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As of February 13, 2008:

Obama - 1,029 pledged delegates.
Clinton - 952 pledged delegates.

2,025 - total delegates needed to win nomination.
1,246 - total pledged delegates still available.

The Democrat "superdelegates," as everyone knows, run the gamut from state governors, to members of Congress, to labor union leaders, to 21-year-old college juniors.

All of which raises an important question, doesn't it?

This year's Democrat Party nominating convention most closely will resemble which of the following:

1. The ending car crash scene in "The Blues Brothers."
2. The parade scene in "Animal House."
3. The final hockey brawl in "Slap Shot."
4. The exploding Death Star in "Star Wars."
5. All of the above.


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Comments (36)

I'm thinking of another Blu... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking of another Blues Brothers' scene, where Carrie Fisher shoots a bazooka at the hotel where Jake and Elwood are, reducing it to rubble, but the boys crawl out, dust off and go on their way.

If we're really lucky:... (Below threshold)

If we're really lucky:

6) The climactic scene from "Scanners."


What is your problem with d... (Below threshold)

What is your problem with democracy in action, Jayson? Perhaps you would prefer the parliamentary model?

How about the climactic end... (Below threshold)

How about the climactic ending of firestarter, where the Clintons are rocketed out of town on giant fireballs never to be heard from again.

More like a scene from Rugr... (Below threshold)

More like a scene from Rugrats with a lot of kicking, screaming and bed wetting.

The last battle scene in Br... (Below threshold)

The last battle scene in Braveheart. But I do favor the car crash example. ww

I live in Denver. If these ... (Below threshold)

I live in Denver. If these dirtbag democrats so much as break a window during the convention, its hippie punchin' time. Why the Queen City of the Plains ever wanted to welcome these subhumans I'll never know.

Mattew,What is ... (Below threshold)


What is your problem with democracy in action, Jayson? Perhaps you would prefer the parliamentary model?

Silly goose, the parliamentary model is democratic. E.G., Canada: we vote here whenever they let us out of our igloos. Beauty, eh?


The final scene in "Vanishi... (Below threshold)

The final scene in "Vanishing Point".

Sonny at the Tollbooth in '... (Below threshold)

Sonny at the Tollbooth in 'The Godfather'?

Today the cost of buying a ... (Below threshold)
John Ryan:

Today the cost of buying a political futures contract on the Democrats winning the White house reached a new historic high of $67
People who are actually willing to risk betting money are now HEAVILY favoring the Democrats.
Unlike the Republicans the Democrats can happily support EITHER of their candidates.

As opposed to the Republica... (Below threshold)

As opposed to the Republican convention, which will resemble a cross between the Lawrence Welk Show and a Klan rally (during the sessions) and most of the movie Caligula (when the delegates are left on their own).

Wow, them's the same kinda ... (Below threshold)

Wow, them's the same kinda bettin' odds that the NE Patriots had to win the Superbowl. Must be a sure thing, then.

Thank you G.W. Bush. If it ... (Below threshold)

Thank you G.W. Bush. If it wasn't for BDS the DemocRAT party would not be in this guagmire of their own making.
Poor Sen. _itch Clinton, she was to be ordained the POTUS, until this uppity black man had the nerve to take her on, and is kicking her in her backside. I am over joyed to be a witness to this event. My hope is the Gentleman kicks her ass back to the Senate where she will most likely end up like Teddy the drunkard, bitter and bemoaning her loss.
Alas, we are talking about the Clintons, she will fight to the end and try to steal the nomination from Obama using every method they have used in the past, bribes, blackmail and sex.

"Unlike the Republicans the... (Below threshold)
Brad Schwartze:

"Unlike the Republicans the Democrats can happily support EITHER of their candidates."

Apparently this person misread how John McCain won the GOP primaries. Mr. McCain does quite well when everyone thinks he's deader-than-a doornail. And in order for the Dems to be happy with one or the other, Barack better find a way to end this current spat by winning either Texas or Ohio. Preferably both, considering the likelihood that Clinton will be awarded the MI/FL delegates before the Mar. 4 primary.

I live in Canada, ras. My c... (Below threshold)

I live in Canada, ras. My comment was really two points: 1) that Jayson has a problem with how the democratic process is unfolding for the Democrats; and 2) that alternatives exist, though he'd probably have strong reasons not to prefer them to the status quo.

It will end more like the 2... (Below threshold)

It will end more like the 2002 NYC Mayoral election, when Mark Green narrowly defeated Fernando Ferrer in the primary, and lost the general to Nanny Bloomberg, because blacks and hispanics stayed home, disgruntled that Ferrer didn't get the Dem nomination.

When Hillary gets it, all those formerly enthusiastic Obamites will stay home or vote for Nader.

