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Can a Regular American Win the White House?

There is one truth this year that I believe people of all parties and political opinion can agree upon - there is no one candidate in the race for President, which perfectly embodies the ideals of what the job needs. One candidate is too vague in his policies, another is too strident in hers, still another attacks the base of the party whose icon he claims to hold as his mentor, and yet another pretends his record supports his promises, even though the actual facts work against his claims. It is no surprise, that even as both major parties stress the need for high turnout in the elections, both parties are risking a significant 'stay-home' protest from disillusioned voters. And almost no one is really comfortable with the remaining selection of candidates.

I think I know part, at least, of what went wrong. It's not just the Democrats or the Republicans and the judges they would appoint, or how they would handle National Security, or Taxes or Immigration, or so on. Those issues are important, in some cases vitally so, yet on both sides of the aisle we see a lot of discontent, even with the leading candidates saying all the "right" things. So, I would suggest that there is something more, something that has not been considered to any great degree. And that 'something' I would offer, is that the one big problem the average voter has with any and all of the crop of Presidential candidates, is that none of them has much at all in common with us.

Look at the brief resumes of the major candidates:

Barack Obama - Parents above-average income, went to private school (Punahou Academy). Worked 2 years after college (Political Science major) at a white-collar corporation job, then became community activist in Chicago. Harvard Law School, so he's a lawyer. Practiced Civil Rights law, elected as State Senator, lost run for Congress in 2000, won U.S. Senate seat in 2004. Wrote three books as Senator, got the book deals on the basis of his public image. Personal wealth about $1.3 million.

Hillary Clinton - Parents wealthy, went to Wellesley and Yale (Political Science, Law). Attorney with Rose Law Firm, staff of Nixon Impeachment committee, First Lady of Arkansas 1979-81, 1983-92, First Lady of White House 1993-2000, won U.S. Senate seat in 2000. Wrote four books as First lady, got the book deals on the basis of her public image. Personal wealth about $34.9 million.

John McCain - Son of Admiral John Sydney McCain (CINCPAC), graduated U.S. Naval Academy (1958) and National War College (1974). Shot down 1967 over North Vietnam, famous for resisting torture and building morale among fellow POWs. Suffered six years before release to U.S. Elected U.S. Representative 1982, won U.S. Senate seat in 1986. Famous for putting his personal goals first. Wote four books as Senator, got the book deals on the basis of his public image. Personal wealth around $2.5 million.

Mike Huckabee - Blue-collar parents, degree in Religion from Ouchita Baptist University, Masters in Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Church Pastor, then head of Baptist State Convention of Arkansas. Elected Lt. Governor of Arkansas 1993-6, Governor 1996-2007. Wrote five books as Governor, got the book deals on the basis of his public image. Personal wealth around $0.9 million.

[] - continued - []

As usual, the Democrats as a group turn out to be the rich elitists. Sure, Mitt Romney had a pile of money, but he was the only really rich Republican, while the high-profile Democrats include John Edwards ($31 million), Al Gore ($120 million), and Ted Kennedy ($300 million). What I do see in common, however, is a long period of government work. Pretty much all the major candidates have been in positions of federal employment in high-status posts for more than a decade, except for Obama, whose political activism in Chicago serves the same purpose. That is, every one of these people has been trained and taught to believe that government is the solution.

Every one.

Yes, every so often we get a George W. Bush, who generally understands that government needs to answer to the people, and in some rare cases we get a Ronald Reagan, who understands that government is the problem far more often than it is the solution. But we also know that in the main, a career politician loses sight of what most Americans believe, hope, and work for. I note that in their cases, the political experience was supplemented by a life outside politics. And if you look at the more disappointing nominees from elections in the past generation, it is usually the more "experienced" candidate who fails to ignite excitement; Kerry 2004, McCain 2000, Dole 1996, Mondale 1984, and so on. This year, even though he misjudged the timing and could not get his campaign funding going, Fred Thompson still generated a lot of buzz, and in fact many Republicans would reconsider their opposition to McCain, if Thompson were tabbed the VP nominee. The reasons are simple, but important: Thompson spoke as a clear, no-nonsense Conservative, and he also resonated as one of the regular people. If Fred had started his campaign back in 2007 when people first started pushing him to run, he'd have built up enough momentum and campaign resources to blow away the competition. This was partly due to Thompson's own charisma and plain speaking, but also to the fact that Thompson has a life outside politics, and has earned a few paychecks that did not come from the public trough.

