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Size matters

Your not so average hungry drunk.

A 52-year-old man was caught for attempting to eat his landlady's pet dog.

The man, identified as Park, took the pet Chihuahua into his room, while his 69-year-old landlady Jeon was in the bathroom. He then killed the dog and attempted to cook it at the boarding house in Jongno, Seoul, Monday afternoon.

Park tried to scorch the dog before cooking it in his room, but his clothes in the room caught fire and emitted smoke. His neighbors called the firefighters and his attempt to cook the dog was detected by neighbors and firefighters, according to police.

Police quoted Park, drunk when apprehended, as saying, ``I did so because I was hungry.''

You're hungry and you decide to steal and eat a Chihuahua. Some how I imagine an accomplice would have counselled Park to be more selective. "You're gonna need a bigger dog" With apologies to the makers of Jaws.

If only the Korea Times had given the thief a full name, he would have won a Knucklehead award.

Hat tip- Robert Koehler at Marmot's Hole


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Comments (5)

Yo quiero Taco Bell.... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

Dont bark around Park!... (Below threshold)

Dont bark around Park!

Years ago, one of my co-wor... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Years ago, one of my co-workers was Korean. One day when we were all shooting the breeze, one of my other co-workers asked the Korean if they really ate dogs. (She was a real dog lover.)

He replied, "Oh, yes."

We got into a round of jokes about Korean cookbooks ("Wok Your Dog"), and such, and the dog-loving woman finally worked up the nerve to ask "Well what kind of dogs do you eat."

A third (American) co-worker shot back, "Slow ones."

I guess the Chihuahua must have been a slow one.

Women don't really eat dogs... (Below threshold)

Women don't really eat dogs in Korea. It's a tradition that's maintained largely by old men, who occasionally treat their kids and grandkids to some "bo-shin-tahng", which translates roughly as "vitality soup". (Like everything else in their culinary repertoire, it's supposed to be an aphrodisiac.) It looks and smells awful--a bunch of skinny ribs protruding from a greasy bowl of vegetable soup. The dogs they use are mongrels, and there are markets where you can walk through rows of far-too-small cages and browse the canine selection. Since the temporary ban during the Seoul Olympics, overall interest in dog eating has declined. As some people have co-opted the dish as part of their narrow, nationalist conception of Hangul culture, though, it likely will never go away completely.

And those idiots from PETA ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

And those idiots from PETA will use this in one of their stupid ads knowing that PETA is a group of jerks which only a dummy would belong to






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