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There's Got To Be A Morning After...

Come November 12, we will (well, most likely) know who our next president will be. And pending anything truly bizarre happening, it will most likely be John McCain, Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton.

That means that two of them will not be.

I find myself wondering what the losers will do.

John McCain, if he hasn't resigned his Senate seat, I suspect will return to the Senate and content on staying there as long as he can. If he does resign, he'll see if he can get his seat back; if he can't, then he'll quietly retire.

Hillary Clinton, who I sincerely doubt will resign her seat, will complete her current term and then retire.

Barack Obama, if he resigns his seat, will follow the Al Gore model and find some cause he can associate himself with and try to keep his public profile as high as he can. If he doesn't, he will return to the Senate and position himself for another run in four or eight years.


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Comments (17)

I think it's more interesti... (Below threshold)

I think it's more interesting to see what each candidates supporters will do.

(And I disagree with you about Obama. He could well look forward to 2012 or later... he's a young guy.)

I once voted for Ross Perot on the theory that DC deserved him. A punitive vote, essentially. I still don't think that it makes a huge difference who wins though I'm glad Bush was president on 9-11 instead of Al Gore, we'd have managed in any case.

But there are a whole lot of people who've been living and breathing the idea that the person who gets to be president is the ultimate defining factor for life itself.

What are *they* going to do if Obama loses?

Hillary Clinton, who I s... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Hillary Clinton, who I sincerely doubt will resign her seat, will complete her current term and then retire.

Oh, I think I'd put that possibility at 50/50 for a couple of reasons:

1. Her ego won't let her (that's a biggie)
2. If she goes out of the public eye for too long she'll become less relevant than she even is now
3. Obama would have to be braindead not to make her his Veep (then again refer to my first point as to why she could reject him on that potential offer)

Much more interesting is wh... (Below threshold)

Much more interesting is what Hillary will do if she doesn't get the nomination. If she has any hopes of a future presidential run, she needs Obama to lose convincingly. He's a young guy that could easily run again. But she's such a nice, sincere, upstanding citizen... she would never do anything to undermine Obama. Would she?

No Obama will be the next G... (Below threshold)
Craig. M:

No Obama will be the next Governor of Illinois, it is the next logical step if he wants to run for President again.

I agree on McCain.... (Below threshold)

I agree on McCain.

I am not so sure that Clinton will retire after finishing this term. Look at how deluded Kerry was and for how long. He really thought he was the shoe in leader to be the democratic nominee in 2008.

Look at how the Clinton's handled misfire after misfire on the part of getting an attorney general. They even said that they weren't looking specifically for a woman as they went through three women candidates. She thinks she is owed the presidency. That the country and world will not be complete until she becomes president. I don't see her quietly fading away. I suspect she will become more of a Ted Kennedy, rotting in place in the senate.

As to Obama, his smart move would be to run for Illinois govenor in 2010 and get some executive experience. Even better from a general election standpoint would be to start a manufacturing business and make it successful. It would allow him to claim some executive experience and some real world business experience. Of course if he tried this, ran it according to the way he has voted, then he would gain the even more useful insight to see the liberal policies fail in the real world.

None of the losers will res... (Below threshold)

None of the losers will resign. Ego's are a dangerous thing and these three have super size ego's.
Just read an article that college students supporting Osama Obama don't worry that he has no substance. Should that be a surprise based on the lack of education on todays college campus's? They're more like the Jim Jones, drink the Koolaide crowd than anything else. I just hope people are ready to live without jobs but have plenty of 'Hope' to put on the table. Any business owner with a brain, that can, will get out of this country, fast. Taxed out of business is on the horizon. Even a well educated con man will fail when he goes against the experienced leaders of the America hating world. Actually based on the words of his loud mouth wife the Obama's are America haters as well, so they may get along with the Socialist/Communist/Islamist hate filled kill Americans in the world.

Hillary gets a talk show. B... (Below threshold)

Hillary gets a talk show. Barack loses his senate seat to Mike Ditka. McCain Presidency lasts one term due to health issues and VP "-------" goes on for two terms.

