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Time to trust McCain

John Hawkins has done another one of his always-popular blogger polls, and the topic was John McCain. 59 blogs responded, and the poll showed that John McCain, unsurprisingly, has not yet been able to completely gain the trust of conservatives. Here are some of the results (visit Right Wing News to view them all):

Do you intend to vote for John McCain in November?

A) Yes: 40 -- 75%
B) No: 13 -- 25%

Do you consider John McCain to be a conservative?

A) Yes: 19 -- 34%
B) No: 37 -- 66%

Do you trust John McCain to appoint Supreme Court Justices like Roberts and Alito?

A) Yes: 32 -- 55%
B) No: 26 -- 45%

How enthusiastic would you be about actually having John McCain as President on a 10 scale? Think of a score of 10 as being extremely enthusiastic and excited and 1 as being about very upset and unenthusiastic.

Average score: 4.7

The answers to this poll were troubling to me, and not because I distrust John McCain. I do distrust McCain on several issues, but I am ready to put that aside for now, and other conservatives need to do the same.

All throughout the primaries, most of us in the blogosphere have been steadfastly against John McCain -- myself included. But it's time to get over the feelings that most of us have of distrust, fear, and anger about McCain being our nominee. Like it or not, he is the nominee, and we can't keep focusing on the negatives. What truly saddens me concerning John McCain is that so many of us seem only able to focus on where he stands politically. We've all overlooked the fact that the man is a genuine war hero, who has done some incredible things, and despite the mistakes he may have made with various policies and legislations, loves his country -- no one can doubt that. He's a fiscal conservative, will be great for the military, and is also someone we can trust with foreiqn policy, national security, and the War on Terror.

John McCain is not the conservative dream candidate -- he's broken the collective heart of conservativism multiple times. But we need to start remembering who the alternatives are -- Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. Who, of these three, would do more harm to the country? Is it even a question?

So many are saying that they refuse to vote for McCain out or "principle", that they won't choose the lesser of two evils. But we all need to get over that attitude. We need to understand that things will not always go our way; we may never get another Ronald Reagan. No candidate, not even Reagan himself, will ever be able to measure up the the impossibly high standards conservatives are holding candidates to. Yes, we should support the most conservative candidate we can, but Americans have voted in John McCain as our candidate for 2008, and therefore, we have got to get past the animosity towards McCain.

Let's leave the whiny emotionalism for the liberals, hmm?

If we can't unite ourselves this election season, then how can we possibly win? It won't help the conservative movement one bit to give the country President Barack Obama, or even worse, President Hillary Clinton. Is that what any of us conservatives want? You may be furious because McCain has failed us on some issues, but if we don't get him into office, then we'll have a President who fails us on all the issues.

He may not be the candidate that any of us wanted, but we need to get behind him. We need to support John McCain, for the good of the United States.


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We need to get behind him s... (Below threshold)

We need to get behind him so we can keep our troops in Iraq for another 100 years! Yee Haw!!

Depression here we come!

How is McCain going to be g... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

How is McCain going to be great for the military when he wants to tie the hands of our soldiers? He eats up all that guantanamo torture crap. I know he has veered a little into sanity-land on the issue over the last few days, but it's a pretty strange time to have a change of heart when you're in the middle of a campaign for president. I don't think he'll be good for the military by any stretch of the imagination. He won't be as bad for it as Hillary or Obama, but he won't be good for the miliatary either.

I also don't buy the argument that i should vote for McCain just because he's a republican. Every single person i have ever voted for has earned my vote. Nobody DESERVES my vote just because they are in a certain political party. Thats bunk. Nobody in this presidential race will get my vote this November, not unless McCain actually pushes some real action through in the Senate to prove to me that he knows he's been a total tool the last 8 years.

Maybe like push through something to invalidate McCain Feingold, or some piece of legislation that will make it harder to implement anything that establishes carbon or emissions taxes etc... Unless he starts actually DOING SOMETHING conservative, the man will NOT have my vote. Period.

No Republican deserves my vote just because he is a Republican.

Incredible things? Keating... (Below threshold)

Incredible things? Keating 5?

I can't think of a single thing politician McCain (the the Presidency is a political position) has done that I would come close to calling 'incredible' (at least in a positive sense). Not only is he not a conservative, Ann Coulter has a terrific piece on his RECENT conservative ratings versus people like Hagel (guess who is less conservative?), he does not have the temperament to be President.

You are correct, I can't vote for Obama or Clinton. But I won't vote for McCain. I will either vote Libertarian or not vote for President this year.

Oh, and I agree that the re... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Oh, and I agree that the results of the poll are troubling, but for different reasons. I'm cool with people on the right supporting McCain, to each their own, don't tell me i have to support him though because i won't.

What troubles me about that poll is that we obviously have some people living in dream land. 34% think he's a Conservative? He may be Conservative on some issues, but he is no Conservative.

