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Exploring The McCain Potential

With John McCain pretty much guaranteed to be the Republican nominee (there's still time for him to have a Howard Dean-style meltdown or some health issues), it's time to recognize the reality of the situation and start looking at some of the fun and entertaining possibilities that can come from having him carrying the GOP banner.

First up, it makes his choice of running mate that much more important. In 2000, 1992, 1988, 1984, 1976, 1972, 1968, 1964, and 1960, former and sitting vice-presidents won their party's nomination. (OK, I'm cheating in 1992, 1976, 1972, and 1964, as they were sitting presidents at the time, but lemme get away with it.) McCain is old, and he has not had the healthiest life. He may simply not want to seek a second term should he be re-elected, leaving his vice-president as the heir presumptive. And even if McCain loses, the prominence given to his running mate will make him a major contender in 2012 even without the advantage of executive incumbency.

Second, last week there was a flurry of rumors that McCain would resign from the Senate at some point to devote himself fully to the campaign. That panned out for now, but there is a precedent: Bob Dole, another severely wounded veteran, gave up his Senate seat in 1996. On the flip side (so to speak), we saw John Kerry not even bother to phone in to his Senate job when he ran in 2004, and it left a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths. If McCain were to do so, that would immediately put a ton of pressure on the Democratic nominee (be it either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama) to follow suit.

Now, if McCain were to leave the Senate for a failed presidential bid, he'd most likely retire. But Obama is still relatively young, and Clinton has a need for power. Getting either of them out of the Senate would not only be a good thing, overall, but would put a serious crimp in their political ambitions. Neither have shown any interest in having to earn a living in the dreaded private sector; they'd rather hold office and make their money writing books, giving speeches, and the like. (Or, in the case of Hillary, allowing Bill to get into all sorts of questionable foreign deals to keep the bucks pouring into their joint accounts.)

Third, it would put the "chicken hawk" twits in their place. In a rerun of 1996, it would be a case of a genuine, certified war hero running against someone who has never served in the military. IN a refreshing change from 2004, we most likely would actually NOT focus on who did what almost 40 years ago, and instead on what they would do in the future.

I'm not overly thrilled with John McCain (I first backed Fred Thompson, then Mitt Romney), but he's a damned sight better than either Clinton or Obama. And he has the potential to make either (or both) of them very, very uncomfortable. That is certainly enough to make him worthy of consideration.


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Maybe Mr.McCain will point ... (Below threshold)

Maybe Mr.McCain will point out that his opposition wants to use the police power of government to seize you money and make you pay for someone else's health insurance. Or the fact they do not really want to lift the tax burden on Americans they only really promise to increase the burden on the public as a whole to pay for government programs... I hope he will point out in the debates that Mr.OBama will not wear the American flag on his lapel or salute the flag and what it stands for..

We can hope that McCain does not try to be "Civil" and "Take the High road" by not pointing out his opponents faults. Maybe we might hear something about how the Democratic party is wrong on all the issues.

We shall see.

Wow, Jay, I never thought y... (Below threshold)

Wow, Jay, I never thought you'd end up more conservative in your picks than me--I went 1. Guliani, 2. Fred, 3. McCain

As a Democrat, I'm all for ... (Below threshold)

As a Democrat, I'm all for that. Lemme see, the Democratic governors of NY and Illinois would appoint a Democrat to fill their role and the Democratic governor would fill McCain's empty suit with a...Democrat! Good way to extend the Democratic majority of the Senate when (not if) Keating 5 McCain loses badly. Thanks for the great idea!

Reality, allow me to introd... (Below threshold)

Reality, allow me to introduce you to your namesake. Under Arizona law, the governor MUST appoint someone of the same party as the resigning Senator. So McCain would be replaced by a... Republican.

I also happen to think that pretty much ANYONE New York's governor would appoint would be an improvement over Hillary.


Interesting piece from the,... (Below threshold)

Interesting piece from the, ahem, alleged "independent."

JFO, I realize this might b... (Below threshold)

JFO, I realize this might be a tough concept for you, but "independent of any party" does NOT mean "independent of any opinion." One need not be a member of the GOP to want neither Clinton or Obama to win the presidency -- just a bit of common sense.


Believe me Jay I wasn't ref... (Below threshold)

Believe me Jay I wasn't referring to party affiliation, I was referring to your opinion. You are indistinguishable in any way shape or form from a right wing conservative on this blog. You may register as an "independent" but so what - especially in New Hampshire.

What I just don't get is why you just can't own up to what you are.

If McCain were to do so,... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

If McCain were to do so, that would immediately put a ton of pressure on the Democratic nominee (be it either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama) to follow suit.

Wishful thinking! If McCain were to retire, the mainstream media would endlessly, relentlessly, remorselessly opine that (1) "this proves the old man is ready to retire and doesn't have the stamina to be president for the next four years," and (2) "McCain is old and his career is over, so his resignation makes sense -- but Obama/Hillary has many years of Dedicated Public Service ahead, so it's disingenuous and evil of Republicans to suggest that he/she step down."