That would seem to say that a candidate could win the White House, regardless of party, if he or she came from a life outside politics, who could address the political needs of the nation without sounding like he or she would become part of that machine. I think that's part of what's going on with Obama; he is completely out-to-lunch in his plans, but he is so obviously not part of the Clinton Political Machine that his inexperience works to his advantage. That's a problem for McCain, then. The man exudes experience, but it's not exactly the 'wise patient sage' kind. John McCain exudes the 'I know better than you, so shaddup' kind of experience, and aside from political disagreements, a lot of Republicans rightly worry about how that appearance will affect voters in the General Election.

You might reasonably wonder why experience could be a liability for a Presidential candidate. After all, in every other election the incumbent is known to hold a commanding advantage in every aspect, unless some scandal or drastic change in his image comes to light. But this is because of the nature of the job. Congressmen, and especially Senators, want someone who knows all about their many rules and procedures; a first-term Representative has no clout in D.C. and spends more than a year just finding out how everything works. Also, the machine in Congress is well-established, and is one of the few truly bipartisan traditions honored by both Republicans and Democrats - the veterans get the choice slots and favors. The White House is much, much different, however. A President knows he will serve one or two terms, but that's it. He knows as well, however, that from his first day he has tremendous power and influence as President, even if his margin of victory was thin or contentious. Most Presidents start to leave their mark early on - they know what they were elected to do, what they want to accomplish, and from the start they chase those goals. It has long been noted that most two-term Presidents get most of their signal accomplishments done in their first term, and often early in that term, to boot. This is because people usually want different things from a new President, and the new President has at least a limited mandate to set that course. Experience in the job is not all that big a deal for a President.

So, what about the executive experience a President is said to need? Certainly, executive experience is important, but it still has to be properly used. Jimmy Carter had executive experience as a Governor before he became President, but he was a complete failure as a Federal Chief Executive. On the flip side, John Kennedy had far less experience in government than his successor Lyndon Johnson, but Kennedy was far more successful in his work; his three years stand to Kennedy's credit far more than Johnson's five years do for him, even with all his Senate experience. I would go so far as to point out that Reagan, GWB, and Harry Truman all cut their executive teeth on real-world situations long before they ever did so in political office. The ideal President, therefore, would be a candidate qualified through a proper grounding in Constitutional ideals and a decent knowledge of American History, but with little to no exposure to the surreal political establishment.

Sadly, it appears that it is too late for a regular-guy candidate to show up and save the 2008 Presidential Election, but I wonder if the Blogosphere might be useful in seeking such a candidate for 2012? There are thousands of bloggers who know qualified leaders, whose proven excellence qualifies them for attention to the needs of the nation. It wouldn't be the first time that people discovered someone better than their party's nominee after they had locked in the wrong guy, but it could make the difference in where the political parties, and the nation, are taking the rest of us.


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Campaign finance reform has... (Below threshold)

Campaign finance reform has made impossible for some 'guy of the street' to get together enough money to run. It has firmly put the ball into the court of career politicians and for that matter those currently in office politicians.

Out of the final six, Hillary, Obama, Edwards, McCain, Romney, Huckabee, we had four Senators, a rich Governor, and a Governor with the hook of being a minister.

The final 4 has 3 Senators and 1 Governor.

Historically Senators had a hard time becoming President. Now it seems its most of what we have to choose from.

Its odd that McCain, campaign finance reform champion, is a benefactor of this narrowed field of potential candidates.

Both Georges came from weal... (Below threshold)

Both Georges came from wealth, so I don't know what you are talking about, and if "W" knows about "answering to the people" why has he expanded his powers like none before? I don't hear the people saying more war, more spying, more lies, more secrecy!!!!

jpm100, if what you say is true Mitt and Edwards should be the nominees since they had the most money. Hillary, with more money, may get beat-out by Obama. Campaign reform put the average person on the same level as the wealthy.