55% think McCain will appoint justices like Alito and Roberts? Thats troubling as well since he has the man who hand picked David Souter in his campaign. That is just straight up delusional, especially since he said Alito wears his conservatism on his sleeve. As far as i'm concerned, that should by no means be a disqualifier.

43% actually believe he will get defecit spending under control? Give me a break. Name one president who has ever gotten deficit spending under control. I don't care if you throw Reagans name up there, i'd still be weary of thinking he'd actually get spending under control...

The point i want to make is that it's one thing to support the man. I get that. Just don't kid yourselves because you will be setting yourselves up for disappointment. It seems that some of us on the right are doing to McCain what most on the left are doing to Obama, making him a blank canvas. Whatever you want him to be, he will be! Maybe it's a good thing, maybe it will motivate people to go out and vote for him, but those people are deluding themselves as to what McCain actually is.

If McCain really wanted to ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

If McCain really wanted to do what's best for the country he would withdraw from the race and start a movement to draft Rice to be the Republican candidate. Rice would clobber either Hillary or Obama in the general election.

Sorry Cassy, but I must dis... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Sorry Cassy, but I must disagree.

If McCain wants my vote, he must earn it. Neither I nor anyone else owes him anything.

I may choose to vote for McCain, or not. But coercion, guilt, or any other argument which does not address the fundamental lack of respect for Conservatives by McCain and his staff, is simply not going to work.

I think when you say "conse... (Below threshold)

I think when you say "conservatives," you mean "Republicans." But there are those of us who are conservative before (or in many cases, including mine, instead of) Republican, and there you get no sale. Why should I vote for McCain — who I think will violate the Constitution with wonton disregard, appoint bad judges (and not just on the Supreme Court level), tie our hands against the enemy in ways that cannot easily be traced back to him (as someone put it, he eats up the Guantanamo torture crap) and will otherwise rip the beating heart from the conservative movement at every opportunity?

If Obama is the Democrats' nominee, I might be desperate enough to avoid an Obama presidency that I would vote for McCain against Obama, but there isn't a dime's worth of difference between McCain and Clinton, and frankly none of the three of them are acceptable to me as president. The Republicans don't own my vote, and if that's what the Republicans are, I don't want them.

I guess the best case for the country is that McCain will pick a good VP choice, then drop dead before the election. (No, I'm not wishing him ill!)

if he's such a major league... (Below threshold)

if he's such a major league war hero why are his military records secret?
also bill clinton beat 2 men who really were war heroes.
mccain won't carry a single state.
In my opinion he's done every thing he can to undermine the US Military from Vietnam through the war on terror.
I'm sure he feels he should have made Admiral, but its no reason to get our volunteer military people killed.

This is 100 percent the ele... (Below threshold)

This is 100 percent the election of lesser of two evils. Oh yea, why is that conservatives have to be all magnanimous and reach out to McCain. If the conservative wing of the GOP decides not vote for this guy, he is not president, period, end of presidential dreams.

He needs to come to me not the other-way around...


As a conservative, I will s... (Below threshold)

As a conservative, I will support the most conservative candidate on the ballot who has a chance of winning. The primary election is one chance to vote for the most conservative candidate on the ballot. November is another chance.

To put it another way, not voting for the most conservative candidate is to be moving the political class to the left. Is that the principle that conservatives want to stand for, lets move the elected politicians to the left?

DJ's response shows he holds his personal snit more important than electing more conservative politicians. That's his privilege but it is akin to cutting off your nose to spite your face.

P.S. Frank, We are at 60+ years and counting on keeping our troops in Germany and Japan. The way things are going in Iraq, both militarily and politically, I hope we do keep our troops in Iraq for 100 years. It would mean that Iraq would have become a model in the mideast and would likely reduce the chance of terrorism or a war in that region (just as our being in Germany and Japan have reduced the chances of war in those regions). The real thing to fear is that we withdraw next year no matter what the situation is on the ground, then Iraq will be a model for not trusting the US. The chances of terrorism and war in the region will go up tremendously. But then maybe you prefer your children and grandchildren to fight for you and suffer the consequences.

McCain is asking Conservati... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

McCain is asking Conservatives to do something that he himself hasn't done for at least 8 years:
Support the Republican party.

I agree with Jeff above that I am a Conservative, not a Republican. I have a feeling that when McCain loses, people are going to blame Conservatives for his loss when he was the one thrust upon us. Conservatives did not want him as our nominee, but he was chosen for us. Don't blame us for the party's piss poor choice as a presidential candidate.

Chiding Conservatives and already starting the blame game is not exactly a good way to get Conservatives to support McCain either. I don't think there is any way at all to get Conservatives to support McCain unless he actually pushes something Conservative and beneficial through the Senate. The man needs to earn votes, not expect them.

