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Does The New Republic ever learn?

Many Wizbang readers will remember the Scott Thomas Beauchamp/TNR controversy from last year. Others blogged about it here at Wizbang before I joined the blog. I've been a New Republic subscriber for most of the last 28 years.(Note I have subscribed to The National Review for almost the exact same length of time. I like reading people with a differing opinion than my own. BOTH TNR and NR supply this) TNR I never felt adequately apologized to its readers for its poor judgment.

Recently TNR published the following article by S.V. Date. It was in regards to Florida Governor Charlie Crist and his possible selection as Vice-President.

It's premature to talk about potential vice presidents now, but not unreasonable, given the circumstances. Crist has now proven he can deliver Florida for McCain. Surely he could do it again come November. And McCain didn't bring Crist along to campaign with him earlier this week in Arizona, California, and New Jersey just because they're buddies.

Crist has been asked about his potential vice presidency dozens of times in recent months. I asked again this weekend, and Crist was smoothly evasive. He is flattered, he says, but is concentrating on being governor of Florida.

In fact, the word has gone out across Crist's domain that VP talk is verboten. Not only is it unseemly, it's not helpful in the bigger picture. But there are slip-ups. When I asked a top Florida Republican what Crist could offer McCain's campaign in, say, Trenton, New Jersey, he replied, "What Charlie brings to the ticket ... ". He then caught himself. "What I meant was ... ".

The back story behind what's written above is this- till last month S.V. Date worked for the Palm Beach Post. His job- Tallahassee reporter which included covering the Florida Governor. Date resigned from the Post.

Why did he resign? There was a rather sizable conflict of interest. Date's wife got a job working in the Crist administration. The Post had the good sense(something that Cox newspaper rarely shows) to remove Date from the Tallahassee beat. Date ended up resigning from the newspaper.

Now Date went to work for TNR and the magazine published his work. Without notifying readers of Date's conflict of interest. You got to know, Date is no Republican lover. He wrote a not very complimentary book on former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

One TNR reader noted the conflict. This was how Date replied-

My wife works in the Office of Policy and Budget within the governor's office, which is analogous to the federal Office of Management and Budget. She works in the health and human services policy group and is the analyst assigned to the Department of Veterans Affairs budget. There are approximately six layers of bureaucracy between her and Gov. Crist. She doesn't tell me what to write in my articles. I don't tell her how to put together her portion of the HHS budget. Thank you. svd
After Date's work on Bush, his take on Crist does sound strange though I would say there is some if not a sizable difference between the two Republicans. Then remember Crist supports lower taxes as did Bush.

The New Republic if they were wiser, wouldn't have S.V. Date writing on Charlie Crist at all. They did owe readers a full disclosure in regards to Date's wife present job in Tallahassee and its potential for a conflict of interest. A opinion magazine isn't the same as a newspaper but rules apply to both. The New Republic has once again let down its readers.

Hat tip- The Daily Pulp


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You presume that TNR is eng... (Below threshold)

You presume that TNR is engaged in the business of the news.

It is not. It is there is to provide predictable reassurance to aging lefties, like a denial support group.

To change would be to much the psychic blow, both to its staff and to its remaining readers, so they slowly spiral down together, locked in a Nash Equilibrium with reality.

TNR is in an emergency reve... (Below threshold)

TNR is in an emergency revenue push. The concept of "publish anything" has taken on an entirely new definition.

Journalistic etiquette and ethics are flotsam at this stage of the magazine's descent.

Why people read TNR or WND ... (Below threshold)
Eric Forhan:

Why people read TNR or WND is beyond me, a hard core conservative.






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