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CNN reports Romney to endorse McCain

What are Huckabee's chances now?

CNN's Dana Bash reports that former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will endorse senator John McCain. The endorsement is expected to happen at a Boston event at 3:30 p.m. ET today.

Two sources familiar with the decision confirmed the news, and said Romney now wants the delegates he won during his campaign to back his former rival.

The heads of those opposed to Senator McCain just did another 360.(Cue The Exorcist music and sarcastic laughter)

Who should be McCain's running mate? How about Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska? Feel free to put your two cents in.


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Comments (48)

K-Lo's head must be ready t... (Below threshold)

K-Lo's head must be ready to implode.

I try to avoid KLO and The ... (Below threshold)

I try to avoid KLO and The Corner myself. Yes I have subscribed to NR for most of the last 27 years, but there are 3 former Knucklehead winners who write at that blog. My blood pressure can't tolerate too much exposure to those people.



PS- Want to guess who the Knuckleheads are?

Steyn's gotta be one, and I... (Below threshold)

Steyn's gotta be one, and I hope Goldberg is the other.

Given McCain's past standar... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Given McCain's past standard of 'excellence', I would not surprised to see him tap himself as his own running mate. He'd love to see stickers and banners reading


I also believe he'd give serious consideration to running mates he knows and respects:

John Kerry
Ted Kennedy
Russ Feingold

Who should be McCain's r... (Below threshold)

Who should be McCain's running mate?

Edward Kennedy ?
Russell Feingold ?
Is Donald Riegle still alive ? McCain has, apparently, always had a fondness for Sen. from MI.

Jeb Bush... drive 'em crazy... (Below threshold)

Jeb Bush... drive 'em crazy.

Heh... looks like DJ beat m... (Below threshold)

Heh... looks like DJ beat me to the punch line.

My guess is based on who McCain has worked well with in the past. I didn't include John Kerry because... well, I think the (D)'s will carry the 'lack of accomplishments' vote.

I hope it is Janet Napiltan... (Below threshold)

I hope it is Janet Napiltano, Gov, AZ. We'd get rid of two bad apples at once.

Mccain needs some young blo... (Below threshold)

Mccain needs some young blood to fire-up the youth vote. I think he should pick congressman Ralph Hall from TX.

By the by, J-Lo is the worst. I do not know how she keeps her job. Goldie is pretty lame. His new book is a joke, but he is a fan of BSG.

Seriously: John Boehner of... (Below threshold)

Seriously: John Boehner of Ohio. Solid conservative who would help bring out the base; young enough to replace McCain in future; from SW Ohio where the election was won for Pres Bush in 2004; and NOT a Senator!

Hrms. John Boehner of Ohio ... (Below threshold)

Hrms. John Boehner of Ohio might get me to vote for McCain-Boehner even though I DON'T want to vote for McCain.

what about rush limbaugh?</... (Below threshold)
richard b cheney:

what about rush limbaugh?

Cheney... (Below threshold)


Oh, it's John Kerry, for su... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

Oh, it's John Kerry, for sure. Then they can appoint Jane Fonda to head the Veterans Administration.

McCain will teach those uppity Vietnam veterans not to screw with his brother politicians.

Lynne Cheney? Sure!... (Below threshold)

Lynne Cheney? Sure!

I think Boener's more valua... (Below threshold)

I think Boener's more valuable in the House right now, as he just showed by leading a Republican walkout over the Democrats wasting taxpayer money on investigations into the firing of political appointees for political reasons.

What was Bonner's part in t... (Below threshold)

What was Bonner's part in the despicable vote call by the GOP during the Lantos memorial? Nothing? I guess he was too busy getting a tan then knowing what stunt his party was running?

Hmmm, Barney does not like ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Hmmm, Barney does not like him. That's a BIG plus for Conservatives!

Keep in mind, DJ, that cons... (Below threshold)

Keep in mind, DJ, that conservatives are an increasingly marginalized minority and no one will win anything by pandering to this quaint special interest group.

"Lantos memorial"</p... (Below threshold)

"Lantos memorial"

I fergot about the jerk already Barney2000

How about Awkmadinnerjab? that way McCain can unite the whole world just like He works with the Demoncrats in the senate and bring all the terrorists to the table.