I hope that when the time a... (Below threshold)

I hope that when the time actually comes, most of us will "settle" for the lesser of the evils. B. Hussein and Hitlery are both really really dangerous. Think how many bad programs ever get dismantled. None? I read today how poor the government health plan is in England. People dropping dead for lack of quality care by the thousands each year. Even the French plan is better and they're starting to move towards less government along with Merkel and the Germans and here we have two socialists trying to move us along the path that just keeps failing.

Your choice is simple: McCa... (Below threshold)

Your choice is simple: McCain for RINOism, or Obama for full-bore Leftism. Dig the hole deep, or dig it even deeper.

Either that or a 3rd party candidate, but only if that candidate is viable and can actually win.

Personally, I'd trim my losses, even if that does mean that they're still losses: McCain for this election, then aim for a better candidate in 2012, be it a Republican or an Other.

You know, if someone were t... (Below threshold)
Brad Schwartze:

You know, if someone were to really put faith in numerology, you'd have to say the records of men who got elected President in an election year ending in 8 have been...less than good (other than the first one, George Washington). Lets review:

1808: James Madison. Won two terms, but an invasion of the United States (War of 1812) happened on his watch.
1828: Andrew Jackson. The most successful of the bunch, though the Cherokee (Trail of Tears) and Nicholas Biddle (closing of Second Bank of United States) would vehemently beg to differ.
1848: Zachary Taylor. Ol' Rough and Ready died in office 18 months after inauguration.
1868: Ulysses S Grant: Won two terms, but squandered his military reputation with a sterling combination of amazing corruption and naivete.
1888: Benjamin Harrison. Beat the previous incumbent by very narrow Electoral College margins. Lost to the same man 4 years later.
1908: William Howard Taft. Ended up in Third Place 4 years later.
1928: Herbert Hoover. The Great Depression rendered him impotent, resulting in one of the worst electoral defeats in US History.
1948: Harry Truman. Korea and other Cold War missteps led to a withdrawal from the 1952 presidential race.
1968: Richard Nixon. Watergate. The less said, the better.
1988: George HW Bush. Well, you know what happened 4 years later.

So the real point is: Why would you want to win now? Let the black community put all its eggs in the Obama basket, and let them fail 4 years later. The country will survive.

Let me also just say that u... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Let me also just say that us troublesome Conservatives were also the ones that were saying that McCain is unelectable during the primaries. By nominating McCain, everyone who voted for him has sealed the GOP's fate this fall, not the other way around. My support for the republican party this fall left when Romney bowed out. I was willing to hold my nose to vote for him, but I will not vote for McCain. I get the argument that we should all rally around McCain to stop Hillary and Obama, but there are no candidates I can support. I'm not gonna be like a lefty voting for Kerry in '04 and cast a vote just to vote against someone else. Candidates earn my vote, they don't expect it. Well, they can expect it all day long, but it's about as good as hope. If they are gonna sit there and expect and hope for things, it's not gonna happen of it's own volition.

And quit badgering Conservatives about not voting for McCain. You're cementing our reasons for not wanting to vote for him.

Having said all that up abo... (Below threshold)
Brad Schwartze:

Having said all that up above, I would like to stress the following to DJ Drummond and all the conservatives still reticent about McCain:

Even today, the brand names Republican and Democrat have much stronger connections with the people than the names Conservative and Liberal will ever hope to do. Look at any written history of either political party and you will see how the connections have been maintained regardless of the issues of the day.

People who state "I tend to vote for the guy, rather than the party" are more afraid of what their "friends" will think of them than of actually being "independent."

Brad, I don't vote b... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I don't vote based on what people will think of me, because i'm not voting for a presidential nominee.

I would have voted for a presidential nominee if we would have had ANYONE other than McCain.

I will never vote for a Democrat, and I will vote for some Republicans. I will never ever vote for a person just because he is a Republican. Too many people have been, and continue to be duped by McCain for me to just vote for him because he's a Republican. It's the one way I can insulate myself from voting for a man who will dupe me the first chance he gets.

One thing these people trying to blame Conservatives are going to have to get straight is this: Conservatives are not going to take the blame for not electing a candidate (McCain) that they never ever had intentions of voting for. Anyone who has ever thought Conservatives should or will back McCain has been kidding themselves from day one. Conservatives have never backed McCain and most of us don't intend to start now just because the GOP screwed up and nominated an un-electable candidate. I'm not going to pay for their mistakes, nor will I take the blame for it.

Posts like this is why I do... (Below threshold)

Posts like this is why I don't trust John McCain.

How do you fight the Democrats and Half the Republicans who will rally around McCain because he's a Republican President and not because he's got the right position on the issue.

