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GOP Veeps -- Part II

A few weeks ago -- after it became obvious McCain would get the nomination -- I wrote a post about potential vice presidential picks. Not surprisingly, I committed several glaring sins of omission.

Click the below link to read musings about additional prospective Veep selections.

Matt Blunt

Pros: Beyond obvious. I must have been smokin' something when I left him off my original list. Blunt is a young governor of a state which for several decades has been the ultimate bellweather in presidential contests.

Cons: Perhaps a bit too young (Blunt is 37), although if Obama is the Dem nominee the media/Democrats will look more idiotic than usual if they play up Blunt's relative youth and inexperience.

Kay Bailey Hutchison

Pros: The potental electoral benefits of a female conservative -- her lifetime ACU rating is 90, the same rating as Newt Gingrich's -- are beyond obvious.

Cons: Texas is not remotely in play. Given McCain's very advanced age, Hutchison is a bit too old for Veep.

Michael Steele

Pros: Should be quite obvious. Steele is a young conservative with some executive experience who would add geographic and demographic balance to the ticket.

Cons: Is Maryland legitimately in play? Even so, would Steele be able to deliver that state? Steele in 2006 could not come close to winning Maryland's open U.S. Senate seat, despite the fact the Democrats that year split directly along racial lines in their primary contest. There's also the fact Steele is Catholic, which quite unfortunately is an issue for many self-styled (often non-voting, however) Protestant conservatives. (See below re: Gov. Hoeven.)

Sarah Palin

Pros: Young and telegenic female governor.

Cons: Alaska is not remotely in play. It's also a long way from Alaska to any conceivable battleground state. Given that Palin first won a major election only two years ago, selecting her as Veep might be seen by the voting electorate as pandering to the female demographic.

Jodi Rell

Pros: Female governor with over a decade of executive-level experience. Would add geographic balance to the ticket.

Cons: Is Connecticut legitimately in play? Rell also is a bit too old for Veep. And her pro-choice viewpoints would give self-destructive social conservatives a reason to stay home and not vote.

John Hoeven

Pros: Young conservative governor from the Mid-West.

Cons: North Dakota is not remotely in play. Hoeven's Catholic religion would give certain segments of the evangelical Christian right a reason to stay home and not vote, although it must be pointed out that a material percentage of that demographic almost never votes in any event in general elections.


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Comments (24)

Blunt is too young. The Pr... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Blunt is too young. The President has to be at least 40 at the time the oath of office is taken, and the VP has to be qualified to be President.

I'm surprised Jeb Bush's na... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised Jeb Bush's name isn't thrown in. Conservative, young, comes from a big state where he was popular.

Then I agree with John Hawkins(something I don't do often), when he says the country has had its fill of Bushs and Clintons.


Actually, the President and... (Below threshold)

Actually, the President and VP have to be 35, not 40

Mark,The <a href="... (Below threshold)


The age requirement for President is 35.


I think he should just pick... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I think he should just pick whoever loses the democrat primary (Hillary or Obama) OR he could pick Edwards just to be safe. I mean how else could he prove his conservative credentials? He's saying a conservative, campaign finance reform was uber-conservative! Illegal immigration was uber-conservative! So why not pick a liberal as a running mate? Sounds just as conservative as anything else McCain has touted as conservative!

While we're at it, lets vote against some more tax cuts, or offer to bring guantanamo prisoners to the mainland for processing in the American legal system!! Lets ban waterboarding! These are definitely great ideas driven by John McCain's impeccable conservative credentials!!

Viva McCain!!

Another problem with Hooven... (Below threshold)

Another problem with Hooven- He was a Democrat at least as recently as 1996.(According to the Almanac of American Politics 2002, Hooven contemplated running for Governor in 1996. As a Democrat) How Republican is he?


Why isn't Tim Pawlenty (Gov... (Below threshold)

Why isn't Tim Pawlenty (Gov-Minnesota) on the list? He is McCain's buddy and from a swing-state.

I have no idea what his conservative credentials are though. I think the number one criteria for McCain is to choose someone who will have the conservatives doing back-flips. Secondary criteria is to choose a Governor and someone who is much younger than himself.

How about Theresa LePore... (Below threshold)

How about Theresa LePore for VP???

You republicans still OWE HER BIG-TIME!!! She doesn't come up with the butterfly ballot back in 2000, more than a thousand people don't mistakenly cast their ballots for Pat Buchanan (he himself publicly acknowledging these votes weren't his), and Chimpy never becomes president!!!