Boy a lot of Ann Coulter-li... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Boy a lot of Ann Coulter-like comments in this thread. Next thing you know we'll see someone posting that Bill's wife or BO is more conservative than McCain.

As for VP, I'd be O.k. with Sara Palin, but I think Micheal Steele would be great too. I hate to think like a democrat, but you know the democrat bigots in the MSM are going to make this all election about race and/or gender so it would be helpful to take some of their ammunition away.

I'm past all this. I just o... (Below threshold)

I'm past all this. I just ordered my John McCain 08 bumper sticker. I'm on board. Let's send him a message about who he needs to pick as veep and lets vote our guys back in the house and senate. I see a nice 12 year plan here if we get the right message out there.

"conservatives are an in... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

"conservatives are an increasingly marginalized minority" - matthew

Ahhh, matthew and his crazy dreams.

" I see a nice 12 year p... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

" I see a nice 12 year plan here if we get the right message out there" - Pretzel_Logic

Would that message be, 'Resistance is futile'?

What's the plan, Pretzel? H... (Below threshold)

What's the plan, Pretzel? How is your party to un-shit the bed after 8 years of spectacular incompetence in the White House? Might take longer than 12 years in the wilderness for people to forget about how crazy American conservatives are...

Again I'll forgive your ign... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Again I'll forgive your ignorance since you're a child and a Canadian, Matthew, but I just can't let your disingenuous statement stand.

The Democrat Party is not made up of "liberals/progressives", it is a collection of special interest groups. The Democrat Party is composed of labor union extortionists, trial lawyers, entitlement addicts, educational elitists, journalistic elitists, environmental extremists, atheist religious fanatics and communists/socialists.

Each of those groups taken by themselves are truly tiny groups and are minuscule in comparison to the size of the conservative group.

So, could you provide one shred of evidence to support your false claim that they are "an increasingly marginalized minority"?

Mathew hopes that a lot of ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Mathew hopes that a lot of lies about W will get folks to forget the record of Clintonic I.

Come on guys and gals. I wa... (Below threshold)

Come on guys and gals. I want to be able to say I'm as popular as Michelle Malkin. She has 30 comments on Romney's endorsement, I got only 26.


90 minutes till the first LPGA golf broadcast of 2008.

The best VP pick for McCain... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

The best VP pick for McCain would be Kay Bailey Hutchinson. She's a solid conservative. She's a Southerner from an area of the country McCain has shown weakness. She'a also obiously a woman which would take some of the air out of the "historic" Dem candidate. She's also experienced and a good campaigner. I believe she would be the ideal VP pick for him.

What's the plan, Pretzel? H... (Below threshold)

What's the plan, Pretzel? How is your party to un-shit the bed after 8 years of spectacular incompetence in the White House? Might take longer than 12 years in the wilderness for people to forget about how crazy American conservatives are...


History will be the ultimate judge son, but realize that we haven't been attacked in 7 years, we're in a solid economy from a robust economy, this country will not elect a liberal, GWB isn't running. I wish Cheney was, but he's not. When voters get behind the curtain, it's no longer an American Idol type decision. You'll see. If John Kerry or Al Gore couldn't beat George Bush what makes you think either of these two numbskull's have a chance? As Karl Rove said this week, any GOP candidate should be able to make mince meat out of these two.

Matthew since you don't liv... (Below threshold)

Matthew since you don't live in the United
States, nor do you vote here, cool the
vindictive rhetoric.

/barf... (Below threshold)
Dave W:


As to K.B.Hutchinson being ... (Below threshold)

As to K.B.Hutchinson being picked as the VP,
I've got one word for her. On BIG signs
the word FENCE.
She'll know what it means. She personally
defunded the bill to build a fence along
the border. VP would be right down her
agenda, as she plans on running for governor
of Texas and then onto the whie house.
Not with my vote she wont.