When he pushes a liberal agenda item, like Global Warming, resistance will be crippled because many Republicans won't fight him. The problem is worse among Congress because many of them are Rinos begging for an excuse to vote liberal.

jpm,And when that ... (Below threshold)
Dave W:


And when that global warming agenda destroys a huge part of the economy, who takes the blame? Republicans will.

I think by straddling the fence and trying to sound Conservative, but winking his eye over at the "moderates" he's just pissing both groups off. It's rather Clintonesque in the triangulation aspect of it all.

The q is simple: who would ... (Below threshold)

The q is simple: who would do the least damage relative to the others: President McCain, President Obama or President Hillary?

I suspect it's McCain. Obama is a hardcore Leftie with gentlemanly mannerisms, Hillary is much the same albeit with a thinner veneer, and McCain's most damaging policy - speech gagging - is already in place anyway.

Sorry, but where he stands ... (Below threshold)
BorgQueen Author Profile Page:

Sorry, but where he stands on issues(i.e., politically)is a hell of a lot more important to the job than is his status as war hero.

"It's the one way I can ins... (Below threshold)
Brad Schwartze:

"It's the one way I can insulate myself from voting for a man who will dupe me the first chance he gets"

So Dave W, I take it you've read my compilation of the history of presidents who were elected in years ending in 8 above. Hope you don't make your lack of wanting to take responsibility any more obvious.

I love this from McCain:<br... (Below threshold)

I love this from McCain:
INDIANAPOLIS - Sen. John McCain said Friday that while lobbyists serve as close advisers to his presidential campaign, they are honorable and he is not influenced by corruption in the system.

His top (lobbyist) advisers do not influence him? This quote alone should disqualify him from the presidency!

I liked Fred Thompson among... (Below threshold)

I liked Fred Thompson among the original field. when that sunk, Romney really seemed like a nice descent guy and the logical choice. now, there is no choice and the only way I vote for McCain is if He picks someone whos actually a conservative to run with.

Like Dave W says, the establishment picked this guy knowing his record? they should have went with a Governor instead.. and yes, I vote by individuals, not party affiliation.

A Conservative rebut... (Below threshold)

A Conservative rebuttal:

We've all overlooked the fact that the man is a genuine war hero ...no we have not, but that no more qualifies him to be president than Douglas McArthur or U S Grant.

He's a fiscal conservative...he voted against the centerpiece of the Bush economic policy: tax cuts.

is also someone we can trust with foreign policy, national security, and the War on Terror...his comments about Gitmo are fawning to the left.

Let's leave the whiny emotionalism for the liberals, hmm?....that's an insult to the base, Cassy. It's condescending and smug to those of us who have been in this battle for conservative principles since the early seventies. A brief history for you...in 1976 conservatives had National Review and....well, that's about it. It was a lonely time. No talk radio, no conservative print media, no Fox News, no blogs, no internet...nothing but a set of principles and ideas that reach back to Edmund Burke. The millitary was openly despised, communism was openly lauded for it's contributions to mankind. There was no open debate, period. It was the Liberal Democrat way or the highway. The conservative I know will simply not go back to that world.

When I hold McCain accountable only for his well known blunders ( McCain Kennedy, McCain Feingold, The Gang of 14, embracing the global warming crowd, opposing sound, proven tax policy ) I am doing my party a favor. Cassy, if you want to invoke the name of Reagan in this post, then perhaps you should be reminded of his approach to Gorbachev: trust but verify.

There is nothing whiny or emotional about my stance on John McCain. I'm going to hold his feet to the fire every day. I'm with DJ on this. McCain must earn my vote. I was there for Reagan in 1976. Between 1976 and 1980 Ronald Reagan was on the airwaves everyday earning the vote of conservatives. Everyday. When he earned their vote and won in 1980 he delivered a tax cut of historic proportions, rebuilt our military and bankrupted the Soviets in the process, deployed Pershing missiles in Europe and told Gorbachev and the New York Times to learn to live with it.

Can or will John McCain show such political courage? I'm listening.

I am a conservative and I w... (Below threshold)

I am a conservative and I will vote for McCain, because I could never vote Socialist or Communist which the liberals have become. The 'rat party is counting on those conservatives who disagree with McCain to either not vote or cross over. It would be very helpful for the libs.
My decision is based on the fact that I agree with more (not all) of what McCain will do and little or nothing that Hussein or the Beast will do.

If you put three piles of p... (Below threshold)

If you put three piles of poop in front of me, a small pile of poop, a medium pile of poop and a big pile of poop, and asked me which one I would rather step in, I would still say "no thank you" and walk away from all three piles.

I would rather see Obama or Hillary win the Presidency so that we can run a true conservative in four years than be stuck with McCain as our fake conservative candidate till 2012.

In the meantime we can work on not letting Democrats vote at our primaries, sound good?

27. NO... (Below threshold)

27. NO

maybe We should look for so... (Below threshold)

maybe We should look for some pooper scoopers eh ClobberGirl?

