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The Price Tag Of Principles

There's an old joke I'm sure everyone remembers:

A man and a woman are talking at a party. The man asks, "would you sleep with a complete stranger for 100 million dollars?" The woman thinks about if for a moment, then answers yes. The man then asks "would you sleep with me for ten dollars?"

The woman is insulted. "How dare you? What do you take me for?"

The man answers, "We've already established what you are. Now we're just negotiating about price."

Well, the city council of Berserkely, California has not necessarily seen the light, but felt the heat, and have backed down from their initial position.

It seems that quite a few people in Berkeley did not care for the United States Marine Corps renting a storefront in their downtown for a recruiting station, and shared that displeasure with the city fathers. I'm sorry, "city parents." Er, "those elected officials who may or may not act in a quasi-paternal manner towards the governance of the city and its culturally diverse inhabitants of all races, sexes, genders, transgenders, polygenders, ethnicities, self-styled ethnicities, and realities." There, I think I got everyone.

Where was I again?

Oh, yeah. The elected government of Berkeley had decided that they didn't care for having the Marines in Berkeley, so they took several official actions to express that disdain. They passed a formal resolution un-welcoming them. They granted Code Stink Pink a free parking permit right in front of the office and a noise permit to harangue the jarheads. Then, finally, they considered a measure that would have revised the city's zoning laws to treat the military just like a porn shop (sorry, "erotic emporium aimed at empowering all people to express and embrace their sexuality") as far a placement goes.

None of this seemed to faze the Marines, who face worse than this every morning before breakfast. But a lot of other people who appreciate and respect the Marines (indeed, all the military) got publicly irritated on their behalf.

A lot of people said a lot of things about the Berkeley City Council and the people who elected them. Many of them worth repeating, some of them even repeatable in mixed company. But a few of those statements carried a bit more weight with the city... er, the Council. (NOT gonna get waylaid again.)

Some of those words were spoken by people who traveled to Berkeley from all around the country to express their feelings in person. Other of those words came from the United States Senate, where Senator Jim DeMint put forth a bill to strip Berkeley of federal dollars. DeMint's message was clear: the Marine Corps is part and parcel of the federal government. (Sorry to say that so bluntly, Marines, but it kinda is true.) If you reject the Marines, then you reject the federal government -- and it will take away the things you like as well as those you don't like.

Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid publicly expressed his disapproval of Berkeley's actions, but privately took several actions to delay and kill DeMint's measure.

Back in Berkeley, the City Council decided to not send the Marines a letter to the Marines calling them "unwelcome intruders." They did not apologize for the earlier vote to do so, nor for a resolution condemning the Marines, and it's unclear if Code Pink still enjoys its special privileged status.

I find myself wondering if it was the money or the amazing levels of condemnation that swayed them, because it certainly wasn't principle.

In Berkeley, the bullshit walks back and forth in front of the Marine recruiting station, but money talked -- and talked loudly.

The Berkeley City Council found that their dearly-held principles came with a price tag, and they couldn't put them back on the shelf fast enough.

Sadly, all they had to do was talk to the Marines. The leathernecks' history is replete with their principles -- "Semper Fidelis," "no Marine left behind," "no better friend and no worse enemy," and so on -- and the prices they've paid in over 200 years to keep those principles. But that would have involved actually interacting with the Marines in a way that did not involve spittle, and that was a bit much to ask of the noble leaders of Berkeley.

Years ago, I read something (I've long lost the source) that struck me as especially profound: "Lord, grant me enemies I can respect." In Berkeley, they aren't to be found.


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Comments (15)

FOXNews quotes a member of ... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

FOXNews quotes a member of the Berkeley City Council saying, "To err is human. To really mess things up takes the Berkeley City Council."

As I thought of the Berkley... (Below threshold)

As I thought of the Berkley, CA City Council's actions, I couldn't help but try to reconcile this with "Liberal's" claim "we support the troops (just not the mission)". I think the action is indicative of what they mean by 'support' - which contradicts its actual definition.