Typical democrat SNAFU. Hal... (Below threshold)

Typical democrat SNAFU. Half the democrats are backing a man 'without one accomplishment' to qualify him for POTUS other than skin color. Bad news for those folks, he is not black. He's half Arab and half White. Belongs to a church for cover that states they do not support the United States but 100% support Africa, whick is fast becoming an Islamic state. The democrats affiction with BDS has already progressed to insanity. Keep it up folks, you will live with what you get unless you are willing to JFK/MLK him. That is make a hero of an a$$hole.

matthew,If you liv... (Below threshold)


If you live here, then you should know already that Canada is democratic AND parliamentary; the two are not exclusive of each other. You might have noticed that every few years the govt takes over your school for an evening, for ex, and all the people in your neighborhood go there briefly. Those are elections, a part of the democratic process. Yes, even under a parliamentary system

As for JJ, he has no prob w/democracy, not in the least. He is having a fine time watching the Dems try to decide WHO to vote for (note: not whether they should vote, just for whom) while basing their criteria on mutually contradictory identity politics, leaving them with one foot on the dock and one on the boat as their journey begins.

I am going to go with the R... (Below threshold)

I am going to go with the Ruprecht pot banging scene from "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels."

I am thinking it will resem... (Below threshold)

I am thinking it will resemble the final match in the original version of rollerball. Where Jonathan E slowly picks up the ball and makes his way through the carnage to score the winning goal

So JJ, how many times are y... (Below threshold)

So JJ, how many times are you going to publish the same post? http://wizbangblog.com/content/2008/02/10/clinton-has-lead-with-democrat-superdelegates.php
I mean, we all know you only have about 5 different posts that you recycle over and over again, but this is really lazy. The last time you posted this was last Sunday. You should really give it a couple weeks between identical posts. I won't be holding my breath waiting for a reply.

Don, thanks for reminding everyone exactly which is the party of racists and sexists, JJ gets confused.

Matthew, didn't think I'd see you commenting here again. It's good to have someone with some intelligence around. Wizbang is truly like the proverbial car wreck. You just can't seem to look away. Just remember, this is a small minority in America.

So JJ, how many times ar... (Below threshold)

So JJ, how many times are you going to publish the same post?

As long as the fish keep biting, why change the bait? Carp on, max, carp on.

If Wizbang is ever a 'car w... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

If Wizbang is ever a 'car wreck', you can be sure it's because max tampered with the steering.

I'm thinking along the same... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I'm thinking along the same lines as Korla in comment #17.

I predict the half black guy will go into the convention with more "elected" delegates than Bill's wife but Bill's wife will walk out with the nomination, thus pissing off the clueless morons (BO supporters) and throwing the election to McCain.

What'll be even more ammusi... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

What'll be even more ammusing will be watching the reaction of the MSM after Bill's wife gets the nomination and they begin to realize they are just a tool of communism and not the artesians of communism like Bill's wife or screaming Howard.

I was for "hoping for chang... (Below threshold)

I was for "hoping for change" before I was against "changing the audacity".....or "changing the hope"......or "audacity for hope of change"......or....shit, I give up.

Wait...I REMEMBER, it's the... (Below threshold)

Wait...I REMEMBER, it's the "Hope of invading Pakistan" and the "Audacity of the US with no Nukes".

"Gone with the wind"... (Below threshold)

"Gone with the wind"

Hillary O'hara- "Ohh boo hoo Rhett, Ive just got to be President!"

Rhett Obama- " Frankly My dear, I dont give a

Doomsday device activation ... (Below threshold)

Doomsday device activation sequence at the end of Dr. Strangelove (including Vera Lynn singing "We'll Meet Again Some Sunny Day").

"As opposed to the Republic... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"As opposed to the Republican convention, which will resemble a cross between the Lawrence Welk Show and a Klan rally..."

Posted by groucho

Hmmm...David Duke (Republican, white supremacist and Klan member) was marginalized by Republicans and is now a distant memory. Robert Byrd (Democrat, former Klan recruiter) is an honored member of his party.

President Barack Obama has ... (Below threshold)

President Barack Obama has a nice ring to it. Your country could use some visible polyethnicity in its leadership. Regardless, whatever happens in the Dem. primaries, it's obvious that the general election won't even be close.

Now, what you lot have to decide is, will you be gracious losers, or belligerent babies? Stop worrying so much about who McCain might choose as a Veep, or what justices he might appoint, because it's embarrassing to read at this point.

Well Matthew, I am fairly c... (Below threshold)

Well Matthew, I am fairly certain that should a Democrat win in November you'll be hard pressed to find any Republicans talking about leaving the country.

Groucho above seems <a href... (Below threshold)

Groucho above seems not to have noticed the racism among Democrats ... not to mention forgotten that it was the Democrats who were run by the Klan for so many years.

"President Barack Obama ... (Below threshold)

"President Barack Obama has a nice ring to it. Your country could use some visible polyethnicity in its leadership."

Okay, Matthew. That's almost the most ignorant statement you've made here. But since you're from another country, I wouldn't expect you to make an informed comment on America's Leadership and what poly-ethnic really is.

Nevertheless, experience, qualifications and leadership abilities should be the emphasis, not ethnicity. Affirmative action is not a factor in this election.

Nice of you to give up on reasoning and project that "cry-baby" distraction into this thread. You realize, also, that November is nine months away and the decider besides the popular vote is the electoral college.

I'll be a little surprised ... (Below threshold)

I'll be a little surprised if the process doesn't involve the judicial system somehow.






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