My modest proposal has been... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

My modest proposal has been to ammend the constitution to require a minimum of 10 years employment outside of the government or politics for an individual to be eligible to serve in the House or Senate and 15 years real world experience for President. For the purposes of this requirement, active military service would count as real world experience rather than as part of the government.

I have also thought about whether I think there should be a required break (say 5 years of non-government non-political work) between being in the Congress and running for president, but I am less sure it would be a good idea.

Just my 2 cents worth, cause the entrenched politicians certainly are not gonna go for anything like this.

well if obama doesnt get th... (Below threshold)

well if obama doesnt get the nod, i hope the dems wont run into a brick wall

As usual, the Democrats ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

As usual, the Democrats are a group turn out to be the rich elitists and ...Yes, every so often we get a George W. Bush, who generally understands that government needs to answer to the people

George Bush is just a regular guy candidate whose regular close family fabuluosly wealthy and fabulously corrupt friend for 30 years Prince Bandar, nick named Bandar Bush affectionately by George W. himself threatened">http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/feb/15/bae.armstrade">threatened Britain with an Al Queda attack if they did not put an end to its BAE arms bribery probe in which Prince Bandar caaried off allegedly one billion dollars in bribes.

Saudi Arabia's rulers threatened to make it easier for terrorists to attack London unless corruption investigations into their arms deals were halted, according to court documents revealed yesterday.

Previously secret files describe how investigators were told they faced "another 7/7" and the loss of "British lives on British streets" if they pressed on with their inquiries and the Saudis carried out their threat to cut off intelligence.

Prince Bandar, the head of the Saudi national security council, and son of the crown prince, was alleged in court to be the man behind the threats to hold back information about suicide bombers and terrorists. He faces accusations that he himself took more than £1bn in secret payments from the arms company BAE.

Lets have more regular men with a life outside of politics like Bush and close family friends like Bandar Bush back in the White House.

Ahhhh, Spring approaches an... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Ahhhh, Spring approaches and the BDS is in full-bloom again.

Well, with these guys it never ends, though.

Here is the <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Here is the link for the above comment

I know the Guardian,... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

I know the Guardian, Steve. My sister in the UK says few adults take it seriously, it's gone a bit LA Times in recent years.

Thus my BDS observation.

GW did not increase his pre... (Below threshold)

GW did not increase his presidential power. Lefties are so inherently dishonest. GW is getting the power back that the democratic leadership over 40 years has taken from the president. Truth shall set you free. Oh, yeah! If you are a lefty you cannot be friends with anyone from Saudi Arabia. You can't work for a corporation. YOu can't hold a job. ww

No.;-)... (Below threshold)



This <a href="http://richan... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

This regular American guy gets my vote.

DJ Drummond, yes the Guard... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

DJ Drummond, yes the Guardian is left and has been for a long time. My great grandfather was an editor there..

But my rule of thumb is follow the money trail..Yes, George W. Bush has a regular guy personality but he certainly knows his class interest..

Personally I like Obama. He knows his way around the bible and taught constitutional law for 10 years with glowing student reviews (I hope you trust the Chicago Sun times) at the University Of Chicago and he knows how to run an excellent political campaign without Rovian knee capping.

Y'know Steve, I hate to kee... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Y'know Steve, I hate to keep bringing it up, but Conspiracy Theory was not only just a movie, it was not even a particularly good movie.

What ever will you guys do when you can't accuse Dubs anymore of causing everything wrong or weird in your life?

btw, Steve, about the kids ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

btw, Steve, about the kids liking Obama. What % of under-25 people actually vote in Presidential elections?

The real question, to my mi... (Below threshold)
bill johnson:

The real question, to my mind, is:

Can a regular american be a politician?

I say NO.

Wanting the office should be the first disqualifying factor.

DJ, This reminds m... (Below threshold)


This reminds me of the Jack Ryan character in Tom Clancy's books- he got to the level of POTUS almost completely outside of political machinations. In Executive Order he begged the people to elect a congress from the people- farmers, normal business people, and others who were NOT Washington insiders. He populated his administration with executives from the private industry who were used to getting results, and who, for the most part, hated government employment. They all just wanted to "serve their time," do the best they could, and get back to their "normal" lives.