No Obama will be the nex... (Below threshold)

No Obama will be the next Governor of Illinois, it is the next logical step if he wants to run for President again.

If he were to challenge Blagojevich in 2010 Obama would destroy him. Our governor has managed to create government gridlock on almost every major issue even though the Democratic party runs the entire show. Some in the state assembly are trying to pass recall legislation so we can boot his ass before 2010, and if Obama doesn't win the nomination he would be wise to jump on that if it happens.

However, Obama is likely to be our next president, so....

"Hillary Clinton, who I sin... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Hillary Clinton, who I sincerely doubt will resign her seat, will complete her current term and then retire."

Sorry but can I have some of what you are smoking.

Hillary will be on the ticket in Nov but wont win and will run again in 2012. Of course she probably wont win 5 states but she will run again.

You will get the reins of power out of her hands when you pry them from her cold dead fingers.

If Obama were to run for go... (Below threshold)

If Obama were to run for governor of Illinois he wouldn't even have to campaign. Just put his name on the ballot, and he'd probably carry 60%.

Sure Obama could be governo... (Below threshold)

Sure Obama could be governor of Illinois. Of course, right now even George W. Bush could run against Gov. Blagojevich and beat him. Rip Rod can't even work out a budget in a 100% Democratic controlled state gov't. He'd poke his eye out, if he tried picking his nose.

However, Obama is likely... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

However, Obama is likely to be our next president, so...

You're probably right. God help us all (and our pocketbooks).

"God help us all (and ou... (Below threshold)

"God help us all (and our pocketbooks)."

Yep, in the meantime, we get to cringe through their rhetoric campaign that could only be as appealing as the results of a frontal lobotomy.

That Carribean island retreat is looking better and better...

Obama's presidential legacy... (Below threshold)

Obama's presidential legacy might be
an unprecedented tax revolt.

I hope to know who the next... (Below threshold)

I hope to know who the next President will be by November 5th.

Those who are awarding the election to Obama already ought to research Kefauver in February of 1952, LBJ in Feb of 1968, Muskie in Feb of 1972, Hart in Feb of 1988, and then get back to us. 8½ months is several lifetimes in politics.

In the immortal words of Chris Mathews, "Can you name a single legislative accomplishment of Obama?" I fully expect some small child this fall to point out what the rest choose to ignore: "He has nothing on!" - just like the Emperor in the fairy tale.

Legislative accomplishments... (Below threshold)

Legislative accomplishments

Illinois Senate:
- Passed legislation sharply restricting the gifts that Illinois politicians could accept from lobbyists
- Helped set up Illinois' "KidCare" program that provided health care to children in families that did not qualify for Medicaid.
- Passed bills requiring police interrogations to be videotaped and requiring police to study racial profiling in traffic stops, for both of which he managed to secure the endorsements of police groups who were initially opposed.
- Capital Punishment Reform Study Committee Act
- Illinois' first earned-income tax credit
- Illinois Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Program
- Bill requiring advance notice Of mass layoff and plant closings
- Whistle-Blower protection law
- Equal Pay Act
- Victims Economic Security And Safety Act
- Frequently secured bipartisan support for legislation while in the minority and majority (control switched parties during Obama's tenure)

US Senate:
- Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act
- Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act
- Honest Leadership and Open Government Act
- Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act
- The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (passed Senate, not House)

Noteworthy bills not yet passed or signed into law:
- Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act of 2007
- The Protection Against Excessive Executive Compensation Bill

Since being elected to the US Senate Obama has written 890 bills and co-sponsored another 1096.

Anyway, I've got more but I have to go. You may not like some of these accomplishments, but they are accomplishments nonetheless.

If McCain does not or will ... (Below threshold)
Minky Chang:

If McCain does not or will not resign his seat it means two things.
!. He is convinced he can not win.
2. As with most politicians, he could not bear the thought of relinquishing power.
After all, it is about power and the certainty of always being right possessed by him. Where would the little people be without McCain to lead them and protect them from their own ignorance and stupidity.
Note, that this can be applied equally to the other two bozos going for the prize.






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