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Heil To The Chief

I have several real-life friends who read Wizbang, and one of them was very impressed with this week's caption contest photo.

How impressed?

This impressed.

I can't say I wholeheartedly endorse the message behind my friend's Photoshopping, but I have to admit I laughed out loud when I saw it, and just HAD to share it with the readership.

It's not precisely a great work of art, especially around the center, but he manages to get his point across fairly... pointedly.


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Comments (16)

The arm band is a nice touc... (Below threshold)

The arm band is a nice touch.

Depicting a potential Comma... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Depicting a potential Commander-in-Chief as a Nazi is demoralizing to our troops.

I do think it will persuade a few Republicans to vote for her however.

Adrian, your hypocrisy is n... (Below threshold)

Adrian, your hypocrisy is noted.

Heh, Jonah Goldberg, check ... (Below threshold)

Heh, Jonah Goldberg, check your email.

Yeah, that must've required... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that must've required a lot of creative thought. That pic was the ultimate caption contest softball.

I think she's fair game to ... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I think she's fair game to be called a nazi. Look at her socialist leanings. Lets not forget that the Nazi's were the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Hillary claims to be for the little guy, the workers, she's a socialist, the only thing inaccurate is that she isn't German.

Not to mention Bush being called Hitler for the last 8 years kind of makes me feel just fine with Hillary being compared to a Nazi. Don't forget lefties, you are the ones who set the stage for this kind of talk and berating. You've done it to Bush for 8 years. Don't dish it out if you can't take it.

All of a sudden I suspect t... (Below threshold)

All of a sudden I suspect that depicting people as Nazis will be an atrocity of immeasurable magnitude. But the Bushitler depictions will still be OK.

And then there's that vicio... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

And then there's that vicious image you see everywhere of John McCain hugging George W. Bush. There is a special place in Hell waiting for the very mean person that conceived and photoshopped it:

See it here

Wow Adrian!And you... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Wow Adrian!

And you lefties claim it is the right that has no humor.

You are about as humorless as cancer.

I like the pants!... (Below threshold)

I like the pants!

Whether it be Bush, Clinton... (Below threshold)

Whether it be Bush, Clinton or anyone else the depictions are juvenile as are the authors of such depictions. There are no excuses for comparing anyone running for office in this country to Hitler whether in jest or not.

My next door neighbor, as gentle and loving a man as there is, spent 4 years as a slave in Hitler's salt mines. He wouldn't find your photo humorous..

Jay - if you think that stuff is funny then you are indeed a sad human being.

I don't think it's appropri... (Below threshold)
Eric F:

I don't think it's appropriate, but then it's not my blog.

Makes it kind of hard to complain about Moveon.org using Hitler in any of their ads.

OK, can we please call an e... (Below threshold)

OK, can we please call an end to this s*** right now? Bowing to the same depths as the Kossacks with the Hitler comparisons makes us no better than them. You're one of my favorite writers, Jay, and you're better than this.

Jay, to be honest, I laughe... (Below threshold)

Jay, to be honest, I laughed out loud too when I first saw the pic. But then took me about fifteen minutes to forget all about it until I just came back here to see what new entries might be posted. Then I thought, "Oh, yeah! I want to see that photo one more time!"

I see all kinds of cartoons depicting President Bush in hell along with chimp this and fuhrer that. We are coming off a caption contest that happens to feature hers truly this time around, so I just see it as run-off from the contest.

In my honest opinion, if we are actually stuck with Clintons part II for at least the next four years, a couple of shots of Tequila and a sturdy sense of humor are in order. We gotta laugh sometime.

"OK, can we please call ... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

"OK, can we please call an end to this s*** right now? Bowing to the same depths as the Kossacks with the Hitler comparisons makes us no better than them. You're one of my favorite writers, Jay, and you're better than this."

I'll put it as juvenile as i can. They started it.

But seriously, I don't think anyone here thinks Hillary is equivalent to Hitler, but i think after the treatment of Bush, it's hard to defend her. We can all play the middle road and try to be fair and say it's not cool whoever does it, but no one says that when the left starts saying these things about the right. It's only when the right reacts, THEN it's when we should stop. essentially it gives the left the ability to say whatever outrageous claim they want, and then once the right reacts, we get disarmed. It's silly, it's stupid, and i'm sick of the left getting away with this kind of berating of the right. That is why i have absolutely no problem with one of their own being berated the way they berate us.

That would be funnier than ... (Below threshold)

That would be funnier than hell if it was so absoulutly correct.

I still laughed at it though.






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