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A Free Ad Suggestion For Hillary

Simple, cheap 30-second spot:

Play video of Barack Obama saying "I'm the insurgent."

Play video of news anchor saying something like "Insurgents killed three Americans in Iraq today."

Repeat Obama clip: "I'm the insurgent."

Play another news clip: "Insurgents beheaded seven Iraqis and left their bodies in the streets."

Repeat Obama clip: "I'm the insurgent."

Play another news clip: "An insurgent suicide bomber killed 27 people in Afghanistan today..."

Continue until 30 seconds are filled.

You're welcome.


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Comments (16)

Ouch.... (Below threshold)


It does have a certain simp... (Below threshold)

It does have a certain simplicity to it. Wouldn't cost much... And McCain could use it also.

Hmm. I think you missed your calling, Jay Tea.

The moment I heard about th... (Below threshold)

The moment I heard about that quotation from Obama, I knew it'd only be a matter of time before one of his rivals, (or more likely some 527,) picked it up in an attack ad. I still can't believe Obama was dumb enough to say that.

Now we've just got to get someone to ask him, on-camera, whether he shares his wife's opinion about being proud of America.

Unfortunately for Hillary, ... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately for Hillary, I suspect that this would do him no harm in the democratic primary. And if the right did it, we would just be the harbingers of hate who show our deep seated racial prejudices for a man who's family suffered the worst of American slavery (hey it doesn't have to make sense, it just has to sound good to the left).

But if Hillary did run such an ad, it would be a clear indication she would just as soon see McCain win than Obama. The GOP could reap the benefit without getting the downside.

Maybe it's just me, but tha... (Below threshold)

Maybe it's just me, but that ad concept launched in mid to late October from a GOP 527 seems like it'd be the equivalent of the bear in the woods, the daisy, Willie Horton and John McCain's got a black baby all rolled into one.

Jay:Hopefully this... (Below threshold)


Hopefully this was just tongue-in-cheek. It smacks of propaganda.

Like Jimmy Carter-mania, Obamamania is partly from self-inflicted wounds and has to run it course. Victor Davis Hanson distills them to spending, the half-measure, scandal and open borders.

Hopefully, the critical-thinking Independents in his flock will come to their cents (pun intended) before November.

An ad countering truth with... (Below threshold)

An ad countering truth with truth won't penetrate a liberals skull. Insurgents have killed hundreds of thousands (mostly women and children) in the past few years and the democrats are still they're best friends.

I was a former campaign man... (Below threshold)

I was a former campaign manager, and in the real world an ad like this would only likely backfire. It would have the same controversial impact as the 1964 AntiGoldwater "Johnson Daisy Ad" which only ran once. At the end of the day, either Clinton or Obama will end supporting the other as the Democratic nominee and neither is in the business of playing Samson right now with the4 mutual assured destruction of each other, although both certainly want the nomination badly.

This reeks of the poor me, ... (Below threshold)

This reeks of the poor me, I'm a victim attitude. Only a 'rat could get away with this.

Um, Paul, that Daisy Girl a... (Below threshold)

Um, Paul, that Daisy Girl ad is largely credited with having helped Johnson win. Would an ad like this have as bad an effect on her campaign as say the Willie Horton ad did on the Bush campaign? Maybe as bad as that awful Bear in the Woods ad did for Reagan. How about as bad as the Johnny Mac's got a BLACK baby did for Bush in SC? See cuz those ads pretty muich sunk all their campaigns, din't they?

Paul Hooson: I ... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson:

I was a former campaign manager

You're no longer a former campaign manager ? Perhaps they didn't like the nonsensical mixing of tenses ? :D

Hooson - "I was a forme... (Below threshold)

Hooson - "I was a former campaign manager, and in the real world an ad like this would only likely backfire."

You've been a former just about everything.

Rumor has it Partridge in a Pear Tree was actually you.

Well, Obama does look good ... (Below threshold)

Well, Obama does look good in all that islamic attire so I guess "insurgent" is pretty spot on.

I'll bet the dopey wife has... (Below threshold)

I'll bet the dopey wife has something more to be proud of now.....

Hmmm ... so you think she s... (Below threshold)

Hmmm ... so you think she should abandon her normal "no he's not, I am," defense and not claim to be the REAL insurgent in this race. I mean, "insurgent," it's just three syllables. It'd be real easy to splice into all of her campaign materials between "change agent" and "ready to lead."

Oh dear. Everyone thinks Ja... (Below threshold)

Oh dear. Everyone thinks Jay Tea was serious. Even the 'former campaign manager.' And all of these people have the vote. Congratulations on getting Texas Hilary, I'm moving to Mars.






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