed to vo... (Below threshold)

Don't do it. I failed to vote in the State of Washington caucus over the weekend (a beauty contest only, no delegates at stake), thinking that McCain had it all sewn up. He almost lost to the much more aggressive folks supporting Huckabee. Final numbers look like a near tie. If too many people think the nomination is done, he could sneak in and get enough delegates to weaken McCain.

And then there is this: <a ... (Below threshold)
Wow, now there's something ... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

Wow, now there's something I never would have imagined...Kevin at Wizbang casting a ballot for Hillary. Are you gonna get a t-shirt too?

How does VA work with prima... (Below threshold)

How does VA work with primaries? Can you vote for a different party then you are registered with?

Yes, if you would otherwise... (Below threshold)

Yes, if you would otherwise vote for McCain go vote for Hillary, and while you are at it bring a Huckster voter to the polls.

If Huck get 59 percent of the remaining delegates its a Brokered convention, in my opinion a good thing. I think in the General election McCain will get his clock cleaned if the California debate is an indication of his true abilities.

And for those of you that say this only weakens the GOP in the General election, so be it, if McCain is indeed the "Man" he should be able to overcome a little diversity. Heck, he wants to POTUS not a Cub Scout den leader.

I've considered doing the s... (Below threshold)

I've considered doing the same thing, since my state's primary (MS) is March 11. As it stands, I don't think there's anything to gain by voting in the (R) primary, and I'd rather not have to hold my nose & vote for McCain any more than necessary.

The question is, are there any other primary elections that you feel the need to vote for in the (R) primary- say, Senate, or state positions? In my case, I've got to look at the Lott Senate seat, and the House seat that is open.

The flip side to this, is that I don't know if I can actually hold my nose & pull a lever for either Hillary or Barack once, even if it is just a primary.

I am in VA and crossing ove... (Below threshold)

I am in VA and crossing over to vote for Obama. The last thing I want for this country is Hillary as President. I don't care if she would be a better opponent for McCain. I will try to get her out now when I have a chance. I just don't understand the reasoning that we should help her now to hurt her later.

Either McCain can beat the democrats or he can't, but I am glad I get the chance to choose the opposition, and I am voting against Hillary.

I've thought about this but... (Below threshold)

I've thought about this but am haunted by this scenario: I vote for Obama, he wins by my one vote, takes the momentum and goes on win to the nomination, crushes McCain in the general election, and along with filibuster proof majorities shows himself to be the true liberal, enacting one liberal program after another, leaving us worse off than we were before Reagan came along. Of course, the scenario could go the other way: I vote for Hillary, she wins and goes on to the Presidency and we have to deal with another four-eight years of listening to her.

So since I take to heart the admonition that 'every vote counts', I think I better pass on voting tomorrow for fear that I'd be the butterfly flapping his wings and causing all sorts of mischief.

Got to see <a href="http://... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Got to see Another Flag Issue for Obama?

Yep, that's right -- that is the national flag of Cuba hanging on the wall with none other than Che Guevara superimposed on it.

"With Sen. John McCain crui... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

"With Sen. John McCain cruising toward the nomination..."

There were quite a few waves on that cruise this weekend and I think we may see a real surprise tomorrow. Huckabee has an amazing core of volunteers who have pounded the phones in Virginia all weekend.

Rasmussen Reports ceased the daily tracking when McCain established a 57-25 national lead last week, but Huckabee's surge has forced them to resume the tracker... and Huckabee has closed that margin to 48-36 (and that includes results prior to Saturday's upset wins).

Huckabee only needs to win 57 percent of the remaining delegates to force the nomination to occur at convention and one would think he would prevail in such a scenario.

I say vote Huckster all the... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I say vote Huckster all the way. He may be liberal on a few things, but he's not as committed to reaching across the aisle like McCain is. If Huckabee can pull this out, i will definitely vote for him and be a GOP supporter in the fall. If McCain takes it, I'm not voting for a presidential candidate in the fall. I'm dead serious too. I can't vote for McCain. Period. Don't think i'm the only one out

Dave W: So what? If Huck ... (Below threshold)

Dave W: So what? If Huck is the nominee, I am voting for Obama or Hillary or anyone else. Huck is a one-note candidate with support only from evangelical Christians. Is a total failure on any issue, is only doing well because of blind identity-politics support. Cannot win the dog-catcher's election outside of his deep South. I would love to see him nominated and get creamed by any Dem in the general election.

