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Hillary Clinton - the Black Knight of Politics

What do you mean I'm losing. I'm not losing. These huge losses are just flesh wounds, you pansy.


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Oh, that's evil! I <... (Below threshold)

Oh, that's evil! I LOVE it!!!


I NEVER get tired of watchi... (Below threshold)

I NEVER get tired of watching that.

That is funny, but I can't ... (Below threshold)

That is funny, but I can't laugh. The Beast of a Clinton Presidency is still dangerous. I won't be satisfied until its head is cut off, the mouth is stuffed full of garlic, the body is burned in daylight, and the ashes washed with Holy Water.

The Clinton Castle must be burned, the foundation destroyed, and salt sown into the grounds for a thousand yards in all directions.

And the One Ring must be unmade in the fires in which it was forged.

Senator Clinton may well win Texas and Ohio. When she does, her campaign, the DNC, and the MSM will declare victory are the pressure will be on for Senator Obama to quit. Failing that, Hillary will steal the nomination.

I still think the odds of her winning the nomination are 70%.
And I think that the odds of her winning the general election are also 70%.

The next You-Tube offering ... (Below threshold)

The next You-Tube offering was the witch scene. Seems prophetic that this was a link about Hillary. Putting a false nose on her and a witch's hat do not make her a witch, even if she does have a wart. However, if you weigh her against a duck...

Its just amazing how its co... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Its just amazing how its comming down to this i mean HILLARY and OBAMA their no different then any of the others running for ofice save for RON PAUL

And just like the Black Kni... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

And just like the Black Knight, the Hilldebeast just keeps on fighting after clearly being defeated.

I listened to about 5 minut... (Below threshold)

I listened to about 5 minutes of her rally in El Paso on the radio last night. Just couldn't take it. She cannot speak into a microphone without yelling and sounding like an Amway salesman.

I'll never tire of that ske... (Below threshold)

I'll never tire of that sketch. What an appropriate metaphor. Well done.






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