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Clinton Family Values

Well, now we know just how badly Hillary Clinton wants to be president: she's willing to not only pimp out arrange for her daughter to meet with and discuss matters with uncommitted superdelegates, she's even willing to destroy her daughter's career in the process.

"We also have to reward work more," Clinton told a small group of Ohio residents today. "and by that, I mean, I have people in New York working on Wall Street as investment managers, as hedge fund executives. Under the tax code, they can pay a lower percentage of their income in taxes on $50 million dollars, than a teacher, or a nurse, or a truck driver in Parma pays on $50,000. That's very discouraging to people."

As ABC notes, Chelsea Clinton is currently taking time off from her job managing hedge funds to campaign for her mother.

This could represent a new peak in parent-child conflicts -- "If you don't follow my wishes in your career choice/get enough of your co-workers to donate to my campaign, I'll run for president and jack the taxes on you and everyone like you!"

How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless parent...

(From ABC, via Rob Port)


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Comments (12)

"If you don't follow my ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

"If you don't follow my wishes . . . "

Quotation marks are usually reserved for quotes -- not scenarios based on a rumors based on a lies born in a twisted mind.

Wow! A Hillary supporter. T... (Below threshold)

Wow! A Hillary supporter. There is one left. No pun intended. I will allow JT school you in punctuation. ww

Hey, how about tho... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Hey, how about those vote totals?

Hillary is still getting more votes than all Republicans combined and she's the LOSER.

What's the category below LOSER?

Yes, Adrian, "Usually." But... (Below threshold)

Yes, Adrian, "Usually." But not exclusively. It is also used to signify speech, even fictional speech.

In this case, it should be blatantly obvious that I am not quoting Hillary Clinton (or anyone else) directly, but fabricating a line for rhetorical impact and satiric intent.

It's a valid stylistic usage, and only an unschooled pedant would fixate on it as an attempt to deceive readers.



I believe that category wou... (Below threshold)

I believe that category would be called "Adrian Browne."

The Democratic race is still in contention, so there's still high interest in it. Also, Will Franklin already demonstrated that primary turnout is largely irrelevant to election day results.

Now that that's out of the way, Adrian, got anything RELEVANT to the topic at hand?


"Under the tax code, the... (Below threshold)

"Under the tax code, they can pay a lower percentage of their income in taxes on $50 million dollars, than a teacher, or a nurse, or a truck driver in Parma pays on $50,000. That's very discouraging to people."

People won't hear the real language there. What they'll hear is that someone making 50 million can pay less than someone making 50 thousand.

She's talking down to the dumbest people, trying to ruffle their feathers. And they're out there. I've heard them call into radio talk shows with the same complaint, "It's not fair that a rich person pays less than I do!"

It's people like Hillary and Theresa Heinz who talk this kind of talk. Theresa "I'm embarrassed at how little I paid in taxes" Heinz had a veritable army of accountants that made sure she paid a smaller percentage. Does anyone really think Hillary doesn't find a way, in the convoluted tax code, to lower her own tax bill - and use it?

She's also saying, We won't lower your tax bill. We'll just punish others' to make you feel better.

uh, the reason that the tru... (Below threshold)
Opinionated Vogon:

uh, the reason that the truck driver pays more in taxes is due to FDR's social security tax that the Dems are unwilling to allow us to fix. The wealthy roll off the SS tax (currently incomes above 97k are not subject to the tax) while people who make less than that have a greater overall combined tax rate, which is what Hillary is saying.


Democrats do have some nerve whining about a problem THEY created and prevent fixing.

Obama has only taken ONE thing off the table regarding SS fix, and its the one thing that can make the poor rich and end poverty in a generation, privatization of SS and a REAL return on our 15% lifetime earnings that the gov steals from every single worker.

Using compounding and investing that money would allow even a modest 40k a year earner to retire with more than a 3 million dollar nest egg he can will to his heirs, and an income of over 25k a MONTH (yes you read that right) until he dies. With that amount of money he can well afford health insurance for his family as well.

What the press should be as... (Below threshold)

What the press should be asking is, why does Jenna Bush teach in a poverty-ridden Washington, DC elementary school, while Chelsea Clinton works for a hedge fund management firm in Manhattan?

Doesn't the the standard worldview template for members of the press state that Democrats only care about the poor, while Republicans are just a bunch of bastards who only care about getting rich?

I see it a bit different. ... (Below threshold)

I see it a bit different. It's not Chelsea that Hillary is screwing (figuratively, of course), it is her hedge fund employer who's been paying Chelsea the big bucks in order to curry favor with her mother. I guess whatever they've been paying Chelsea just hasn't been enough.

What, you thought that Chelsea got a much coveted and lucrative job because of her skills and experience running a hedge fund? Yeah, just like John Edwards got his 'job' with an investment bank because he is a whiz at predicting the yield curve, and like Al Gore got his gig on the Apple board because he is on the cutting edge of technology. Oh wait, scratch that last comment, I forgot that Gore invented the internet.

True, Chelsea's 'career' will take a hit, as the pay(off) for the daughter of a mere Senator will certainly be less than if she were the daughter of the President.

Wait a minute -- strike tha... (Below threshold)

Wait a minute -- strike that last comment.

I just remembered that Silky Pony invested half of his million dollar fortune in an exclusive Wall Street investment firm -- and then took half a million dollars in consulting fees from them -- just so he could understand poverty better.

I keep forgetting that rich white liberals live in an alternative universe, far away from the rest of us. Forgive my ignorance.

Steve,Heh. And do... (Below threshold)


Heh. And don't forget, Chelsea's health care benefits suck as well.

Looks like Hitlary is getti... (Below threshold)

Looks like Hitlary is getting spanked all the way across the U.S.A.? thank you McCain independent voters for insuring we dont have to hear { Heil to the commander in thief }.






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