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"We've served this nation to protect the likes of ingrates like you."

They don't belong here; they shouldn't have come here; and they should leave. - Berkeley mayor Tom Bates

Move America Forward is fed up with Berkeley, like many of us disgusted with their treatment of the military there.

The Army veteran in the ad, John Bringuel, is no stranger to the military hatred festering in Berkeley. In 1965, he spoke up against the anti-military bias there, and forty-three years later he's standing up for the military again. Hot Air has an excerpt of his 1965 letter concerning the Berkeley ingrates:

Why the animosity towards Berkeley instead of the Code Pink traitorous moonbats? Because Berkeley isn't just looking the other way, they're active participants, encouraging the moonbats and publicly declaring that they want the Marines -- who they call "uninvited unwelcome intruders" and "barbaric" gone. The Berkeley City Council passed a resolution claiming that the recruiting office "is not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders." They've also given the moonbats their own designated parking spot in front of the office as well as a sound permit, so they can be as loud and disruptive as they wish.

Jim DeMint, as I mentioned yesterday, is moving to block all earmarks to Berkeley until they stop this atrocity.

Visit Move America Forward's website and sign the petition there. This situation has gotten disturbingly little attention in the mainstream media, but that doesn't mean you can't make your voice heard. Maybe it's time for the Berkeley City Council to start stocking up on white feathers:

Berkeley City Council
2180 Milvia Street
Berkeley, CA 94704

Mayor Tom Bates
2180 Milvia Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
[email protected]


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Comments (8)

I signed,no regrets,it was ... (Below threshold)

I signed,no regrets,it was a plesure.

1. Berkeley doesn't like or... (Below threshold)

1. Berkeley doesn't like organizations that in some manner or other discriminate against homosexuals.

2. Berkeley doesn't like those who either kill and maim in Bush's war or encourage others to kill and maim in Bush's war.

Can't the military restrict its recruiting to, say, hicksville places in Alabama or Oklahoma, and leave the good people of Berkeley alone?

spurwing plover:

BOYCOTT BERKELEY,BOYCOTT BERKLEY,BOYCOTT BERKLEY hit them where its going to realy hurt them right in their bank accounts and tell them what they can do with the land marks and tell mayor bates to GO TAKE A HIKE

Herman your an idiot.... (Below threshold)

Herman your an idiot.

Didnt the Navy lose Viequez... (Below threshold)

Didnt the Navy lose Viequez a while back as a bombing range? Seems like there is not much of value in Berkeley, certainly no intelligent life that I can see.

Bomb Berkeley!

I was there, proudly, defen... (Below threshold)

I was there, proudly, defending Berkeley when those outside agitators descended on Berkeley, bent on violence, disrespect and assault.
I was there when 50 year old drunken bums in leathers, roared around on their pathetic motorcycles, threatened violence against high school kids and junior high school kids.
I was there when an out-of-town woman driving a Hummer garishly and very expensively painted with militarist images (and those of her deceased son),honked and screamed and acted like a typical deranged war monger and lunatic.
I was there when those same so-called Americans burnt Berkeley's Peace Wall sign and the several bicycles belonging to high school students locked to the sign.
I was there, proudly, when one of the so-called troop supporters came across the street and threatened to attack me (he backed down when I wasn't intimidated).

Unlike rightwing clowns from places like Palo Alto, Danville, Oregon, Georgia, Arizona, etc, we, the people of Berkeley, pay substantial taxes to support and treat the homeless, psychotic veterans of this country's misguided, ill-conceived, immoral and yes, illegal wars. Those forgotten troops aren't welcome on your streets and you don't care for them any more then you care for the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.
Support the Troops isn't an empty phrase, it's a commitment to stand by them when they aren't pretty, when you've forgotten them, or more likely, rejected them. More than anything else, 'Support the Troops' means that you never ask an American solider to put their life on the line, unless they are doing so with honor and dignity, to defend our country from attack. Going to war to feed your ego, promote your religion, indulge your racism, or because the fascists on Fox tell you too, isn't Supporting the Troops. The most important way you can Support the Troops is to make sure their lives are risked wisely. This isn't happening in America today. To you out-of-town, brownshirts I have only one thing to say: Berkeley, love it or leave it!

Sorry y'all, but I feel as ... (Below threshold)

Sorry y'all, but I feel as if Berkeley has the right to ask recruiters to not come to their city. Vietnam was one event, and I cannot comment on the social climate of the sixties. However, after 6 years of "war" in Iraq, I don't see how we can blindly trust the military and its chief anymore. What, exactly are you fighting for in Iraq? Iraqi freedom? Is that really it? Or is it so that corporate bigwigs can profiteer off of the country's natural resources??
I can see why you're upset over Berkeley's decision, but can't you understand why they question the motives of our armed forces? If you think about it, it seems that Berkeley is trying to protect their citizens from dying so a white man can make another billion dollars. What's so wrong about looking out for the well-being of the citizens of your city?

If you think about... (Below threshold)
If you think about it, it seems that Berkeley is trying to protect their citizens from dying so a white man can make another billion dollars.

What white man?






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