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Compare And Contrast

Recently, I wrote yet another piece about some atrocities being perpetrated in the name of Islam. (Yes, it's a recurring theme, but if they'd stop doing these things, I'd stop writing about them.) One commenter took me to task (three times!) for not knowing enough about the glories of Islam, how wonderful it all is, and how terrible I am for talking about it.

Maybe it's a product of my age (I just turned 40 last fall), but it all had a very familiar feel to it. I had the strangest sense of deja vu while reading this, and all the other pro-Islam propaganda I've read over the years. I couldn't quite place it, though, so I shoved it into the back of my brain.

Well, my subconscious finally achieved what my conscious mind couldn't do, and connected the dots:

Islam is being sold today like Communism was sold.

Think about it:

1) Both are pushed as the natural, superior heirs to and evolutions from successful movements of the past (Judaism and Christianity, capitalism).

2) Both preach that they are the only true, unified solution to questions of politics, economics, religion, and sociology.

3) Both were promoted through conquest and bloodshed and slaughter, ending up in body counts that stagger the imagination.

4) Both have their legions of apologists who brush aside the body counts, saying that those are failures of the implementers to bring about the "true" expression of the philosophy -- which is always just around the corner.

5) Both have tremendous appeal to the western Left, who champion their "rights" to push their agenda -- often to the exclusion of rival views.

6) Both have made lying and fraud into not only tolerable practices, but virtues -- compare the Soviet history of rewriting history with the Islamist practice of Taqiyya.

7) Both made the persecution of the Jews a very high priority, in stark contrast with the fact that they owe their origins to Jews -- many of the early Communists were Jews, and Islam claims to be built on the foundation of Judaism.

(7a) A thought -- I find myself wondering: is there something about these kinds of movements that draws anti-Semites? They would be the ones most strongly motivated to purge all evidence of any Jewish involvement in their origins. I think I'll leave that one for others, or a later time.)

8) Look at the weapons used by the Islamists -- they're almost exclusively the products of the old Warsaw Pact. RPGs, AK-47s, and the like. Part of that can be attributed to the sheer numbers of those weapons produced, along with the collapse of the Soviet Union dumping a lot of those on the market, but part of it comes from the Soviets being willing to give weapons and training and money and other materiel to anyone who promised to make life difficult for the West -- and that involved a LOT of Muslim states.

9) Both are promoted by their adherents as being peaceful, idyllic, idealistic, and filled with noble words and sentiments and policies -- but those words never come close to fulfillment. If one looks past the pretty words and measures the deeds of their advocates, one finds a colossal trail of murder and oppression and inhumanity and tyranny.

10) Both tout their egalitarian ideals and lack of a hierarchical structure, but always end up devolving into tyrannies and dictatorships and the most brutal forms of suppression.

11) Both construct elaborate methods to keep people from leaving the movement, and save their most outrage for those they deem as "traitors" or "heretics."

12) For all their expansionist aggression, they tend to kill far more of their own people than outsiders. Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot butchered their people by the tens of millions, and the Islamists tend to spend most of their energies killing their fellow Muslims for perceived offenses and slights.

In theory, Communism and Islamism ought to be natural enemies, or at least rivals -- one claims that God doesn't exist, while the other says that their God is all that matters. But politics , indeed, makes for strange bedfellows, and nothing unites movements like a common foe -- witness how quickly the Soviet Union became a "great friend and ally" to the West after Hitler turned on them.

In the end, I wonder how Islamism will fail. I'm fairly comfortable that it, too, will end up on the ash heap of history, but I don't know if it will evolve into something more compatible with civilization, or utterly collapse.

Either way, I dread the butcher's bill it will ultimately extract from the human race.


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Jay, Rusty at The Java Repo... (Below threshold)

Jay, Rusty at The Java Report had a post about this the other day. It makes the Pearl and Berg beheadings look tame. It is really bad, but there are a lot of people who should see it anyway. Obama and Hillary think we can TALK to these people and solve our differences? Only if we talk with a J-Dam.


