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Report: Murdoch Eyes Yahoo, leftists begin twitching and foaming at the mouth

If this report is accurate, the bidding war over Yahoo will pit Microsoft {cue the imperial theme music} against the owner {gulp} of Fox News! {yikes}

You can almost hear the gnashing of teeth among liberal-bots, can't you?


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There's a difference betwee... (Below threshold)

There's a difference between hating MS for its shitty products, and hating Murdoch for the nicotine-like stains on his soul.

and hating Murdoch for t... (Below threshold)

and hating Murdoch for the nicotine-like stains on his soul.

Is the problem nicotine stains, Murdoch or his soul? This kind of unsubstantiated, undocumented hyperbole is to be expected of....well, teeth gnashing liberal-bots.

Meh. I use Google.... (Below threshold)

Meh. I use Google.

Yup, somethin's got the tro... (Below threshold)

Yup, somethin's got the trolls mighty skitterish of late. Mighty skitterish, I say.

...nicotine-like s... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:
...nicotine-like stains on his soul.

A new way to enjoy tobacco? Where can I get some?

Doesn't Murdoch donate a lo... (Below threshold)

Doesn't Murdoch donate a lot to Hillary's sliding campaign?

I'm not as concerned about ... (Below threshold)

I'm not as concerned about Murdoch as some people. I've often gotten the impression that if his projections saw more money to be made in liberalism, Fox News would become the pro-Kucinich network overnight.


...and that's not a reason ... (Below threshold)

...and that's not a reason to dislike/distrust the man as a purveyor of information, pennywit?

let me guess matthew, you t... (Below threshold)

let me guess matthew, you think olberman is a trustworthy "purveyor of information"

Olberman's news stories are... (Below threshold)

Olberman's news stories are fact-based, though he makes no pretense towards not being liberal-minded in his analysis. When Brit Hume/Bill O'Reilly claim to be "fair and balanced", though, they're either lying, or implying that their conservative news/spin is a counterweight to liberal news sources--fine, but call it what it is.

Murdoch is a business man, ... (Below threshold)

Murdoch is a business man, pure and simple. He may have a personal political ideology, but his primary interest is making money, and he will fill any niche he can find to do so. Fox News was brilliant in that it found a large market that was just waiting to be found. Other NewsCorp enterprises are decidedly liberal, and they make money too. I could never condemn the man that kept the Simpsons in business for almost 20 years.

Roger Ailes, on the other hand, is a scumbag.

Matthew, I hope one day you... (Below threshold)

Matthew, I hope one day you realize just how delusional you really are. My God.

Go, Fox! Go, Murdoch! Because of them, we have a much better informed political debate in this country. No thanks to NY Times, et al.

Matthew, actually Olbermann... (Below threshold)

Matthew, actually Olbermann's stories are not fact based - far from it actually. He's been caught repeatedly lying.

I don't regularly watch his... (Below threshold)

I don't regularly watch his show. When did he lie? And how did it make you feel? Sad?






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