Good grief, Sam, you're way... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Good grief, Sam, you're way off on that one. Are you telling me that 64 percent of Kansas Republicans are evangelicals? How about the fact there are extremely few evangelical Christians in Washington? Huckabee is now pulling CONSERVATIVES because there is a viable contrast worthy of consideration.

Alan: You seem to have pro... (Below threshold)

Alan: You seem to have problem with numbers. Yesterday, I had to correct you about TX primaries. Today, I have to correct you about Kansas. First of all, Kansas was a caucus, not a primary. So, the percentage is a reflection of those who attended the caucuses, not a percentage of all Republicans in Kansas.

If you want to get a reflection of Republican voters who are not evangelical Southern, look at Huck's votes in any state that is not in the Deep South. Since I am neither Southern nor Christian nor evangelical, I see nothing in Huck to warrant my vote.

Sam, Do you read things be... (Below threshold)

Sam, Do you read things before you post em? Wow, if you put "Jew" instead of "Christian" you would be labeled and Anti-Semite.

Old Huck is pushing the fair tax, a system that lifts burdens on business. Lets face the facts that business creates jobs and not the government.

McCain's stance on the economy is..... Oh wait,, I don't recall him having one. I think he was on some committee once in the senate...

Go Huckster...

Kevin, vote for Hilla... (Below threshold)

Kevin, vote for Hillary. And often.

She is the more vulnerable opponent to Mccain. Plus, a divided Dem convention would bring BIG traffic to Wizbang! Think of all the fun we can have. In short, do it for the children!

Sorry, Gary-FL, Th... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Gary-FL,

That dog won't hunt. The only people who are firmly in the Huckabee camp are the evangelical voters in the South. His economic or foreign policy credentials are not moving anyone. He has based his campaign on Baptist churches in the South, and that's where he is campaigning day in and day out. So don't give me the BS that he is not running his faith-based campaign, and everything else is just so much pablum. (By your logic, not voting for Obama means you are racist.)

Kevin, the only image I con... (Below threshold)

Kevin, the only image I conjure when thinking of you voting in a Dem primary is at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers when Donald Sutherland raises his finger and points...

At least wear camouflage.

I'm sure it would make for ... (Below threshold)

I'm sure it would make for a good story to tell your grandchildren, but I would skip the Hillary vote. IMO, she's going to get her clock cleaned tomorrow, so it would be a wasted vote anyway.

Do your duty and vote for McCain (assuming he's your fave at this point). The sooner the Hucksters come to their senses and see the writing on the wall, the better. You can do your part to help with that.

Sam,I understand, ... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:


I understand, probably a lot better than you, how a caucus works. McCain lost every single district in Kansas and every delegate was awarded to Huckabee. That is old news.

Your comment that only evangelicals are voting for Huckabee is utter nonsense. It would be most prudent for you to simply log onto CNN's exit polling data (I can't believe I've turned to CNN for anything -- but they really do have the coolest election website) and see the results for yourself. You will learn that Huckabee is rapidly gaining support from conservatives of all faiths... although, interestingly, catholics are still going for McCain. Please review this data before making this same old argument again.

"The only people who are fi... (Below threshold)

"The only people who are firmly in the Huckabee camp are the evangelical voters in the South." And anyone with a Southern accent doesn't count, right? It's that kind of thinking that started a civil war...

I'm an evangelical Christian from New Mexico, but the primary reason I'm going to vote for Huckabee is because of the Fair Tax. The fact that he believes in the same God I do is just a bonus (a big bonus, but still only a bonus).

As for his being "liberal", he's explained his positions more than enough, and they sound reasonable given the circumstances.

College tuition for illegals? Only for those who were in Arkansas public schools for grades 1-12, already on the public dole. Might as well make them high wage-earners instead of high-school grads with no prospects at all. And hey, maybe they'll apply for a green card!