What drives me crazy is thi... (Below threshold)

What drives me crazy is this concept of "we opposes the war." Fair enough, but what REMEDY do they want????

By definition, we are NOT at war WITH Iraq. WE are fighting WITH them against foreign agents.

So the moonbats will only be happy if America withdraws her troops? How about supporting the effort 100% in order to finish the job quicker?

BTW, would the Council have allowed a pro-life groups the privileges it gave CP to protest an abortion clinic?

Mike and Goddess, great poi... (Below threshold)

Mike and Goddess, great points. JT, as always a good post. I still think DeMint and other republicans should try to withold funs again. It won't pass but it will put them in their place. They, in my opinion, have had a free ride with all the "oh! it's only Berkley,". ww

a similar situation: univer... (Below threshold)

a similar situation: universities not accepting military recruiters (because of 'don't ask, don't tell'), but backing down when threatened with a loss of federal funding.

It is funny how people sup... (Below threshold)

It is funny how people support the Military. We have soldiers, sailors,Marines and Airmen stationed and working all over the world. We need them in Iraq and Afghanistan and every other hot and cold spot in the world.
So let support the troops by giving them the men and equipment they need to finish all their missions. Also how about Berkley saving thank you to men and women who willing put themselves in harms way so they can protest some cause of the day.
But as Jay that would take what? Liberals do not understand the concept.

I think we should have the ... (Below threshold)

I think we should have the Marine Corps demonstrate to the Berkeley Council their prowess in changing govenment regimes that are hostile to the U.S.

Ditto that, Matt.... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Ditto that, Matt.

Boycot berkley hit them whe... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Boycot berkley hit them where it realy hurts them right in their bank accounts

Jay, your "old joke" is act... (Below threshold)

Jay, your "old joke" is actually from a true story regarding George Bernard Shaw. The amount was $1 million, which he actually DID have, and everyone knew it. He used the line to shut up an annoying woman at a party...it's a GREAT story, and fits the Berkeley whores perfectly!

I was at the Berkeley City Hall on Tuesday night, and I can tell you that as vile as these morons appear on TV, they are 1000% WORSE in person! But there were more Americans there Tuesday than CodePink moonbats, and even the deaf dumb and blind City Council couldn't avoid THAT fact!

Semper Fi

""Lord, grant me enemies I ... (Below threshold)

""Lord, grant me enemies I can respect." In Berkeley, they aren't to be found."

Berkeley - enemies of America. I'd love to keep running tabs on your enemy list Jay. (#1 on that list is usually facts)

Hate to disappoint you, jp2... (Below threshold)

Hate to disappoint you, jp2, but you don't make the list. You barely rate as an annoyance.

And it's still entertaining how you always manage to avoid the substance of my pieces, and instead choose to mock or deride me personally. It's almost as if you know you can't discredit what I'm saying, so you choose to target me instead.

No, that's not quite fair. There's no "almost" about it.

Final point, jp: When you put quote marks inside quote marks, the inner ones get converted to single quotation marks. I realize that would mean you couldn't simply cut and paste and might have to do some actual typing, but I didn't make up the rules of grammar.

You're welcome.

Petty, I freely admit, but your actual comment was even more petty.


How witty J2 is. NOT. ... (Below threshold)

How witty J2 is. NOT.

I thought the quote was from Churchill? ww

WW, the Churchill quote was... (Below threshold)

WW, the Churchill quote was to a woman who told him he was drunk. He replied that was true, but in the morning he'd be sober but she'd still be ugly.

Paraphrasing, obviously.

Just surfing the net and fo... (Below threshold)
USMC Brat:

Just surfing the net and found your blog...

This issue has me highly incensed! Never in my life did I ever anticipate any branch of government in the U.S. at any level to express such hatred toward the Marine Corps and not face immediate reprisal from the Feds.

The status concerning Code Pink is unchanged. They still have their free parking space permit in front of the recruiting station every Wednesday. They still have their free sound permit to harass all the businesses in that location. The city council won't even enforce the limitations of the permits they issued!

This is NOT over yet!






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