I guess that's why it's fiction- it wouldn't happen in a million years.

I think if Obama makes it y... (Below threshold)
Steve Crrckmore:

I think if Obama makes it you will understand BDS more in retrospect (it will all have been worthwhile) even though the government accounts are not nearly in as good order as when Bush found them. And it will be so refreshing to have for once someone eloquent in the White House and someone who is very smart and listens. That will be an enormous change itself.

Obama certainly didn't come... (Below threshold)

Obama certainly didn't come from a privileged background, and his wealth was only recently obtained.

DJ, (Hillary) is this your ... (Below threshold)

DJ, (Hillary) is this your definition of wealthy?

"Her father, Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, was a son of Welsh and English immigrants[5] and operated a small but successful business in the textile industry.[6] Her mother, Dorothy Emma Howell, of English, Scottish, French Canadian, Welsh, and possibly Native American descent,[7] was a homemaker."

Also, how much money did she have before she was first lady, and how much do you think she would have made if she stayed on the east coast as a successful lawyer?

Are you saying that if someone is successful later in life like Hillary or Obama they not regular people?

Well, if Barack wins in Nov... (Below threshold)

Well, if Barack wins in November, the Obamunists should have their heads examined because they're really truly voting for nothing.

Wow, the trolls sure came o... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Wow, the trolls sure came out in force for this post. I notice that once again, instead of debating the substance they are trying to nit-pick little things like Barney above pointing out that Hillarys grand parents were immigrants. Ok, but did her parents make alot of money? I don't think being an immigrant disqualifies your children from making cash, but whatever.

The point is well taken that none of these candidates actually represents a large group of americans to any extent. I think turnout is going to be horrendus if it's a Hillary vs McCain race. If it's Obama vs McCain, McCain's goose is cooked. Big time.

The only thing McCain has going for him is the Anti-Hillary vote. For that to work he at least needs Hill-dawg on the ballot. McCain has no conservative support and will not get any significant conservative support. His best plan against Hillary is to compare and contrast himself from Hillary to shed her in a worse light than she already sheds herself. He just plain cannot and will not win against Mr. Candyman vapidness Obama himself. He makes people feel too good about nothing for McCain to actually beat him.

If Obama gets the nomination, his peid-piper group of supporters will be right behind him lock-step and the issues will not matter at all to voters. The republicans nominated their weakest candidate, so this is the price that we republicans will pay. Mr. Candyman sweet sugar and sunshine, change and hope in office for at least 4 years.

Depends on the definition o... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Depends on the definition of "regular American." It seems to be a matter of image or a personality trait. Perhaps it simply means respect for the people and the rule of law. If it means Joe steel-mill worker, the answer is obviously no.

The Founders were a bit elitist on purpose. They excluded non-owners of property from the vote, much less the ability to take public office. They expected political leaders to have a certain degree of wealth and education. In this way we are expected to get the most qualified leaders, with a vested stake in society. I can't say I disagree. The Athenians chose leaders from all citizens by lottery, a practice the Founders rejected.

I don't really care if my leadership is elite, per se. I want leaders who are "inculcated" with the appropriate philosophy and values (see below).

And yes, GWB is elite. He went to Yale for goodness sake.

Jefferson and Madison succeeded in passing a [University of Virginia] resolution to "provide that none [of the principles of government] shall be inculcated which are incompatible with those on which the Constitutions of this state, and of the U.S. were genuinely based, in the common opinion." Moreover, Jefferson came to agree with Madison's argument that "the most effectual safeguard against heretical intrusions into the School of politics, will be an able & orthodox Professor." To this end, Jefferson and later Madison worked to ensure that only those professors who espoused a strict construction of the U.S. Constitution and the doctrine of states' rights would be appointed to the school of politics.

The foregoing is regular enough for me. Unfortunately such a person is increasingly irregular.

Hey, Barney, Obama's spent ... (Below threshold)

Hey, Barney, Obama's spent nearly his entire life in public service. You say his wealth is "recently obtained;" how did he make all that money while serving the people?

I suspect the answer is very similar to the answer to the Clintons' wealth -- and they have been on the public dole non-stop since 1992.