Noooooooooooo! Don't use th... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Noooooooooooo! Don't use the "C" word. Only craaaaaaaaazy people use the "C" word!

Jay, Lamy can wh... (Below threshold)
dawnsblood Author Profile Page:

Lamy can whine all he wants but it stands that Islam is used by the vast majority of terrorists and to the best of my knowledge all the dis"honor killers" as an excuse for their deeds. I strongly suggest they clean up their backyards and then council us on how to clean ours.

Additionally, this "religio... (Below threshold)

Additionally, this "religion of peace" has followers that never side with those being abused when the opportunity presents itself. Their silence is deafening. The "vast majority" being peaceful argument doesn't hold water. When push comes to shove, they all back the Mooooslems either outwardly or silently.

Seems like Reagan thought t... (Below threshold)

Seems like Reagan thought that talking to the head of the Commie "Evil Empire" wasn't such a bad idea and wasn't he some kind of savior or something?

I don't believe Islam will fail any more than Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism will, at least not for a long, long time. One thing we're proving right now is that inflammatory rhetoric and military force aren't hastening its journey to the ash heap of history.

Murdering millions of they'... (Below threshold)

Murdering millions of they're own people is Glory to Islam. I think i'll pass on the religion of murder, mayhem and child rape.

I assume that your second s... (Below threshold)

I assume that your second sentence is referring to Catholics, right?

I think you may be onto som... (Below threshold)

I think you may be onto something. This is a point I had never before considered and has the unmistakable ring of truth to it. Kudos.

You mean you never saw the ... (Below threshold)

You mean you never saw the similarity of the Hammer and Sickle with one big star on a Red background to a crescent moon and star on a green one?

Two of our closest friends ... (Below threshold)

Two of our closest friends immigrated from Iran in 1979(we met them in 81)They left because their religion was hijacked. They still practice their faith. Through our relationship my wife and I have a greater understanding of the Quaran.
Just as some Christian zealots lift passages from the Bible (especially the Old Testament)So Islamic zealots do the same to justify their actions.

Isn't is reasonable to condemn zealots without a general condemnation of a whole religion?

Assalamu alaikum....Peace be with you

Seems like Reagan tho... (Below threshold)

Seems like Reagan thought that talking to the head of the Commie "Evil Empire" wasn't such a bad idea and wasn't he some kind of savior or something?

He did a lot more than just "talk" to them. He deployed Pershing missiles in Europe, increased defense spending way beyond the Soviets ability to keep up and when Gorby (with the full backing of the liberal US media) wanted to sit down and work things out in Reykjavik Iceland, Reagan called his bluff and walked out.

You are essentially correct... (Below threshold)

You are essentially correct Jay....Islam is not "just another religion" it is a complete, unified world-view, that is heavily political and economic.

That's why the only solution for our country and the West is to limit Muslim immigration, for where they migrate to, there is Islam (and sharia law).

One difference that I detec... (Below threshold)

One difference that I detect between Communism and Islamofascism is that the Commies love it when you use their images. All the Hitler images, Stalin images, Mao images, and above all Che images. Especially when put into heroic poses. The leaders sponsored it and encouraged their followers and useful idiots to display them.

But don't use a Mohammed image!

But the point remains that ... (Below threshold)

But the point remains that Reagan did actually "talk" to the leader of what was that time's axis of evil even though our disagreements were great, something that has been conspicuously absent from Bush foreign policy. Of course to "talk" in any meaningful sense naturally requires the ability to express one's self clearly with some degree of intelligence and grasp of the situation, so that would pretty much leave GW at a huge disadvantage. But if talking is out, he could always fall back on his strong points: maybe a quick look into Ahmadinejad's soul, hugs and kisses all 'round for the Saudis or a quick shoulder rub for some burka-clad babe.

But the point remains... (Below threshold)

But the point remains that Reagan did actually "talk" to the leader of what was that time's axis of evil even though our disagreements were great, something that has been conspicuously absent from Bush foreign policy.

