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The Knucklehead of the Day - Reality TV Douchebag Edition

Today's winner is Adam Jasinski, one of the houseguest's on CBS's Big Brother 9. Adam claims to be the PR Manager for the United Autism Foundation, which turns out to be very much in doubt. Anyway Adam calls the little autistic children he works so hard helping "retards," which he reasons he can because he just works so hard for them. See the stupidity via video:

Several outraged individuals have checked into the charity he supposedly works for and the donations he's soliciting in their name. It's all very shady and Adam and some unknown webtech may be committing fraud. [This should raise big red flags]

CBS has not responded to our request for comment. CBS supposedly does background checks on its contestants, a have even re-investigated past contestants after they entered the house. In 2000 CBS said that ''we and the producers of 'Big Brother' will not tolerate nor permit any hate speech on the program.''

Interestingly the Don Imus (terminated from CBS radio for his "nappy headed ho's" remark) is a fairly strong advocate for autism and the man (Les Moonves) who fired him from CBS's girlfriend (Julie Chen) hosts Big Brother. I'm guessing that might figure out a way to throw a few bombs CBS's way as this controversy continues...


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Adam calls the lit... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:
Adam calls the little autistic children he works so hard helping "retards,"

Sounds like something lifted from "There's Something About Mary." I hope the fraud gets kicked out posthaste.

I am a father of a son with... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

I am a father of a son with autism.

I have probably watched 2 minutes of any Big Brother show total.

The show is disgusting on so many levels, and something like this just confirms my decision not to watch it.

I have two nephews who have... (Below threshold)

I have two nephews who have autism, and Jasinski's thoughtlessness is staggering. And I'm not surprised to learn he might be some kind of scam artist. I hope he gets bounced off that show and gets in trouble with the IRS.


Plus, I hate people who say... (Below threshold)

Plus, I hate people who say "Yo, bro" and stuff like that.






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