I just have to shake my hea... (Below threshold)

I just have to shake my head.

To read in this conservative blog anybody (assuming he claims to be informed) mentioning "Keating 5" as though there was a morsel of "there" there. Some folks, with the benefit of ignoring (a decade of) hindsight, fail to even remember that the man was entirely exonerated of any misconducta conclusion that used to lead Republicans to defend other Republicans accused of such, but not now.

Or asserting that McCain "hand picked David Souter in his campaign." WTF is that? The committee vote had one against -- Ted Kennedy! And the Senate vote was 90-9. WTF? This person can't distinguish between one Senator and another. Warren Rudman recommended Souter to Bush and since Rudman is now involved with the McCain campaign, this is the reason to conclude that McCain would appoint another Souter???

Jeez man.

Be careful what you wish for folks.

I said I wouldn't vote for ... (Below threshold)
Myron Loss:

I said I wouldn't vote for McCain, and I meant it.

However, the only thing that would make me change my mind would be if he chose a running mate who would make a good conservative "presidential" candidate when McCain is done in 4 or 8 years, hopefully the former. If he were to be the nominee and choose someone I never heard of (or nearly), or some milksop who agrees with him on everything, or even a milksop who doesn't agree with him, then count my vote void.

If McCain is the presidential nominee, I will be voting based on who is the Vice-presidential nominee.

I believe this is the only thing that may convince many conservatives that McCain even cares about this voting block. To the liberals and independents, the VP slot shouldn't matter too much, but it is the only hope left to win over conservatives from both big parties.

For 914:<a href="h... (Below threshold)
hugh or dave w or anyone el... (Below threshold)

hugh or dave w or anyone else that wants to answer this question.

what do you consider to be the core principals of conservatism and why? what would you consider to be the top priorities of a truly conservative administration?

not a rhetorical question, i really want to know.

for what it is worth, mccain was never a top choice of mine (i voted for Fred at my precinct caucus, and will do so again at the next level), but i'll vote for mccain because i think that either a hillary or an obama as president would be an unmitigated disaster that it would take a generation to recover from.

Thanks ClobberGirl!! thats ... (Below threshold)

Thanks ClobberGirl!! thats very representative of what the GOP (elephants) are doing to us now!

ha ha ha

"He's a fiscal conservativ... (Below threshold)

"He's a fiscal conservative...he McCain voted against the centerpiece of the Bush economic policy: tax cuts." -- HughS

Well, Hugh, what sane government leader would actually CUT TAXES DURING TIMES OF WAR????

And just how long will this "global war on terror" go on? Why as long as there's paranoia in the hearts of conservatives, that is to say, for a very long time.

HermanWell, Hug... (Below threshold)


Well, Hugh, what sane government leader would actually CUT TAXES DURING TIMES OF WAR????

The answer is: that government leader that wants receipts to the Federal Treasury to increase....which they did.

It's really simple Herman.If you want government receipts to increase ( that means "go up") then you reduce tax rates.

What's your next question?

what do you consider ... (Below threshold)

what do you consider to be the core principals of conservatism and why? what would you consider to be the top priorities of a truly conservative administration?

I would divide it into a "can do list" and a "wish list" of policy points.

Can Do:

1) Reduce personal income tax rates so that the highest marginal rate is 20%
2) Eliminate the death tax.
3) Eliminate the Federal capital gains tax.
4) Eliminate the Federal Tax on dividends.
5) Appoint Supremes that will interpret the law in the same manner as Scalia, Roberts, Thomas and Scalito.
6) Increase Defense spending on strategic weapons, forward deployment/readiness and building force size.
7) Seal the border.
8) Repeal McCain Feingold
9) Term limits...three terms House, two terms Senate.

Wish List:

1) Flat Tax
2) Means Test, and then eliminate Social Security on a rolling age based schedule.
3) Means Test Medicare. Give consumers choice on pricing and physician choice.
4) Radically restrict Trial Bar in medical malpractice.
5) Force employers to register all alien employees at risk of major financial penalties similar to failure to pay withholding taxes.

Herman confuses tax cuts vs... (Below threshold)

Herman confuses tax cuts vs tax rate cuts. First he should learn the diff, then he should learn how to calculate a cutoff pt.

Herman, even a lemonade stand can teach you. Try selling lemonade for $50 a glass and you will minimize your total revenue, not increase it. Try it at a mere penny a glass and you won't do much better.

Same with tax rates. Bush decreased tax rates and increased tax revenue. The increase in revenue confirms that the rates were too high to begin with.

That still leaves open the q of whether or not govt should even be trying to maximize its revenue, but whenever tax rates are above the maximization point, then it's a bipartisan no-brainer to reduce them at least back down to their point pt; that much is win-win.

