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Someone Oughta Shove That Gavel Right Up His...

Every now and then, I feel guilty about kicking around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. But luckily for me, they go and do something that not only justifies the abuse I heap on them, it makes me wonder if I'm harsh enough.

Such as keep Judge Richard T. Moses on the bench.

Judge Moses, it seems, has a soft spot for sex offenders. He has a very high standard for judging whether or not they are likely to prove a danger to the public, and errs on the side of giving them a chance to prove themselves worthy of trust.

And twice in the last week or so, sex offenders he has refused to order be held have been re-arrested for new sex crimes.

First, there's the case of Corey Saunders. In 2006, prosecutors begged the judge to keep him locked up, but the judge deemed he was not likely to pose a threat.

Last week, Mr. Saunders was arrested for raping a little boy in a public library, mere feet from the boy's mother.

Then, also back in 2006, another guy with a very lengthy list of sex crimes on his record was before the judge. Once again, the judge agonized at the thought of keeping him behind bars, and eventually relented.

Well, last week that man, David Flavell, used a bookcase to barricade himself in a book store ladies' room with a woman. She managed to escape, but police arrested him later at a doughnut shop.

At the time he had a backpack containing gloves, a ski mask, and duct tape with him. I'm sure that's just a harmless coincidence.

I don't know who nominated this judge for the bench, and I don't know who voted to confirm him. I also don't care. What I do care about is who has the authority (and responsibility) for getting this idiot off the bench before he sets free another predator.


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One of my top ten reasons w... (Below threshold)

One of my top ten reasons why Northeastern liberals should not be allowed to run government - at any level: they undermine the criminal justice system to the point of endangering public safety.

I had to laugh at this, though: "Police arrested him later at a doughnut shop." If you're a criminal trying to escape from the police, that's the last place I'd go to hide out.

What could be the reason th... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

What could be the reason these sick bastard judges keep letting child predators and rapists go?
I think it may be empathy for kindred souls.

Having dealt with a few of ... (Below threshold)

Having dealt with a few of judges in my legal career, I can tell you exactly what's going on here: it's the overly close relationship between bench and bar. You're going to go hard on a fellow/buddy lawyer's client, when your bud gave you $$ for your last campaign?

Or, if your state doesn't have judicial elections, then you've still got a problem; the same def. lawyers sucking up to the judge day in day out, judge getting numb to the lawlessness he sees in his courtroom every day, just doesn't care anymore.

Either way, big problems.

Is it possible to hold this... (Below threshold)

Is it possible to hold this judge accountable
for enabling and complicity in the future
crimes these people committed?
I think this judge needs to be impeached,
and disbarred from being active in the "justice"
system forevermore.
Maybe a thorough criminal background check needs
to be done on him, finding out what are his secret

Elect judges and watch that... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Elect judges and watch that nonsense stop.

There's no excuse for this ... (Below threshold)
Jason Author Profile Page:

There's no excuse for this crap. When judges do this and the criminals break more crimes, the judges should face trial for the crimes just as if they themselves had committed them.

The state that keeps bringi... (Below threshold)
Gary Reiff:

The state that keeps bringing back Bawney Fwank, this should be no surprise at all.

Jay- don't ever, EVER feel ... (Below threshold)

Jay- don't ever, EVER feel guilty about dumping on the libtarded cesspool called assachusetts.

This jerkoff judge is not the first, mASS has a rich tradition of pathetic judges.

Anyone watch Judge Lopez!?
This angry cactus became famous not only with her disaster of a ruling, but the attitude in which she did it.

There was this scumbag named Charles Horton who pleaded guilty to kidnapping, assault with intent to rape a child under 16, and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.
Horton dressed up as a woman and lead an 11-year old boy to an abandoned warehouse where he forced the boy to simulate sex acts after holding a screwdriver to the child's neck.

During the sentencing phase of the trial the Suffolk County District Attorney had requested for an eight to ten year jail sentence.
NOPE - When the DA tried to protest her WONDERFUL decision to sentence Horton to house arrest and five years of probation, Judge Lopez interupted and proceeded to chew out the prosecutor along the way referring to the case as a "low-level" offense.
This was caught on video thankfully..

The sentencing caused politicians in the state including then Governor Paul Cellucci to suggest that mandatory minimum sentencing should be enacted. Really has helped huh? ..pffft

The body that is suppose to look into these asshats of judges, the Commission on Judicial Conduct investigated and ruled that her ruling and behavior was OK, it was that she lied about her behavior. For that she should be punished. The Commission ruled that she ought to apologize and serve a six-month suspension.
Rather than apologizing and accepting a suspension, Judge Lopez resigned.

So the public is safer from sexual dirtbags, but will risk having their brains rot if they accidentally watch this twit on TV.

Any judge who is leient to ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Any judge who is leient to sex offenders and child molesters should be kicked off the bench and barred from even judging a flower show

WOW what a bunch of morons.... (Below threshold)

WOW what a bunch of morons. You forget about constitutional rights, the right to a fair trial, and the duties that judges and juries (and yes juries almost as often rule the same was as judges and reject SDP status for alleged offenders) are sworn to uphold.

Learn a little about the law, read the judge's opinions, and you might just be a little wiser.

Arm-chair reactionairies make me puke.






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