Raising taxes? Arkansas was in dire financial straits due to the previous governor, a Clinton machine hack. It was necessary for that state at that time; at least it wasn't a federal bailout of an entire state! State, not federal taxes, is the Republican way, right?

And the Fair Tax system couldn't be more intrusive than the IRS; in addition, all that mobster money will finally be taxed good and proper.

Heck, I'm for Huck.

Quite honestly, I have NO i... (Below threshold)

Quite honestly, I have NO idea who I'm voting for, but I know I won't vote for Senator Clinton, so if that's the strategy, then I see your point.

But what if she wins the whole thing? That scares me more than anything.

I'd rather see Senator Obama take the Dem's and have him and Senator McCain wrestle for the center. Come ON. That would be great television.

And no, I don't think any President can destroy the country. Look at the past 20 years since Reagan.

Just my opinion, but label... (Below threshold)

Just my opinion, but labeling someone as "supported only by Evengelical Christian" seems to smack of intolerance. Its a trick perpetuated by the left leaning media to keep the folks north thinking the folks down south are ignorant hicks.

Lets discount someones ideas because we don't agree with their religion or because they were born in a certain reason of the contry.

I grew up in Maine and went to a libral school, learning about bigotry and prejudice all the while. To me the entire statement seems ugly. Just because its echoed widely in the media does not mean it is correct or even morally right.

If you stretch the argument you get "because Huck is a Southern Christian I am going to vote for McCain." huh...

As a conservative I personally want to limit the power the Government has over our lives. This would involve getting rid of the IRS. Sales tax works well in Florida, why not elseware? Maybe just give states the option.

As far as other positions on issues Huck is just as good if not better than McCain, and best of all, he has not been in DC for 20 years.

Let the Huck stay in. It le... (Below threshold)

Let the Huck stay in. It lets the voter feel like they have a choice. If he drops out, then what is the point of voting in the primary if McCain has it sewed up? If McCain is going to be the one, then he should have to fight for every vote. Let's not make it easy for him.

I can't remember how it works, if it comes down to a brokered convention, are all bets off for McCain? Would they pull a whole different name out of the hat? Say Newt?

I cannot fathom that voting... (Below threshold)

I cannot fathom that voting for X, if your preference is Y,is a logical way to ensure that Y actually attains the goal. It would seem that demonstrating overwhelming support for Y is easiest shown by actually VOTING for said candidate. There are too many variables to indulge in such arcane strategies as "vote for my opponent". because candidate X is easier to beat.

If you stretch the argum... (Below threshold)
sean nyc/aa:

If you stretch the argument you get "because Huck is a Southern Christian I am going to vote for McCain." huh...

That's not intolerance. A person can absolutely base their vote on someone's chosen religious beliefs, if that candidate makes a point of injecting that religion into the political arena (which Huckabee has undoubtedly done, e.g. amend the Constitution to agree with the Bible).

Intolerance would be to:
1) not vote for someone because of uncontrollable factors, i.e. race, sex, physical handicap, etc.; or
2) not allow a religious candidate to run at all, which no one is advocating. Huckabee has every right to run on his faith, but if he does so, he (and his supporters) have to expect people to vote against him specifically for that reason.

Nyc/aa- I agree with your ... (Below threshold)

Nyc/aa- I agree with your statement. However the argument was put forward not in the way you stated.

That's not intolerance. A person can absolutely base their vote on someone's chosen religious beliefs, if that candidate makes a point of injecting that religion into the political arena (which Huckabee has undoubtedly done, e.g. amend the Constitution to agree with the Bible).

The statement was

Huck is a one-note candidate with support only from evangelical Christians. Is a total failure on any issue, is only doing well because of blind identity-politics support. Cannot win the dog-catcher's election outside of his deep South.
All that need to be added is "in these parts we string them types up."

Hucks adds do not say "Mike Huckabee- Christians First" the last time I checked. It is a talking point put out by the media using exit polling data. They find something that turns people off of a candidate the "establishment" does not like and repeat it again and again.

I find support for McCain to be more based on electability and less on the merits of his agenda to effect change and brighten the future of the nation. Actually the way I look at it Mr.McCain is invested so much in the system that he would hinder any real change.

I hope I am wrong on my last point, because I will vote for him if he does get the nomination.






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