I'm neither Canadian nor a ... (Below threshold)

I'm neither Canadian nor a child and I'd like to hear Mr. Bunyan's opinion on who makes up the Republican party these days. Based on recent poll results, e.g.,the primaries, it would seem that it's certainly not the "conservative" faction that's so well represented here. Marginalized? Minority? It would seem so.

>"conservatives are an i... (Below threshold)

>"conservatives are an increasingly marginalized minority" - matthew
Ahhh, matthew and his crazy dreams.

Yeah, crazy! Why, just look at how overwhelming and unstoppable those conservatives were in the primaries!

You must think that candidates with single-digit gains represent a strong and thriving base.

And your point was w... (Below threshold)

And your point was what, Brian?

It's hidden by the cheap to... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

It's hidden by the cheap toupe', Hugh.

I'm disappointed that none ... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

I'm disappointed that none of you Mittheads will acknowledge that you were totally punked by this phony. Conservative... yeah, right.

Actually Alan, I think Mitt... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Actually Alan, I think Mitt's conservative positons are his true positons and his former leftist positions were just to get him elected in the People's Republic of Massachusetts. Still it made him John Kerry-like and thus a poor candidate for that sole reason, but this was not a cream of the crop year for the Repubs.

You cannot however, say with any intellectual honesty that Huckabee hasn't "modified" any of his positions. He and Romney were the most "flip-floppy" of the group.

(And yes, I'm using past tense for Huck. Sorry.)

And your point was what,... (Below threshold)

And your point was what, Brian?

Given DJ's choice of a childish insult in an attempt to avoid facing the absurdity of his previous statement, I'd say my point was very well understood, indeed.

P. Bunyan,So, you'... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

P. Bunyan,

So, you're saying Romney's pro-choice position for 60 YEARS was all an act? I'm sorry, but today's endorsement of McCain really was the perfect epitome of his phoniness. He was a very strong candidate in many facets, but his disingenuousness was transparent.

And yes, I catch myself talking about Huck in the past tense too... reality sucks.

Alan, have you ever heard o... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Alan, have you ever heard of the term "straw man"?

Where did I say anything about their positions on abortion?

Now after I'm supreme leade... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Now after I'm supreme leader, you will all turn towards Washington, gesture like this, and shout Heil Hillary!

Opps! Sorry about that-- w... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Opps! Sorry about that-- wrong thread.

I'm sorry Alan. It was ear... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I'm sorry Alan. It was early when I ready your comment (#41) and I misread it. That was not a straw man in the way I took it to be.

But the short answer to your question is yes. The long answer is that your question is still a straw man, because I don't believe that there's any evidence that he held that position "for 60 YEARS". To the best of my knowledge he never publicly stated his position on abortion until he ran against that bootleger's alcoholic, communist son for the Senate (you know, the guy who got away with carelessly killing a young women- or as a democrat would say: he performed a really, really late term abortion.)

I believe (and this is just an opinion--I can't prove it) that he was anti-abortion his whole life, but at the time (which was much, much less than 60 years ago) he disingenuously said that he supported the right to kill your children if they're reaaaaally little and in any way inconvenient (or as the neo-comms say, "choose") because he had to say that to even have a chance to be elected in a neo-communist dominated state like Massechusettes.

My point still stands that while Romney appears to have modified his positions over the years soley for politicial expediency, Huckabee appears to have done the same, abeit on differnt issues than the right to kill (oops I mean "choose").

While I'm a young 26 years ... (Below threshold)

While I'm a young 26 years of age, I resent the "child" comment. What is childish, actually, is being a 28 percenter and speaking as though your views reflect the zeitgeist. They don't. Democratic voters might represent a plurality of interests (as though that's a bad thing), but Republicans are a minority interest unto themselves, albeit a very loud one with expensive clothes and lots of firearms.

I'm sorry about that Matthe... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

I'm sorry about that Matthew. I seem to remember a discussion we had a few weeks ago where you claimed to be a teenager. I must've been mistaken.

Still, do you have any evidence? Or is the reality that there was no "facts" in what you posted, just an 11%er, neo-communist wet dream.

If by "neo-communist", you ... (Below threshold)

If by "neo-communist", you mean social democract, then you're close. Just change the 11 to a 65, and you'd be spot-on.






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