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Will Smith Wins Academy Award

No not the kind that are going to be handed out Sunday night but from the US Military Academy:

Smith was named the first winner of the Cadet Choice Movie Award, which was designed to honor the fictional character that best personifies West Point leadership qualities on the silver screen.

Smith's character in the film, Army virologist Dr. Robert Neville, is the lone survivor of a zombie-making virus that devastates Manhattan.

Nominated for his "value-based leadership," Neville received 27 percent of the cadets' 2,200 online votes.

This is a much greater honor than an receiving an Oscar from a bunch of pretentious Hollywood elitists as far as I'm concerned.


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Hmmm. Somehow I'm not impr... (Below threshold)

Hmmm. Somehow I'm not impressed with what a bunch of plebes and upperclassman think about movie actors any more than a bunch of Hollywood snobs.

I'd be more impressed by what the folks at one of the NCO Academies [these folks have started at the bootom [sic] and persevered through the system for a while] would vote for... ...but somehow I don't think they'd vote for Denzel.

Or Will.Maybe Bruc... (Below threshold)

Or Will.

Maybe Bruce?

What makes the award all th... (Below threshold)

What makes the award all the more meaningful is that th movie itself was quite dreadful.

Even my 16 yr old media fanatic wanted to leave early.

Yes, who wants pretentious ... (Below threshold)

Yes, who wants pretentious movies with plots and character dialog, when you can get zombies!!

If Will was the last man on... (Below threshold)

If Will was the last man on Earth then who was he leading?

Will Smith is an American t... (Below threshold)
John Ryan:

Will Smith is an American to be admired.
He is also an outspoken liberal and supports Obama http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_smith#Personal_life

Clearly because of his reco... (Below threshold)

Clearly because of his record of accomplishments.

His award will boather the ... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

His award will boather the liberals you know how wacky they get






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