Who was Bush going to talk to?

UBL, post 9/11? What was there to talk about? Please don't attack us again?

Saddam? U S diplomats and UN inspectors had been talking to him for years. He tossed evryone from the discussion?

Hezbollah? Yeah, right.

Arafat? Total waste of time.

Reagan faced a different enemy in a different time. Your gratuitous slap at Bush is just another symptom of BDS.

The fight against Islamism ... (Below threshold)

The fight against Islamism is but one front in the global war against religious bigotry and irrationality.

As long as humans insist on telling others what to do, what to eat, etc., in the name of "God," this fight will continue.

As long as men collect money from the gullible poor to live in luxury, sexually abuse children and kill "nonbelivers," claiming authority from "God," this fight will continue.

The history is long - from massacres in ancient Egypt to throwing Christians to the lions, to Islamic conquest, to the Spanish inquisition, to the enslavement and killing of millions by the conquistadores, to thieving European colonialism covered by missionaries, to the killing of the "heathen" Plains Indians, to 9/11, murder in the name of "God."

We fight the Islamists today, we may have to fight the fundamentalists in the USA tomorrow.

How can we encourage these ... (Below threshold)

How can we encourage these freaks to continue to kill their own -- and do it more frequently.

I'm more than willing to help encourage this. :)

metrico, there have been a... (Below threshold)

metrico, there have been and will always be people who tell others what to do.... and it's not always in the name of God, it's in the name of "I/We know best, and many times religion has NOTHING to do with it.

But nice try.

Jo, that's true, but you ca... (Below threshold)

Jo, that's true, but you can argue with someone who just says "I know best."

With someone who says that "We believe that this hundreds of year old text is the Word of 'God,'and if you disagree it's blasphemy," there's no rational argument possible.

I think the biggest problem... (Below threshold)

I think the biggest problem is the two are compatible.

Communism's ban on religion was based on nothing more than wanting a rival power center.

There is no power center in Islam. There is no Islamic Pope. No rival. Clerics, most of whom are happy to not rise above the significance of lieutenants. And if they do and get killed, there's more where they came from.

People's need for religion is strong and it gave the People of Poland something to rally around for their separatist movement which put the first crack in the Soviet Block. Imagine if Poland had had 40 years of indoctrination into state sponsored Islam to help erase the cultural ties to Catholicism.

I could see communism absorbing Islam as the state religion. I mean if you're willing to assassinate uppity clerics in the night, I would suspect the religion is quite controllable.

"Rich," alias "nogo postal,... (Below threshold)

"Rich," alias "nogo postal," I thought you quit this site weeks ago.

Changing your name does NOT change the fact that you promised to go away and never come back.

Of course, I knew you were a lying sack of shit at the time, so I'm not surprised...

Would you like some help in keeping that promise, Rich/nogo?


I think Islam CAN be practi... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I think Islam CAN be practiced peacefully. I think it is in large numbers in the western world. On the other hand, it is NOT practiced peacefully in very large numbers in the eastern world. I hear countless stories of how people move to the western world because their religion is being hijacked. I think it's pretty obvious where the lines are falling...

"I think Islam CAN be pr... (Below threshold)

"I think Islam CAN be practiced peacefully. I think it is in large numbers in the western world."

As long as they understand that the law is applied equally for men and women in western countries and they abide by that. But then, they're not practicing Islam in its entirety, are they?

When the so called Christia... (Below threshold)

When the so called Christian's picket funerals of service men because of homosexuals, you see a huge, loud Christian contigent speaking against that vile behavior.

When Islamofacists kill thousands of innocent people to "make a point" the muslims in this country do------nothing.

There is the difference. To compare Christianity to Islamist is juvenile at best. Grow up lefties. Christians are all around you, and they may find you vile and stupid, but they do not want to kill you. ww

Not only that WW, but Chris... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Not only that WW, but Christians are not trying to force their beliefs on anyone else, unlike the Islamofascists and the C- ooops, I mean, the "progressive liberals".






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