Why are the Democrats so eager to push forward people who became multi-millionaires while holding public office?


DjDrummond ..a few plugs fo... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

DjDrummond ..a few plugs for Obama as well as answering some of the queries raised. Obama is bringing outa huge youth vote... Fire marshalls have been his main organizers or haven't you noticed..so popular have been the caucuses. His wife is a product of public schooling..he just finished paying off his student loans a few years from his book writing..He actually wrote all his own books_biography and memoirs .All other Democrat contenders including Hillary used ghost writers for their books I believe..His policies on his campaign site and his senate site are very detailed...but that's a little boring so I'll give you his lengthy profile in the Chicago Tribune and let you ponder if you think it looks like he comes from an elitist family.

Crickmore - "But my rul... (Below threshold)

Crickmore - "But my rule of thumb is follow the money trail..Yes, George W. Bush has a regular guy personality but he certainly knows his class interest.."

Then be fair about and not just point at the Bush family.

Start pointing at the 10 million Clinton got from the same Saudi's for the Clinton library. Gee, what percentage of the $5 mil Shillary loaned her campaign started in the Saudi's pocket?

Also, how much money ... (Below threshold)

Also, how much money did she have before she was first lady, and how much do you think she would have made if she stayed on the east coast as a successful lawyer?....

So funny.She would have made a considerable income barney, but $35,000,000 ? Probably not, unless she joined the trial bar, like Edwards did. But she isn't as clever or smart as Edwards. She was, except for a brief and unexceptional stint at the Rose Law Firm, mostly on the public payroll.

So we have a woman who wants to be President that has spent precious few years in the private sector but shows us a net worth larger than W's, the "rich elitist" (who happened to actually made some money in the private sector)?

You libs never fail to serve up irony as the main dish.

Obama's spent near... (Below threshold)
Obama's spent nearly his entire life in public service. You say his wealth is "recently obtained;" how did he make all that money while serving the people?

I suspect the answer is very similar to the answer to the Clintons' wealth -- and they have been on the public dole non-stop since 1992.

Why are the Democrats so eager to push forward people who became multi-millionaires while holding public office?

Heh. First of all, Obama made his money recently from his books (plus Michelle Obama has a high-paying job as vice-president for community affairs at the University of Chicago hospitals). Apparently elected officials writing books is dirty business in your mind.

Secondly, what kind of math do you use to determine that personal wealth of $1.3 million makes someone a multi-millionaire?

mantis, thanks for beating ... (Below threshold)

mantis, thanks for beating me to the punch since I was going to say "f*ck you Jay you g$d dam well know how he got all that money" but you already did that for me.

One other thing, spending y... (Below threshold)

One other thing, spending your "entire" life to service your country like Hillary, Obama and McCain certainly puts you over and above the regular American.

"who happened to actually m... (Below threshold)

"who happened to actually made some money in the private sector"

Hughs, I didn't know driving companies, your daddy's friends set you up in, to the ground paid so well?

Hughs, I didn't know ... (Below threshold)

Hughs, I didn't know driving companies, your daddy's friends set you up in, to the ground paid so well?

I knew you were going to bring that up, barney. Please provide specifics without commentary from Jim Hightower, Texas Observer and other well known suspects.

Actually, I wasn't thinking... (Below threshold)

Actually, I wasn't thinking of Obama's book. Rather, I was thinking of the scads and scads of money Bill Clinton has raked in since he left the presidency with some very questionable foreign business dealings, and Mitt Romney's remarkable business success at Bain -- first launching a very, very profitable spin-off, then coming back and saving the parent company from collapse.

Barney, does EVERYTHING you say have to boil down to crass insults?

I think I know that answer.


Barney, does EVERYTHI... (Below threshold)

Barney, does EVERYTHING you say have to boil down to crass insults?

Well, of course it does. Barney has shown very little ability or willingness to serve up facts in support of his vapid opinions.

He repeats talking points like a mind numbed robot. He has demonstrated what a fool he is on more occasions than one can imagine (although Google has cached them all for the curious).

Anyone want to address the ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Anyone want to address the last paragraph?

"Secondly, what kind of ... (Below threshold)

"Secondly, what kind of math do You use to determine that personal wealth of 1.3 million makes someone a multi- millionaire?"