"So many are saying that... (Below threshold)
dom youngross:

"So many are saying that they refuse to vote for McCain out or (sic) "principle", that they won't choose the lesser of two evils. But we all need to get over that attitude."

I support Ron Paul because of his positions on the ISSUES, especially getting out of Iraq, and ALL, let me repeat, ALL that represents.

So what's with this 'WE' stuff, in terms of supporting whoever the Republican Party hand-selects as 'our' choice? People all across the country at this time (22 Feb. 08)haven't even had the opportunity to vote in their state primaries or participate in their caucuses, and McCain is being coronated as the Republican nominee?

What if this was happening in Neocon Iraq, one candidate being coronated as the 'winner' when a large number of Iraqi's haven't even voted yet?

And McCain apologists are saying 'WE' need to rally round the flagpole for him?

McCain and his apologists can pound sand and go wee-wee-wee all the way to the market.

'We' need to focus on whether to continue spending $275,000,000 per day for 'democratizing' Iraq, as we have for the past five years. 'We' need to determine whether immigration laws should be enforced or subverted through McAmnesty plans. 'We' need to decide if US border patrol guards belong on the US border, or in Iraq. 'We' need to be deciding which presidential candidate has the best take on inflation, money supply, and economics.

And 'we' also need to take a good, hard look at how the presidential candidates are managing their campaign finances to get a good idea on how they would manage our country's finances as president.

Campaign funds: Donated money talks, about the credibility and electability of a candidate, and BS walks.

Ron Paul, sitting on what, 5 or 6 million dollars in reserve, all of which was VOLUNTARILY donated DIRECTLY to him, because of what he stands for. And more will come DIRECTLY to him, through future VOLUNTARY donations from 'we' the people.

John McCain -- the guy who vowed to keep spending $275,000,000 of OUR money, per day, for as long as it takes to democratize Iraq -- has to deficit-spend, BORROW money to finance HIS campaign, and get this, use the on-paper-only collateral of future federal matching funds, money that would be INVOLUNTARILY donated directly his way, to secure his campaign loan.

That sounds like one of those 'liar loans' that set up the inevitable collapse of securitized mortgage loans.

And now McCain is trying to wiggle out of his previous commitment to public financing of presidential primary campaigns.

Looks like McCain will go down by his own hand -- something he stood for previously that was wrong (McCain-Feingold) will end his nonsense. This FEC story will be a good one to follow. Five will get you twenty that McCain will further testify to his lack of principles by trying to do a flea-flicker/end-around to jump the restrictions he himself set up for others.

ClobberGirl got it right, except McCain isn't a small, medium, or big pile of poop -- McCain is the whole nine yards.

And if McCain ends up as the Republican nominee, reject the ever-so-slick implication from McCain apologists that you have no other choice but to vote for a Democrat -- write in Ron Paul on your ballot.

As for labels, such as 'liberal,' 'moderate,' or 'conservative,' Paul is a conservative -- the ONLY conservative -- where it matters the most: pocketbook issues.

Conservatism? Simply gettin... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Conservatism? Simply getting government back to it's proper role. Not to provide a cradle to the grave care system. The proper role is to step back and let people prosper within the boundaries of the Constitution. John McCain has already attacked the first amendment with McCain Feingold. If he's willing to restrict an amendment that was written to allow free speech, what other amendments is he willing to restrict? If you have to ask that question of somebody, they are not a conservative.

Providing a legal way for people who are already Illegal to come in to our country, get preferential treatment by allowing them to stay here, as well as give them in-state tuition rates to our colleges is not a Conservative stance. Conservatives believe in equality, and not preferential treatment no matter what the qualifier is other than legal status. I'm open to changing the amount of people we allow into this country legally, but to enter this country illegally is unforgivable.

Fiscal responsibility: McCain has never done anything in his entire time in the senate to try and cut spending despite that being his excuse for voting against tax cuts.

National Security: Staying on offense in the war on terror in order to keep this country safe. This is the single area where spending should increase. Without security, what good is anything else? One of the actual responsibilities of the federal government is to keep us safe from foreign forces. McCain wants to tie the hands of our troops.

Global warming: This could actually go into the fiscal category, it could also go in the "don't blow smoke up my ass" category. Any politician that wants to tell me that global warming is a serious man-made threat that we can actually change is either a liar, or an idiot. Neither of which deserve to be the president of this country.

I could go on. The bottom line is that McCain is by no stretch of the imagination a conservative.

McCain trying to blame Conservatives for him losing the presidential election will be about as useful as him blaming blacks for not voting for him. Blacks in large numbers vote democrat, and thus will not vote for McCain. Conservatives vote for conservatives in large numbers, thus will not vote for McCain. Don't expect people to vote for McCain that were never going to vote for him in the first place!

I think people are being absolutely unreasonable about "getting conservatives on board". Voting for McCain is just a little too much.

