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Duke lacrosse players sue university

This could possibly be the least surprising story of the day, but the lacrosse team deserves justice. 38 players are suing Duke University, its president Richard Brodhead, the Duke Medical Center, and the city of Durham, North Carolina. Good for them -- these young men were slandered before the entire nation while the university stood idly by doing nothing, when they allegedly had evidence proving their innocence.

Duke University will be sued by 38 members of the 2006 men's lacrosse team who claim they suffered emotional distress when school officials failed to support them during a rape investigation, a spokesman for the players said.

The lawsuit, to be filed today in U.S. District Court in North Carolina, also will name Duke President Richard Brodhead, Duke's medical center, and the city of Durham, North Carolina, according to a statement posted on a Web site run by players' spokesman Bob Bork. University officials remained silent during the rape probe, even though they had evidence that the players were innocent, according to the statement.

``These young men want acknowledgment that they were wronged by institutions and individuals that they trusted to treat them honestly,'' attorney Chuck Cooper said in the statement. ``They were victimized by a corrupt investigation that ignored or suppressed evidence that would have cleared them. And, all for a crime that never took place.''

You can follow the suit at www.dukelawsuit.com.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


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Comments (6)

They should sue those leftw... (Below threshold)

They should sue those leftwing professors who put out that petition for defamation of character. I want those people punished as well.

Jo beat me to it but should... (Below threshold)

Jo beat me to it but should have said 'phony' professors. I doubt that any one of them would/could qualify as a kindergarden teacher.

Sue ? Isn't that what liber... (Below threshold)
John Ryan:

Sue ? Isn't that what liberals and shyster ambulance chasers do ?
Hey as a fan of Duke Lacrosse can I also sue ? I think everybody should get to sue we were all "injured"

All the students at Dook sh... (Below threshold)

All the students at Dook should sue: for educational malpractice.

All those who made these fa... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

All those who made these false accusatiobs should be named as defendense in this lawsuit

I hope those lacrosse playe... (Below threshold)

I hope those lacrosse players bring that University down to its bloody knees.






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