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Tragedy and a Worthy Gesture

A police officer in Dallas died this morning while escorting Senator Hillary Clinton's motorcade to a campaign rally. The officer's name has not yet been released.

In response to the tragedy, Senator Clinton said "We are just heartsick at this loss of life in the line of duty," and cancelled her next rally, saying such an event would be inappropriate under the circumstances. Senator Clinton said she plans to speak to the officer's family, adding "It is important that we respect and appreciate their service ... I certainly am grateful for all they do for me."

This is a tragic event, but also a suitable and worthy response from Senator Clinton.


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Comments (12)

Damn. What is it with Dall... (Below threshold)

Damn. What is it with Dallas and motorcades?

A rare display of class by ... (Below threshold)

A rare display of class by Her Majesty.

She did the good a proper t... (Below threshold)

She did the good a proper thing. Kudo's to her. ww

This is the first time I ha... (Below threshold)

This is the first time I have ever been proud of Mrs. Clinton.

Alright Im voting for Her.<... (Below threshold)

Alright Im voting for Her.

"Thisis the first time I ha... (Below threshold)

"Thisis the first time I have ever been proud of Mrs. Clinton."
??? Really ???
That statement reminds me of Chris Rock's stand up when he makes fun of black parents that brag about things like "I take care of my kids." to which Rock responds, "Nigga, you're SUPPOSED to take care of your kids!" My point being, although it's a good gesture, it's the VERY LEAST she can think to do and you're proud of her for it! It's sad and absurd!

I think Pretzel was being s... (Below threshold)

I think Pretzel was being sarcastic in referencing Ms. Obama's proudness for Her country?

Wonder what writer scripted... (Below threshold)

Wonder what writer scripted sincerity for her?

Any comments of hers on the record when some of those Arkansas troopers died in the line of duty?

I hope this "single-vehi... (Below threshold)
Pantsuit Lady:

I hope this "single-vehicle accident" is fully investigated because the Clintons are known for having a trail of bodies behind them with convenient timelines.

Don't believe me? Check this out:


"Bush motorcade kills cop"<... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

"Bush motorcade kills cop"

That was the headline when this happened to President Bush.

Sometimes even a blind squi... (Below threshold)

Sometimes even a blind squirrel can find a nut.

Here in Albuquerque, New Me... (Below threshold)

Here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, President Bush was campaigning on behalf of a local Republican politician when a motorcycle escort officer died. I remember the cutting and divisive remarks made at that time, how Bush can't confine his killing to Iraq, etc, etc. It was an ugly reaction to a rare tragedy.

While it was touching for Senator Clinton to cancel her stop, I think it would have been better for her to turn it into an impromptu memorial, with all money donated to the officer's family. It certainly would have shown heart.

As it stands, with the cancellation, his death is effectively nothing...






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