I agree with the example above about the 3 piles of poo. No matter what it's still poo.

In its final report (Novemb... (Below threshold)

In its final report (November 20, 1991), here is what the Senate Select Committee on Ethics concluded about McCain's conduct:

"Mr. Keating, his associates, and his friends contributed $56,000 for Senator McCain's two House races in 1982 and 1984, and $54,000 for his 1986 Senate race. Mr. Keating also provided his corporate plane and/or arranged for payment for the use of commercial or private aircraft on several occasions for travel by Senator McCain and his family, for which Senator McCain ultimately provided reimbursement when called upon to do so. Mr. Keating also allowed Senator McCain and his family to vacation with Mr. Keating and his family, at a home provided by Mr. Keating in the Bahamas, in each of the calendar years 1983 through 1986.

"...[F]rom 1984 to 1987, Senator McCain took actions on Mr. Keating's behalf or at his request. The Committee finds that Senator McCain had a basis for each of these actions independent of the contributions and benefits he received from Mr. Keating, his associates and friends.

"Based on the evidence available to it, the Committee has given consideration to Senator McCain's actions on behalf of Lincoln. The Committee concludes that, given the personal benefits and campaign contributions he had received from Mr. Keating, Senator McCain exercised poor judgment in intervening with the regulators without first inquiring as to the Bank Board's position in the case in a more routine manner."

While they found he did not violate the law in the area where they had jurisdiction and did not have jurisdiction to investigate other areas they did find he used "bad judgment"

From Coulter: "In 2006 -- the most recent year for which ratings are available -- McCain's ACU rating was 65. That year, the ACU rating for the other senator from Arizona, Jon Kyl, was 97. Even Chuck Hagel's ACU rating was 75, and Lindsey Graham's was 83.

Since 1998, only four Republican senators have had worse ACU scores than John McCain -- and none were from Goldwater country: Lincoln Chafee, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter."

Plus, actions like the "Gang of 14" don't even show up in these ratings.

Bad judgment? I think the committee got it about right.

I'd like to make a couple o... (Below threshold)

I'd like to make a couple of points.

1. Voting for the lesser of two evils still means voting for someone evil.

2. yetanotherjohn says "not voting for the most conservative candidate is to be moving the political class to the left." The problem with that logic is that it is the same logic that keeps blacks voting for Democrats, and being taken for granted by Democrats. What power would conservatives have in a Republican party that knows it can run as far left as it wants, and still get the conservatives' votes? About zero, outside of rhetoric.

3. Brad Schwartze said:

"People who state "I tend to vote for the guy, rather than the party" are more afraid of what their "friends" will think of them than of actually being "independent."

In some cases, perhaps. But what do you say about a guy who has voted for an independent, two Libertarians and a Republican in four elections, and intends to write in a candidate this year if there isn't an acceptable minor party or independent candidate on the ballot? Some people really do vote for the guy rather than the party. The brands may be consistent, but that doesn't mean I'm getting store bought crap just because the brand is well established.

4. ke_future asks what the key points of a conservative administration would be, and HughS responds with a laundry list. Let me try to put it in terms of principle instead of policy. There are four major policy areas on which one can take a position:

- fiscal policy
- social policy
- foreign policy
- civic policy

A fiscal conservative has principles that include support for free trade and open markets as the best way to provide the most prosperity to the broadest number of people.

A social conservative has principles that include using moral and ethical standards derived from religion (generally, Protestant Christianity) to guide social policy.

A foreign policy conservative tends to have isolationist inclinations about places where US interests are not involved, and interventionist inclinations about places where US interests are involved. In the latter case, a foreign policy conservative tends to favor unilateral or coalition action as needed, rather than rely on multinational institutions. In either case, a foreign policy conservative tends to believe in dialog and negotiation with those who bargain in good faith, and confrontation with those who bargain in bad faith or not at all.

A civic policy conservative has principles that include the limitation of government power and reach and the maximization of individual political power. They tend to favor originalist interpretations of the Constitution, the arming of citizens (to the extent that those citizens desire to be armed) as a bulwark against the government overstepping its rightful bounds, a Natural Rights-based individualist approach to civil participation and involvement, federalism and particularly subsidiarity as a way of limiting government power, and the rule of law.

Most people are more than one type of conservative; some are conservative on all four policy areas. I am personally a fiscal, foreign policy and civic conservative and a social libertarian. All four types of conservative have a few things in common: acceptance of personal responsibility for the results of your actions (or inaction), a sense of the need for continuing what has worked in the past as long as changed circumstances have not undermined those solutions, and (with the possible exception of social conservatives) lack of faith in the government as the best choice for fixing societal problems outside of a narrow and well-defined band. Conservatives of all kinds also tend to favor following governing processes defined well in advance of their need (even processes that don't result in their getting their preferred outcome) rather than manipulating processes on the fly to produce their desired result.

