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OK, Who Else Wants A Piece Of Me?

I think I'm feeling my oats today. And it's a FUN feeling.

Yesterday, I voiced my disapproval of Senator Barack Obama using the term "insurgent" to describe himself, pointing out the term has become synonymous with terrorists in a lot of people's minds. Several people mocked me, taking my comments not as a condemnation, but a warning.

So this morning, I spelled out just why I thought it was such a bad idea.

Then, later, I decided to add a little insult to injury to a former troll, when I publicly aired the full circumstances that led to nogo postal's long-overdue departure.

Anyone ELSE wanna irritate me?


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Comments (18)

I thought he had been banne... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

I thought he had been banned previously for an ugly comment on a post about a soldier who had given the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq... but then he leaked back in somehow.

Hope it's permanent this time.

How 'bout some noogies? Wi... (Below threshold)

How 'bout some noogies? Will that get you riled up? If not, how 'bout a wedgie?

I'd love to. I just don't ... (Below threshold)

I'd love to. I just don't disagree with you that often though. I'll come up with some juvenile snipe though. Just gimme a sec.

Maybe insulting Mr. Duckie ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Maybe insulting Mr. Duckie will get him riled up!

Look here, Mister Tea, I am... (Below threshold)

Look here, Mister Tea, I am so doggone upset with you I can barely see straight! The audacity of you to steal the idea that I clearly would have had if I'd only seen the insurgent line first! I demand that you take it all back and let me steal it. Now!

You're nothin' but a lot of... (Below threshold)

You're nothin' but a lot of talk and a badge!

You're ugly and you're mama... (Below threshold)

You're ugly and you're mama dresses you funny!

I am so frustrated I promis... (Below threshold)

I am so frustrated I promise I will always come back here. ww

Maybe insulting Mr. Duck... (Below threshold)

Maybe insulting Mr. Duckie will get him riled up!...there's also that ugly shaggin wagon :)

This is the manliest and to... (Below threshold)

This is the manliest and toughest expression of dominance I have ever seen. I nominate Jay Tea as the ultimate Alpha Male of our generation. Who is with me?

Ain't you the guy who desig... (Below threshold)

Ain't you the guy who designed the "Flaming A$$hole?"

I'll second that nomination... (Below threshold)

I'll second that nomination, jp2!

And I bet you're just jealous that I didn't mention you by name in my letter to nogo.


You called me out. Green wi... (Below threshold)

You called me out. Green with envy AND quaking in my boots.

(In Arnie voice) Behold my ... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

(In Arnie voice) Behold my buffness and tremble you puny weaklings.

Nogo who? bout time.... (Below threshold)

Nogo who? bout time.

HAH! Watch as I put marbles... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

HAH! Watch as I put marbles in the hubcaps of the Shaggin' Wagon! This will TRULY annoy Jay Tea!

Man ....maybe Jay is just s... (Below threshold)

Man ....maybe Jay is just some liberal mASShole blogging out of his Cambridge, MA. mom's basement.....

Probably will get hurt for ... (Below threshold)

Probably will get hurt for this......but then again I like poking wild animals with a short stick too...


"I heard Jay voted for Kennedy. Twice."






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