The same kind of math that allowed the Clintons to go from mere paupers to gaining massive wealth 100 mil? through corrupt means in a relatively short 20 years.

"Spending your entire life in service to your country certainly puts you over and above the regular American."

Like hell

Baghdad barney - "One o... (Below threshold)

Baghdad barney - "One other thing, spending your "entire" life to service your country like Hillary, Obama and McCain certainly puts you over and above the regular American."

what "entire life" would that be in Hillary's case? She spent 8 years a a wide in the White House, sorry that's not serving anything except her husband. And apparently didn't do that well enough 'cause her beloved hubby went elsewhere.

As a State Govs wife? Sorry you fail there also, she did the same thing there just on a smaller scale, (hold your Monica to less "rotund dalliances" at the Gov mansions jokes)

As a senator? Sure I'll buy that one, but also note the single reason for her being there is her current campaign for the WH, without the Sen seat (and the eight in the WH) she'd be a divorcee buried in some law firm.

So NO idjit, she hasn't serverd the nation but for 6 years and then most of the last two has been spent campaigning. The shill couldn't even break away long enough to vote the FISA bill this week, nor could Obama-wamma-slamma

Gee, I didn't know Governor... (Below threshold)

Gee, I didn't know Governor of Arkansas was a Federal position! Thanks for enlightening me.

• 1984: Spectrum 7 Corporat... (Below threshold)

• 1984: Spectrum 7 Corporation, an Ohio oil exploration outfit owned by Dubya's Yalie pal William DeWitt Jr., buys out Bush Exploration, setting up young Bush as CEO at $75,000 a year and giving him 1.1 million shares of the firm's stock. Another flop. The company's fortunes soon sink, with $400,000 in losses and a debt of $3 million.

• 1986: In the nick of time, Bush and partners merge the failing Spectrum with Harken Oil, a Dallas exploration company, with a $2 million stock purchase. Bush puts up about $500,000 and gets a $120,000 annual consulting fee along with $131,250 in stock options...

In June, Harken drills two dry holes in Bahrain. The future looks bleak. Dubya dumps two-thirds of his Harken holdings (212,140 shares), for $848,560. He uses some of this money to buy into the Texas Rangers baseball club.

That August, Harken posts a loss of $23 million.

• February 1991: Dubya, as the official in charge at Harken, reports his big stock sale to the SEC--eight months late.

Hughs, that is two companies "W" ran into the ground. Happy?

16. Posted by Cons... (Below threshold)
16. Posted by Conservachef
Best comment in one of these comment circuses in some time.

Speaking of fiction, how about this: end the Presidential beauty contest. The founders specifically designed the election process to not include direct voting for the President on the part of the people (because the founders KNEW what a bad idea pure "50% + 1" democracy is). One of our greatest state-level blunders was deciding to apportion electors on the basis of a popular vote of that state's voters -- further weakening the power of the state government, and removing one more balance on the federal government. It also serves to distract the general public from research into their ballot-casting at the local level, where they can make a real difference.

"Hey, Barney, Obama's spent... (Below threshold)

"Hey, Barney, Obama's spent nearly his entire life in public service. You say his wealth is "recently obtained;" how did he make all that money while serving the people?" Jay #23

"Actually, I wasn't thinking of Obama's book. Rather, I was thinking of the scads and scads of money Bill Clinton has raked in since he left the presidency" Jay 32

Got any more spin for us Jay?

BarneyThe issue of W... (Below threshold)

The issue of W's business background prior to his holding public office has been thoroughly discussed here at Wizbang. Remember, Google is your friend (or for you and other trolls here, maybe not such a friend).

On the other hand, Hillary and Obama have no record in the private sector remotely comparable to W.

Give it up. Hill and Barry are career politicians....and Hillary has turned that in to a LOT of money.

"On the other hand, Hillary... (Below threshold)

"On the other hand, Hillary and Obama have no record in the private sector remotely comparable to W."

Yea, as I said neither ran at least two compaines into the ground. Neither have they nearly flunked out of college, got a DUI, turned their back on the country when the country needed them the most and on and on. Hillary and Obama have been successes in their careers.

