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The Politics of Religion

Wisconsin GOP Primary

Evangelical and born-again Christians - Huckabee, 54-36
All others - McCain, 67-23

Evangelical and born-again Christians - 38% of primary voters
All others - 62% of primary voters


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What can I say? Christians... (Below threshold)

What can I say? Christians are suckers for people who speak their hearts instead of calculating every word.

Christians simply believe w... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:

Christians simply believe we can do much better than John McCain and will still take the time to express their views in a hopeless cause.

And yet according to the le... (Below threshold)

And yet according to the left, our party has been taken over by the evangelical right. Meanwhile Huckabee is going to lose and it is neck and neck fight by two of the most leftwing senators in DC on the democrat side.

Too funny.

When life in the rea... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

When life in the reality based world fails you and you seek life in the non-reality based supernatural world, voting for a guy that thinks the earth is 6,500 years old is a fine thing to do.

Isn't it funny the left cal... (Below threshold)

Isn't it funny the left calls Christians "fanatics" conservatives are called "uncaring". The left loves labels and name calling. If you believe in GOD, Jesus or anything else, you do not deserve to vote according to the lefties. YOu have no say or rights to say it, according to the lefties. What a sad world they live in. ww

Get REAL Widlwillie.... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Get REAL Widlwillie. When you believe in imaginary beings in the sky or under the earth that you can communicate with or you believe in ancient myths retold since the dawn of man your grasp on issues of the REAL world may be a bit tainted.

Lava,You obviously... (Below threshold)
Alan Orfi:


You obviously have not heard Mike Huckabee speak on the foundations of the world. He, along with scripturally literate Christians, understand the Earth was created billions of years ago (the Bible even refers to dinosaurs) and that mankind long preceded ADAM, the origin of the specific lineage to Christ.

Yes, there are some Christians who misguidedly interpret the texts because there are a number of poor Bible teachers out there. I would have liked to see Candidate Huckabee explain this in the manner of Pastor Huckabee so uninformed comments such as your's would be less prevelent, but he could not do so for obvious reasons.

The last thing this nation ... (Below threshold)

The last thing this nation needs is another Christian Presidency.






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