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She did it for the children

This is one very busy woman.

Police arrested yesterday a 40-something single mother who is alleged to have slept with 960 men for money over the past year.

She is known to have met her customers through adult telephone rooms, or "jeonhwabangs."

Based on the 960 phone numbers left on her cell phone, authorities have questioned an average of 30 men a day, according to the Ansan Sangnok Police Station yesterday.

The woman was arrested during a crackdown on adult telephone rooms.

Police said she had registered her number on 30 to 40 telephone rooms in the southern Seoul suburbs of Siheung, Gunpo, Anyang and Ansan since January last year. She reportedly served two to three men a day.

"The suspect is a single mother with two children - one in college and the other in high school - and is separated from her husband," a police officer said. "She said she turned to prostitution to pay for her children's educational expenses, such as school fees."

"Though we have cracked down (on prostitution) many times, it is extremely rare to see someone who has had so many customers in such a short time."

Police arrested the mother on charges of violating prostitution laws and summoned 290 men whose phone numbers were stored in her mobile phone. The remaining 670 males will be summoned and punished if specific evidence that they paid for sex with her is found.

For those who need help with math, that averages almost about 18-19 men a week and that assumes no repeat customers.

Unless the men were foolish enough to pay with a credit card, how do you prove they paid for sex? Innocent till proven guilty may not apply in the ROK.

Hat tip- Marmot's Hole


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Comments (10)

Methinks she should be call... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Methinks she should be called "Hot Dogs Down Hallway."

Sleeping with perverts she ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Sleeping with perverts she must have been desperate

She told me I was her 743rd... (Below threshold)
Usful Ijit:

She told me I was her 743rd favorite. I still feel proud.

Another Asian overachiever.... (Below threshold)

Another Asian overachiever.

Am I crazy or does that wor... (Below threshold)

Am I crazy or does that work out to 2, almost 3 per day, with no days off?

Bill, Bill, Bill, men don't... (Below threshold)

Bill, Bill, Bill, men don't pay the prostitute for the sex, they pay for her to shut up and leave after the sex.

Double U,You sound... (Below threshold)

Double U,

You sound like an expert on the subject and have lots of inside knowledge!



I lived in Anyang for a yea... (Below threshold)

I lived in Anyang for a year. If a place had two of those spinning red, white and blue barber shop poles in front of it, that meant you could pay somebody for sex there. They seemed as common as karaoke rooms and internet cafes. Pretty sure it's even in the Lonely Planet books. Some municipal governments gave men about fifty bucks if they signed something that stated they would not commit adultery with a prostitute during one of the national holidays last year. Also, Koreans are all overworked and there is rampant alcoholism and chauvinism in their culture.

So: this woman's "accomplishments" should be taken in context. :)

Things sure must have chang... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Things sure must have changed in Korea since I was there. Back in the day, the government sent doctors out to the villages around US military posts once a week to inspect the bar girls. If a girl was "hot," she was sent off for treatment and couldn't work again until she was clean.

The seedy bars around the m... (Below threshold)

The seedy bars around the more rural bases use Filipino girls now, Steve. They're duped into moving to Korea to be "pop stars", and they aren't paid or provided with return airfare until they've completed a year-long "contract". Lucky duckies!

As for Itaewon, the "Western" area in Seoul near the largest U.S. army barracks in the country, there are tons of liberal "social health" clinics, for prostitutes, GIs, and whoever else wants a check-up for two bucks. Prescriptions of any sort are never more than a couple of bucks. Korean hookers have it pretty good (as far as hookers go), though I wouldn't say the same about the slaves around the more remote bases.






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