Cry me a river hughs.

Hey, can someone tell Barne... (Below threshold)

Hey, can someone tell BarneyG that Dubya ain't running for anything this time around? That's why I cited Romney. I think he missed that one...

Oh, and just to give that assclown Barney's point even a smidgen of credit... compare Bush's private-sector experience to Al Gore's and John Kerry's. And make that "Gore in 2000" and "Kerry in 2004" -- Gore's somehow become astonishingly wealthy since he left the government (unwillingly) to become Savior Of The World. Including a rather healthy income from one of those "carbon offsets" schemes, as I recall.



Baghdad barney - "Yea, ... (Below threshold)

Baghdad barney - "Yea, as I said neither ran at least two compaines into the ground ['cause shill and obama made the effort to]. Neither have they nearly flunked out of college,[Lie #1, and even if he did hs grades were higher than your hero scary Kerry.] got a DUI [as opposed to what being cracked out on cocaine like obamma-wamma-slamma?], turned their back on the country when the country needed them the most and on and on.[when did shill and obama serve? When did they even TRY the military?] Hillary and Obama have been successes in their careers."

barney rubble... your buffoonage never ceases to amaze the crowd.

It's just a popularity cont... (Below threshold)

It's just a popularity contest. Name me one Presidential election that wasn't. Ability and skill have nothing to do with it during the election. Only after does it make a difference. But that is only accidental.

Baghdad Barney Rubbish - "<... (Below threshold)

Baghdad Barney Rubbish - "Yea, neither ran at least two companies into the ground"

Yet infinetly of more importance, both would run the country into the ground.

"Neither have they nearly flunked out of college"

And thats a plus ?

"got a DUI"

And Osama got busted smoking, the real big evil in this world according to libs like You!

"Hillary and Osama have been successes in their careers."

Yea, successful at lining their pockets with corrupt ill gotten funds to live the good life You blithering buffoon!

The Thunder Run has linked ... (Below threshold)

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 02/16/2008 A short recon of what's out there that might draw your attention updated throughout the day...so check back often.

These guys get rich on book... (Below threshold)

These guys get rich on books for the simple reason of name recognition. Otherwise, all the wealth they gather while in office can be mostly attributed to the fact that they write the laws that they then operate on the fringes of, thereby gaining the upper-hand on everyone else before they close the loopholes. I have the most respect for politicians who leave Washington in relatively the same financial state as when they entered. I believe you could count them all on one hand over the last 40 years.

On the subject of Fred Thompson:
Fred Thompson expressed what he thought government's role was in three simple words at one of the Republican debates:

SPRADLING: Senator Thompson, Americans are also watching the profits of companies here in America that are making a lot of money as these prices per barrel are skyrocketing. They're bothered by it. People in New Hampshire are bothered by this. Aren't you?

THOMPSON: Bothered by the high profits, you say?

SPRADLING: By the profits, yes.


SPRADLING: Should something not be done?

THOMPSON: Well, I take note of those profits, and I take note of the losses when they've had them.

SPRADLING: But you wouldn't step in to do anything to change the...

THOMPSON: Such as what?

I've said it before - the less government does, the better they are.

Anyone want to address the ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Anyone want to address the last paragraph?

DJ,To answer your ... (Below threshold)


To answer your last paragraph question, what do you think of MS's gov. Haley Barbour? I don't remember his qualifications in the private sector, but he has some good cred from the aftermath of Katrina.

To answer Your last paragra... (Below threshold)

To answer Your last paragraph question DJ... I liked Steve Forbes when He ran in what was it? 1996? 2000?

Hard to imagine what you me... (Below threshold)

Hard to imagine what you mean about Obama - his father was a goat herder who left him when he was two. Then his mom left him with his grandparents. He won a scholarship to his PRIVATE school and then succeeded in school and law. I don't know about you, but the son of an immigrant goat herder qualifies as "normal" to me. But hey, this is an answer to a poorly worded and researched article, so who cares?

Laughable, jps. I cited my ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Laughable, jps. I cited my sources directly under the citation. You splurted out an unsupported claim which ignored the point.

"Poorly worded and researched" seems to be your schtick, sir.






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