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The Dumbest MSM Meme of 2008 -- So Far

It's only February. Leftists in the national media have plenty of additional time within which to project their various disorders.

Having said that, however, we've already been treated to a sufficient modicum of media idiocy, haven't we?

Click the below link for the best example -- or worst, depending upon your perspective -- of MSM cognitive dissonance.

The "Year of the Youth Vote"

This one takes the cake.

It's absurd. It's preposterous. It's completely asinine. You'd have to write for National Review Online to believe it. Seriously.

On Super Tuesday, in the crucial state of California, the 18-24 year-old demographic made up 7% of the Democrat primary and 5% of the GOP primary. In the South Carolina Democrat primary -- arguably the most vicious and hotly-contested presidential primary ever waged(!) -- that same demographic made up merely 8% of the total.

Young people never vote in large numbers. They weren't a significant part of the voting electorate 40 years ago. They weren't a big portion of the electorate 20 years ago. They didn't show up last time around. (Remember the "Vote or Die!" campaign? Well, they played dead.) They're not going to be a major electoral bloc in November.

Eighty-plus percent of November's general election ballots will be cast by people above the age of 30. Ninety-plus percent will be cast by those above 25 years old. Ninety-five-plus percent of November's votes will be cast by those above the age of 22.


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This happens every election... (Below threshold)
Mark L Author Profile Page:

This happens every election cycle. There seems to be an optimism in the press that "this time" the youth will come out and influence the vote. They run stories about who the youth are supporting and how they will finally "make a difference". Come election day, though, the same small percentage turn out.

That just means I'm old enough to have seen this pattern and have learned to ignore it.

This will be the year of th... (Below threshold)

This will be the year of the youth vote. It'll also be the year of desktop Linux...

Yes, that was sarcasm.

"(Remember the "Vote or... (Below threshold)

"(Remember the "Vote or Die!" campaign? Well, they played dead.) They're not going to be a major electoral bloc in November.

Howard The Duck Dean relied on the "youth vote."

They couldn't be pried away from their x-Boxes and other mind numbing trinkets to be bothered and it led to the The Scream!"

Very encouraging statistics... (Below threshold)

Very encouraging statistics since so many Obama supporters are so young.

The young people seem to re... (Below threshold)

The young people seem to really enjoy the "party"-like atmosphere of campaign rallies and the enthusiasm and exuberance of being part of a "movement," but it appears that actually, you know, VOTING is too complicated or boring.

The "Year of the Youth V... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

The "Year of the Youth Vote"

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've heard this song before:

Vote or Die!
Rock the Vote!

In fact, this old meme goes back further than that:


Baby boomers rule! ww... (Below threshold)

Baby boomers rule! ww

Well, my middle son (22) i... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Well, my middle son (22) is coming back from college this weekend to early vote in the Texas primary, and my youngest son, who turns 18 in October, looks forward to casting his first vote this November.

Both of them plan to vote Republican, so (ipso facto) neither are part of the youth vote.

It's absurd. It's prepos... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

It's absurd. It's preposterous. It's completely asinine. You'd have to write for National Review Online to believe it. Seriously.

Heh. Someone has a National Review Online fetish. What's the backstory here? Did Bill Buckley pee in your cornflakes?

Back in the day the leftist... (Below threshold)

Back in the day the leftists saw the campus unrest of the 1960's and decided that the youth were proto-revolutionaries. If they could just get them the vote, then they could overturn the establishment, man!

Forty years later these same marxists (now older and smellier) are still waiting for the youth vote to arrive and overturn the establishment - forgetting two things in their addled dotage: (A) Godot will get here before the youth vote; and (B) they are the current establishment!

It is not an insignificant ... (Below threshold)

It is not an insignificant indicator that "Obama girl" couldn't take the time to actually vote.






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