JFO - " What I just dont... (Below threshold)

JFO - " What I just dont get is why you just cant admit what you are."

He did? said He's independant like I am. cant You read?

JFO, in what insane univers... (Below threshold)

JFO, in what insane universe would I willingly let you define my political philosophy?


You certainly don't need me... (Below threshold)

You certainly don't need me to do that. Your words speak for themselves. Still can't figure out why you're so dishonest about it.
Your posts, your positions, your word put you just slightly to the left of Attila the Hun - figuratively speaking that is.

And just why is it so damne... (Below threshold)

And just why is it so damned critical that 1) I abide by your definitions, and B) I accept your right to place me in whatever slot you give me, JFO? I take issues and people on a case-by-case basis, with no overarching principle or ideology.

I thought you were of the type that didn't care for labeling people and stereotyping and the like. Or is this just the little game you play when you realize you have absolutely nothing else to contribute?


"...but he's a damned si... (Below threshold)

"...but he's a damned sight better than either Clinton or Obama. And he has the potential to make either (or both) of them very, very uncomfortable."

Yes, yes he does. Now, if he would just dump the Gobular Warming crap, his discomfort to them would be similar to a very sharp thorn in their side. But, then again, it's a "perfect world" where money makes it go 'round.

Your posts, your posi... (Below threshold)

Your posts, your positions, your word put you just slightly to the left of Attila the Hun - figuratively speaking that is.

JFO, do us a favor and define what "slightly to the left of Attila the Hun" means.

JayWhile I agree t... (Below threshold)


While I agree that you have the right to any opinion that you'd like to have, it's really difficult to give you any respect because of your regular statements that you are an "independent" thinker and an "independent" politically. You are an editor of this blog. That should hold you to a higher ethical standard it seems to me. I find you very disingenuous when you claim to be an "independent" but almost always you argue from a conservative right wing perspective. You do your fair share of mocking democrats and are very intolerant of those who argue from a liberal or democratic perspective.

While, I'm sure you don't give a ticks ass what i think I'm sharing it with you anyway. I just wish you'd own what you believe. You're a good writer - I enjoy your novelette as you post it but I think you are fundamentally politically dishonest.

HughSSince you ask... (Below threshold)


Since you asked. It is somewhere between Barry Goldwater and Michael Savage. That work for you?

That work for you?</b... (Below threshold)

That work for you?

Uh, no, it doesn't JFO. You need to narrow the reference and not limit the comparison to modern day talk radio personalities.

King Attila's atrocities and cruelty were prolific and widespread. Where does this fgure in with Jay Tea's posts here?

Uh Oh. Junior F*ck Off pus... (Below threshold)

Uh Oh. Junior F*ck Off pushed JT's buttons. Silly boy. You are better off ignored.

I wonder which conservative Right Wing Republican he's talking about. Pat Robertson. Naw, I don't think so. Oh, I know, that oxycodone-addicted TV personality. Naw... Wait a minute, NEWT! yeah, that's JT all right... ... no, hmmm.

Oh, I know, He's right there with Charleton Heston. That's it. Well, I guess JFO might be right, er left, er whatever.

*Wondering why JT gives a R... (Below threshold)

*Wondering why JT gives a Rats A$$ about what JFO thinks anyway!*..

I've been reading Wizbang f... (Below threshold)

I've been reading Wizbang for a couple years now, not really posting a whole lot, as far as some people here do. But one thing I've noticed, and I think I've commented on it before, is that Jay Tea has moved from the center to solidly right. Maybe he just really hates Clinton and Obama that much.

it's an axiom that as one g... (Below threshold)

it's an axiom that as one gets older, one becomes more conservative. personally, i think it is because experience teaches a person that leftist ideas are bogus.

who defines the center? what does it mean to be right? or left?

besides, with the stupid things that the GOP has been doing the last few years, would you want to associate yourself to it? now mind you, the democrats are worse in my opinion, because they are challenged by their members on the stupid shit they do, they are encouraged in it.

new rasmussen ge state poll... (Below threshold)

new rasmussen ge state polls

Obama 49
Mccain 39

Obama 49
Mccain 40


Reality - being ignorant ro... (Below threshold)

Reality - being ignorant roll that you are - the governor of AZ has to appoint a Republican. Sorry to pop your fantasy.

see, this is where we alway... (Below threshold)

see, this is where we always get snookered. if mccain resigns, there is NO WAY hillary or obama will resign, nor will their constituents demand it. the "selfish party" always wants it all for themselves and nothing for the other party.

i'm sick of our guys always resigning for trumped up reasons and the other guys always getting away with whatever they want, under the guise of "well, at least we aren't hypocrites because we never set any standards for ourselves in the first place."






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