5. Ron Paul deeply, deeply scares me, mostly because of the complete lack of humility and apparent lack of understanding of the consequences of the policies he proposes. I could not imagine circumstances under which I'd vote for him for any office higher than dog catcher, and that one's iffy.

Erk, and I forgot to mentio... (Below threshold)

Erk, and I forgot to mention, conservatives tend to favor equality of opportunity rather than equality of outcome.

First I would like to say I... (Below threshold)

First I would like to say I find it bothersome that I don't agree with Cassy or DJ Drummond. I am a conservative, through and through since 1972. Every time I vote, I vote mostly for what is the better good for the country. Not a party. NOt the lesser evil, but the better good. I may personally hold my nose while I vote for McCain, but I will do it. If I don't, Obama and/or Clinton will get the presidency thus the country.

Secondly, as concervatives, we do not agree with people who demand entitlements. We believe they should be earned. Well, by demanding a conservative in office, you are in fact demanding to be entitled. The base conservatives lost because our conservatives in office got away from the core values you hold dear, one of which is reduce spending which our leaders did the opposite. Our conservative leaders lost their way.

Thirdly, I believe when it comes to crunch time, conservatives will do some soul searching and realize we gave the store away, so we need to get back in the saddle and live to fight another day. I will vote for McCain for the better good of the country. It is that simple. I am not going to "make a point" by not voting. That is what the liberals and MSM is counting on.

Cassy, conservatives are not "whining", we are soul searching. ww

Dream on, Cassie. I'm sitti... (Below threshold)

Dream on, Cassie. I'm sitting this one out.

If your state hasn't voted ... (Below threshold)

If your state hasn't voted yet, don't sit out the primary, because there is still a chance of making a brokered convention by voting Huckabee. Besides, Mike Huckabee is a genuine, sincere candidate who has been pushed aside by the MSM and other candidates. Why? They saw the way that he cleaned house in Arkansas with all the corruption that was going on there. Why do you think they've been so quick to discredit him whenever he manages to get pull off any wins. He has an incredible record of fixing the mess that was left by the corrupt Jim Guy Tucker (who was indicted) and his cronies.
He took schools and road from among the worst in the nation to some of the best. He supported ecological measures, not because of fear of global warming, but because it is the right thing to do-you take care of what God gives you.
His state took in 75,000 of the Katrina refugees and gave them a place to stay, food, beds, blankets and support without making them go through a huge paper trail first. Where did they put 75,000 people? In church camps that had just ended their camp season for the year and were staffed by volunteers from the churches. Instead of being in bed with lobbyists, he uses his influence with churches to give a bed to those in need.
He wants to boost the economy by creating jobs, not by throwing money at people. He wants to create a FairTax that won't penalize productivity in people or business. If you don't know about it go to FairTax.org. He wants us to be energy efficient and not dependent on countries that don't like us. He wants to seal our borders, and create a fair way to bring in LEGAL immigrants. He wants to support our military, but use it judiciously, unlike the current administration. He wants to help our kids to have a creative education, as well as an academic one, because he recognizes that art and music stimulate the brain to be overall more productive.


I consider myself a conserv... (Below threshold)
Sue in Ohio:

I consider myself a conservative and I'm not thrilled with McCain, but he'll have my vote. I just don't think staying at home is an option. Saying "we'll win the White House back in 2012 with a true conservative" seems dangerous and unlikely after Hillary or Barack and a Democratic Congress have had four years to wreak havoc.

I don't like this statement... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I don't like this statement that keeps being made: Unless conservatives vote McCain, the country will be worse off.

Will it?

And is it fair to now put the burden on the shoulders of Conservatives? I think not. I keep saying it, and i will continue to say it. The GOP pushed Conservatives over board by nominating McCain. Nominating that man ensured that Conservatives will not vote in large numbers this fall, plain and simple. Deal with theh choices you've made and quit trying to blame others for it. John McCain is a terrible candidate. I am not going to lie to myself and others and try to rally around a terrible candidate no matter what the consequences.

This is what Conservatives mean by standing on principles. Do I go do what i'm told because it is expected of me? Or do I do I go vote house and senate races and stay away from the presidential ballot because i refuse to vote for a terrible candidate?

Some of you have no problem voting for a liar. (Don't forget how McCain lied about what Romney said about timetables!) The only reason McCain isn't a democrat is because their base and the mainstream of their party is essentially socialist. If the crazy left wasn't so prominent in that party, McCain would be over there in a heartbeat.

If other people want to vote for McCain, thats cool. Whatever you want to do. Don't blame conservatives though when your guy doesn't win because we didn't nominate him.

I still trust him over Obam... (Below threshold)

I still trust him over Obama. At least he doesn't plan on Disarming America.






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