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Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice to visit Pyongyang?

A Radio Free broadcaster hinted at just that. From the Chosun Ilbo-

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is expected to attend a concert by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in Pyongyang on Feb. 26, according to Radio Free Asia Tuesday. The orchestra won an agreement from the North to play the U.S. anthem at the Pyongyang concert.

RFA said U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice could use that moment to visit North Korea to seek a breakthrough in deadlocked six-nation nuclear talks, attending the concert along with the North Korean leader.

The U.S. top diplomat is scheduled to attend the inauguration ceremony of South Korean president-elect Lee Myung-bak on Feb. 25 before flying to Japan and China. But a change in the itinerary is possible, the broadcaster predicted. Rice will be accompanied by the U.S. top envoy to the six-party talks Christopher Hill.

The South Korean press sometimes makes the golf media look downright responsible, so you got to take what RFA is reported to have said with a grain of salt.

GI at ROK Drop writes-

Her attending this concert, despite alleged North Korean nuclear proliferation to Syria, the diverted humanitarian aid to the military, the UNDP scandal, and the failure to live up to their end of the nuclear agreement, would really make the Bush administrations sell out of the North Korean people complete. How did an administration that created the North Korean Human Rights Act come to the point they are begging for their own Madeline Albright moment?
A visit by Sec. Rice to Pyongyang would be a great photo op but accomplish nothing. Yes it would be would hypocritical of the Bush administration to do it for all the reasons listed above. Kim Jong-il has given no indication that his policies will change any time soon, therefore the US would be foolish to give him a propaganda victory by sending our Secretary of State over for a what will be for everyone but the DPRK, a meaningless visit.


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Comments (6)

I take it L'il Kim is "wone... (Below threshold)

I take it L'il Kim is "wone-wee"?

/ Sorry. You know I had to go there!

Maybe she can stay at the <... (Below threshold)

Maybe she can stay at the Ryugyong Hotel. Wait, no, it doesn't exist. Pay no attention to the giant building in the middle of the city. It's not there.

I hope she has the good sen... (Below threshold)

I hope she has the good sense to decline the tour of the USS Pueblo. I still hate Jimmy Carter for going thru it.

Condi is still around?... (Below threshold)

Condi is still around?

mantis, think of the overhe... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

mantis, think of the overhead that hotel saves ...no lost towels. It's probably the most 'profitable' state run business in North Korea. Maybe, the Rice 'photo-op' could be held in front of the hotel so the Noth Koreans wouldn't gain a propaganda victory.

I'm thinking we don't know ... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking we don't know everything that's gone on re diplomacy and NK.

It could be they're (meaning the NK government) about to fold, they know it's gonna be catastrophic without help, and are desperately looking for whatever good will they can find... while still maintaining face.

Not everything should be on Drudge as soon as it occurs. And diplomatic initiatives are one of the things that should be kept quiet until complete.






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