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Schlepping around the blogosphere

I'm feeling rather sarcastic today, maybe it's because I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired or I'm tired of the silliness that is the democratic presidential nomination race or insert whatever silliness of the day malarkey going on. Have fun, read, relax, enjoy, find my typos...whatever.

  • You're Outta Here! Skipping school gets 2 sisters deported. Actually, I'd almost vote this one as knucklehead of the day award. (Via Lucianne)

  • Flopping Aces WMD and Site 555. Excerpt from Shadow Warriors. I'll leave this one up to you to decide. (Via Flopping Aces)

  • Why are we back on this again? Our allegedly under-equipped soldiers steal/take/confiscate weapons from the taliban? Even if they were, alls far in love and war...right? (Via Amy Proctor)

  • About those nukes The IAEA confirms that Iran is testing technology that could give it the means to enrich uranium much faster in defiance of international demands that Tehran halt all sensitive nuclear activity or be hit with broader UN sanctions. (Via Right Truth)

  • Rove's Play Book? Doesn't Hillary mean, her own playbook? Maybe she's mad because she didnt' think of it first? And what did Obama do that was so wrong? Afterall, she did say exactly what he's accusing her of in those mailings. Liberals, especially the Clintons, don't deal well with facts.(Via Tail Rank)

  • All Dressed Up I don't care if Obama is wearing a 'dress' and a turban. I'm not voting for him anyway, so it really doesn't matter to me. Actually, (1) Obama looks better in it than HRC would, (2) He's clearly wearing 'American" clothing under the garb, and (3) I think I have some dish towels in my kitchen that would match. (Via CQ)

  • Brrrrrrr, global warming! Snow snow everywhere! Not a drop of global warming to spare! (Via Tail Rank)

  • That wonderful Socialized Medicine NHS wait time so bad that they're starting to send patients to INDIA! And people in this country still think socialized medicine will be the best thing for the US since sliced bread! After all, it has been *so* successful everywhere else! (Via Astute Blogger)

  • Republicrats? If the shoe fits. (Via Cold Fury)

  • I Grew Up Watching TV (Humor) I grew up watching T.V. I found this blog a while back while perusing a blogroll somewhere in the blogosphere and decided I liked it, mostly because its name makes me smile. (Via Six Meat Buffet)

  • Good Things Things going on in Iraq The News Media doesn't want you to know. By the way sometimes I pick some blogs to take a look at because the name of the blog is sure to make a liberal head somewhere spin around and around. In this case, (Via Conservative Superiority)

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    Comments (7)

    Thanks much for the referen... (Below threshold)

    Thanks much for the reference to our site. We're small and love all positive attention we can get.

    Conservative Superiority

    The future of America looks... (Below threshold)
    Adrian Browne:

    The future of America looks brighter with President Obama.

    Melissa - thanks for the li... (Below threshold)

    Melissa - thanks for the link. Just FYI, we're just up the road from you in Knoxville. Home of Bruce Pearl and the #1 BBall Vols.

    Cheers, Preston @ Six Meat

    Whatever, Adrian, whatever.... (Below threshold)

    Whatever, Adrian, whatever...

    Hiya Preston!How '... (Below threshold)

    Hiya Preston!

    How 'bout them Vols!

    You're welcome Brandon!... (Below threshold)

    You're welcome Brandon!

    Whoooooooooooooooo, mercy j... (Below threshold)

    Whoooooooooooooooo, mercy jack daddy!






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