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Kosovo secedes from Serbia; gains U.S. approval

Kosovo has officially seceded from Serbia, gaining not only independence but the support of the United States and other European nations:

President Bush on Monday hailed Kosovo's bold and historic bid for statehood, saying "The Kosovars are now independent."

Kosovo's ethnic Albanian leadership announced its independence from Serbia over the weekend, and suspense gripped the province on Monday as its citizens awaited key backing from the United States and key European powers.

"It's something that I've advocated along with my government," Bush said in an interview on NBC's "Today."

By appealing directly to the U.S. and other nations for recognition, Kosovo's independence set up a showdown with Serbia -- outraged at the imminent loss of its territory -- and Russia.

In an EU meeting, Paris was the first to acknowledge Kosovo's independence. France was quickly followed by Britain, Germany, Italy, and Finland. Unfortunately for Kosovo, there is no shortage of nations unwilling to recognize their independence, and Serbia isn't going to let Kosovo go without a fight.
Finland also said it would be among those recognizing too -- despite the anger of Serbia and its main backer, Russia. Turkey also recognized the territory it once ruled in Ottoman times.

Cyprus, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania have indicated they too are not keen to recognize Kosovo, which confidently expects recognition from up to 100 states.

Serbia has vowed peaceful retaliatory steps and could make life even more difficult for the territory than it already is, with its 50 percent unemployment and a weak economy.

There was no shortage of protest by Serbs against the unilateral secession of the southern province, run by the United Nations and NATO for the past nine years.

Serbs protested against Kosovo's secession for a second day in Belgrade, in their Kosovo stronghold of Mitrovica, and in isolated Serb enclaves in central Kosovo. Several thousand turned out for the rallies, which remained mainly peaceful.

Serbs in the Bosnian Serb capital Banja Luka also demonstrated, shouting "Kill the Albanians! and stoning police guarding the U.S. consulate.

Hat Tip: Ace of Spades


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Comments (8)

Kosivo tell serbia to TAKE ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Kosivo tell serbia to TAKE A HIKE

Kosovo is a country now? Lo... (Below threshold)

Kosovo is a country now? Looks like nobody told the CIA.

Oh well, they'll catch up in ten years or so. Koso-who, boss?

In which we help give birth... (Below threshold)

In which we help give birth to another Mohammedans nation, this time int the heart of Europe. Great, just great. Albanians are known for shady dealings and more and more radical Islam over the past ten years or so.

The Serbs weren't saints but they were defending their Christian, European culture from more raghead, sharia-law Mohammedans. Great, just great. Thanks Slick Willy and Jorge Bush.

Isn't anyone in DC concerne... (Below threshold)

Isn't anyone in DC concerned about the horrible precedent this sets for the American Southwest?

Good point Pro Cynic. I'm ... (Below threshold)

Good point Pro Cynic. I'm sure that will happen and we'll begin to see cries for "Aztlan returned to the bronze people!" in the next ten years.

Of course with current non-enforcement of the border and babies born to illegal Latinos, it may be a moot point. The entire West may soon belong to the "bronze people".

Another lesson from Serbia/Albania is of course, cultural Balkanization with the federal government unwilling to do official business in only English, unwilling to teach kids in school only English. Viola, we are being balkanized big time.

Buh-bye sovereignty.

Please. If the Serbs were ... (Below threshold)

Please. If the Serbs were such great defenders of Christianity from Islam, why did they first attack the Slovenes and the Croats all those years ago? Fellow Christians? The truth is, the Serbs, like the Russians, are a people who's nationalism is dependent upon smacking their neighbors. Whether those neighbors are Christians or Muslims is irrelevant to Serbs on the hunt for more land. And before anyone gets too indignant, the Serbs helped Saddam, so that makes them our enemy.

Ah Kosovo, a military actio... (Below threshold)

Ah Kosovo, a military action the left could actually get behind. With the approval of Congress to boot.

When the Kosovar's get slau... (Below threshold)

When the Kosovar's get slaughtered by the Serb's will we blame Bill C or George W...ya know this is a Bill Clinton escallated war, still unresolved and when the NATO troops leave, the genocide will start...all thanks to Bill clinton.






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