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What a McCain Administration Might Look Like

If McCain prevails in the November general election -- and keep in mind neocons control the voting machines -- the first order of business will be to select a cabinet. Click the below link if you'd like to read musings about potential cabinet members.

Rudy Giuliani

If he doesn't get the Veep slot -- and Veep for Rudy is IMO a very long shot -- either Attorney General or DHS Secretary would be perfect for him.

Tom Ridge

Assuming he's not tapped for Veep, Ridge would be an excellent choice for Secretary of Defense. Combat infantry veteran. U.S. Representative. Governor. DHS Secretary. Enough said.

Joe Lieberman

An obvious and sound choice for Secretary of State.

Phil Gramm

A sound choice for Treasury Secretary. Gramm is a trained economist with major Wall St. ties. As such, he also could be tapped for the non-cabinet-level but important position of chief of the Council of Economic Advisors.

Lindsey Graham

Would be a disaster as Attorney General. Would be a train wreck as DHS Secretary. Hopefully he'll consider himself duty bound to continue serving in the Senate, where he's merely 1 of 100 with no executive functions.

John Breaux

Energy Secretary. Although Breaux is a bit too close to the oil industry -- we need for national security and economic reasons a strong advocate for nuclear and other alternative/renewable energy sources -- he's probably as good an option as anyone else out there and McCain will be looking for old-school Democrats in addition to Republicans. Breaux is an old-school Democrat.

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The following technically are not cabinet-level positions but for obvious reasons they're worth considering in detail:

CIA Director

Presumably CIA chieftan Michael Hayden would be retained.

National Security Chiefs -- Director of National Intelligence and National Security Advisor

If Ridge is not selected for Veep or SOD, then he would be an obvious choice either for DNI or NSA. On the other hand, Mike McConnell, currently the DNI, and Stephen Hadley, currently the NSA, might very well be retained in their respective posts, at least for transitional/continuity periods and purposes.


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Comments (12)

NSA is a high pressure job.... (Below threshold)

NSA is a high pressure job. Hadley has been either NSA or Deputy since Bush came to office. I'd think Steven will want out. You can't overstate the stress that goes with such a job. I had a friend who worked at the NSC for two years. He said he aged five during that period of time. It's incredible Kissinger juggled SOS and NSA for over two years, then HK is HK.

Academia, Washington Think tanks, military both active and retired are the likely sources for the next NSA. Under President Clinton or Obama. I'm sticking to my prediction the Republicans will lose in November. Voters aren't happy with the GOP, and the party is tearing itself apart at the moment. Not a good mix.

I really hope Rudy becomes ... (Below threshold)

I really hope Rudy becomes Vice President since McCain isn't looking too healthy, and that's how Teddy Roosevelt got the job.

Secretary of State should be somebody who can dismantle the State Department, which spends its every hour finding ways to stab this country in the back. Look what it turned Condi Rice into. Instead of Lieberman, how about John Bolton?

Secretary of Defense: General Petraeus

Attorney General: Ted Olson

Certainly there will be a p... (Below threshold)

Certainly there will be a place for Nebraska's Senator Chuck Hagel. He is such a 'Maverick' that we cornhuskers have come to love our Democrat Senator Ben Nelson so much it is almost perverse. Perhaps Secretary of Defense, where he could keep us out of any more Viet-Nam quagmiress.

Aw, Jayson, I'm not interes... (Below threshold)

Aw, Jayson, I'm not interested in silly faces! What will we see happening in a McCain Administration?

1. To "tax cuts for the rich," (John McCain's words) we can say "Bye-bye!!!"

2. Drilling in ANWR? Forget it! John McCain likens it to drilling in the Grand Canyon. Unthinkable! You conservatives will have to learn to not be selfishly self-indulgent, you'll have to learn how to "conserve." Conserve conservatives, okay?

3. Bans on stem cell research - kiss them goodbye, as they would be history in January. Take your primitive religious beliefs elsewhere, conservatives; this country will move forward with using scientific advances to improve human health.

4. We should start learning Spanish, as we would be needing it to converse with our new immigrant neighbors! I don't quite see them voting Republican though, do you? McCain don't care!

5. You conservative sadists will have to get your jollies some other way - with the new McCain administration, Americans would no longer have to be deeply ashamed that their federal government tortures people. Unlike Bush, McCain hates torture.

6. And if you conservatives find yourself getting hot-headed by some of the things McCain would be doing, remember that it would become in January official U.S. policy to reduce human causes of global warming, so put some snow or ice on your face, buddy!

Herman, it would be nice if... (Below threshold)

Herman, it would be nice if you didn't get yourself so confused over issues. For instance, as an example of your ignorance of these issues, there is no ban on stemcell research. There are limits on what forms of stemcell research can be federally funded.

Secondly, the Bush administration has already done more for reducing carbon emissions in the US than the Clinton administration ever did. And in fact, the US has made more progress in reducing the rate of emissions than have the signatories of the Kyoto Protocol.

In a perfect world, Herman ... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

In a perfect world, Herman would be in chains and we could ride him around like a pony.

Herman, where I am, we're c... (Below threshold)

Herman, where I am, we're closing in on 70+ inches of snow...just curious, what if you're side is wrong on global warming? Is it possible that the arrogant position of reducing global warming, which I think pretentious to begin with since we can't block out the sun or plug up volcanoes, would lead to a global cooling?

Sorry, global warming I can handle...global cooling is much worse. In fact, it would be more disastrous than global warming.

And unlike most liberals, I don't hate this country with a passion. I don't wish to take it down a peg nor do I wish to see it's economy taken over by a couple of socialists.

And it's too bad most illegals don't wish to be Americans. Sorry if you're feeling the backlash, but your little parades a few years ago prompted it.

What about Al Gore and Vice... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

What about Al Gore and Vicente Fox? OH! I think he has Juan Hernandez lined up as a cabinet member as well. DOn't for get Lincoln Chaffee, Olympia Snow and Susan Collins!!

Maybe we can bring Neville Chamberlain back from the dead to head up the newly named Department of Appeasement! (formerly known as the department of defense)

McCain will destroy this country much the same as Clinton or Ubama will... DOn't kid yourselves you new found McCain supporters.

SPQR, are you defending bus... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

SPQR, are you defending bush? He obviously hasn't been as bad as you have been saying if you're willing to defend him to make McCain your boy. It also just shows what kind of people like McCain. Liberals.

ALSO! I would like to point... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

ALSO! I would like to point out what a moot point discussing a McCain presidency is since he has absolutely no chance of winning the presidency.

The GOP picked the only person that has just as many negatives as hillary. GOP negative turnout will be redefined in November. I won't be voting for any presidential candidate in november thats for sure.

Dave, you seem quite confus... (Below threshold)

Dave, you seem quite confused on several topics. When have I been saying how bad Bush has been? And when did McCain become "my boy"?

Probably the best administr... (Below threshold)

Probably the best administration Mccain can make:
although i wish rudy would be choosen for VP i dont see GOP party being enthused about a mccain giuliani ticket it would go as follows
Rudy Giuliani- Either Secretary of Defense or Homeland Security.
Fred Thompson- Attorney General
Joe Liberman- Secretary of State
Colin Powell- Vice president
Mitt Romney -Secretary of the Treasury
Perhaps Bill Richardson-Secretary of Energy
Sam Brownback- Secretary of Agriculture
Mike Huckabee- Secretary of Transportation






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