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The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Stefanie Wood. She gets the award for the following.

WEST PALM BEACH -- The girl who drove the getaway car after an accomplice snatched money from a Girl Scout cookie stand is going to be charged as an adult, according to the state attorney's office.

Stefanie Woods appeared in juvenile court today with a lawyer and a man who described himself as an investigator.

Woods was arrested Tuesday, on her 18th birthday, for a probation violation although she has not been charged in the theft.

State attorney spokesman Mike Edmondson said prosecutors have the option of waiving misdemeanor cases to adult court when there is a prior record including a felony charge.

Here we find out the charges

On Tuesday Woods was arrested for violating an earlier probation for battery on an ex-boyfriend.
Why am I naming this 18-year-old former juvenile delinquent a Knucklehead? You have to read some of her statements made in a television interview after the girl scout cookie money robbery.

More beneath the fold

"I know it's a crime, but it was an easy crime."


Reporter asks, "Do you have any remorse about stealing from a 9-year-old girl?"

Woods responds, "I mean, right now, no. I'm kinda pissed because I have charges, and we have to give the money back anyway."

The father of one of the teenage suspects eventually repaid the money to the 9-year-old victim, Gracie Smith. But the damage was already done.


"She grabs the envelope. She snatched it really quick. She ran to my car. We left. We parked, and we split the money."

Reporter asks, "Why did you do it?"

She replies, "Who doesn't like money? I mean, I don't know."

I only wish I could put the video up on the blog. It is priceless.

FIrst beating up her boyfriend then stealing girl scout cookie money and bragging about it on television resulting in your getting arrested for a probation violation. Stefanie Wood is a unique Knucklehead of the Day.


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Comments (17)

Truly, an 'Obama girl'.... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Truly, an 'Obama girl'.

Hope they have thin-mints i... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Hope they have thin-mints in prison.

I forsee a future appearanc... (Below threshold)

I forsee a future appearance on the Jerry Springer Show.

What, is she an idiot? She ... (Below threshold)
mikem Author Profile Page:

What, is she an idiot? She didn't even think to blame her controlling boyfriend.

The women's rights movement missed her somehow.

Well she could get off scot... (Below threshold)

Well she could get off scott free just Blame Bush. The sad part is she will most likely get a "rebate" for 600 USD

May I suggest also R. Davi... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:
Nogo, why don't you start y... (Below threshold)

Nogo, why don't you start your own blog? It's not hard - jut go over to Blogger.com and follow the three easy steps - and you can put in whatever interests you.

As far as this girl goes - notice it was battery ON an ex, not BY an ex?

What a winner. She'll never see that SHE is doing anything wrong. I pity anyone she hooks up with in the future.

Brings to mind a woman who ... (Below threshold)

Brings to mind a woman who stole a dozen steaks from a Vons market. In her haste, she left her canvas bag in the cart, Vons called us, we not only got her name and phone #, but also TWO LARGE BAGS of Coke! Gave her a call, said we were Vons, and found her bag, she came down in 15 minutes! Was surprised we we cops! Sometimes the job was just TOO FUNNY!

This is what you get with "... (Below threshold)

This is what you get with "judgment free" zones in schools, politics, families. All good liberal/leftist stuff, thanks so much.

A hard ass conservative family wouldn't raise trash like this.

Jlawson,It has bee... (Below threshold)


It has been my practice to take nominees for Knucklehead of the Day. So I welcome suggestions from readers. I get most of my winners from Yahoo News, Florida newspapers, or other blogs. Some days I have plenty of candidates, sometimes the well goes dry. If a reader wants to leave a nominee for me here, fine. I get an email for every comment on a post I write. I do read people's replies.



Ah, my bad then. I apologi... (Below threshold)

Ah, my bad then. I apologize, Nogo and Bill.

JLawson, don't apologize to... (Below threshold)

JLawson, don't apologize to Nogo. He very publicly quit this blog a while ago, even begging to be banned, but (no surprise here) turned to be a lying sack of shit and keeps coming back.

I'm tempted to help him in keeping his resolve to stay away by banning him, but it's more fun to keep reminding him (and everyone else) that he publicly quit this site on January 19:


good news..I am leaving here.. cause I see the fucking hypocritical bullshit.. please,,,ban me........


From Nogo's Jan. 19th post,... (Below threshold)

From Nogo's Jan. 19th post, I am convinced he suffers from one or more diagnosible disorders, and more importantly, offers nothing of substance here.

Poor, dumb bastard. They always say ignorance is bliss, but it looks like it's hell in Nogo's case.

believe it or not i am her ... (Below threshold)

believe it or not i am her ex boyfriend and im referring about mikems comment...yea ur a douchebag because theres no way she could have blamed anything on me because i didnt do anything to her..i left her because she was a psycho

Did you see that she was ar... (Below threshold)

Did you see that she was arrested AGAIN for skipping out on her bill at Denny's? Quality.


I knew nogo claimed he was ... (Below threshold)

I knew nogo claimed he was not coming back, but I didn't know it was on Jan 19th. I'd say Thanks for the birthday present, but he took it back.

Just to give a little more ... (Below threshold)

Just to give a little more background on this teenager. She was a verbal bully at Park Vista High School...were she recently droped out of. she was often the leader of a group of girls who liked to torment and tease other great students at the school......So no her antics are nothing new! She's a brat and should be responseable for all her actions.






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