So why don't you do something nice for Theresa, conservatives? She enabled you to take advantage of other's mistakes, which as we all know, IS THE JESUS THING TO DO, right, conservatives??? Give Theresa something in return, as you got what you wanted: a tax cut for yourselves, and you got your jollies watching America kicking some Mideast ass!!!

Sooo... is Herman insane, o... (Below threshold)

Sooo... is Herman insane, or just reeeally pathetic?

Jack, the two are not mutua... (Below threshold)

Jack, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Toss is "dumber than a box of hammers" as well.


Larkin-Did you loo... (Below threshold)


Did you look at the title of the blog?

this is part II.

Pawlenty was one of the first discussed in part I.

And what the hell is herman doing?

Teresa Lepore?

For gawds' sake zip up your brain and stop playing with 'it" in public like that.

No one remembers her except maybe batterfly ballot collectors.

HermanThe chimp is... (Below threshold)


The chimp isnt on the ballot this time. get over your BDS already.

JC Watts would be cool. or Michael Steele. I might actually vote for the ticket then.

Herman, that isnt bds, that... (Below threshold)

Herman, that isnt bds, that's real tin foil hat stuff right there mah brothah.

How 'bout Steve Forbes? Nice dollars and sense guy to round out the ticket. You know BO's gonna pick a middle aged white guy.

The main problem with Kay B... (Below threshold)

The main problem with Kay Bailey Hutchison is that, despite the ACU ranking (which, as a native Texan frankly shocked me) nobody actually thinks of her as a conservative. So she'd be doing noting to shore up the conservative base.

And besides, she's pro-choice, so that's pretty much a non-starter as well.

I like Steve Forbes too Pre... (Below threshold)

I like Steve Forbes too Pretzel _Logic. makes to much sense for the McCain team to pick Him though. it will probably be a green Governor like Tim Pawlenty or fellow gang of 14 buddy Lindsey Gramnesty.

How about Vicki Isema?... (Below threshold)

How about Vicki Isema?

Mike Steele brings nothing ... (Below threshold)
Dennis D:

Mike Steele brings nothing to the table. He will not get one black vote. Colin Powell or JC Watts are another story. I think Powell could bring 25% of the Black Vote. A Huge number for the GOP. I think Powell is ready .

How about Cindi? IF her hus... (Below threshold)

How about Cindi? IF her husband "messed around", she'll at least be the next Senator from AZ. Her troubled past may appeal to fellow former-pill-poppers. And she's always, always, been proud of America!

I'm surprised Jeb Bush's... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I'm surprised Jeb Bush's name isn't thrown in.

I'm NOT surprised. Too much of a dynasty thing there. Even those who supported Bush are probably tired of the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton cycle.

How about Theresa LePore for VP??? You Republicans owe her BIG TIME!

a) Who?
b) I don't shit to anyone.
c) Shut the hell up
d) Put your straight jacket back on.

How about Vicki Isema?

Oh...Vicki IsemaN.

See points a) and c) above. (and possibly point d)

Mike Steele brings nothing to the table. He will not get one black vote.

I'm not interested in a candidate just because he can get "black" votes. If that were the case, McCain should recruit Obamalamadingdong as VP and be done with it.

b) I don't OWE shit to anyo... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

b) I don't OWE shit to anyone. (Damn fingers...)

I'm a Mike Pence fan. He's ... (Below threshold)

I'm a Mike Pence fan. He's a 48 year old Rep. from Indiana & has served as chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee. He communicates well, has charisma, and is very consistent in his views. He was a speaker at CPAC, and is fairly well known among conservative politicos.

Hey HermanLepore? Sh... (Below threshold)

Hey Herman
Lepore? She is a Democrat and you wouldn't have wanted 1,000 Democrats who were too dumb to understand the ballot deciding the election would you?

Let me toss out a homeboy n... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Let me toss out a homeboy name here: Jeff Sessions. Pros: Solid conservative, would balance the ticket geographically. Cons: Another Senator, Alabama is not in play. Sessions was one of McCain's most outspoken opponents on immigration. I'm afraid they'd never work together, but if McCain really wanted to reach out to the conservative base on immigration (one of the issues where is most vulnerable), Sessions would be a good choice.

I'm still leaning towards Steele, though.

Mike Pence? Hmm. I'll go Google that.

interesting post thx ... (Below threshold)

interesting post thx






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