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My Primary Vote

I am a firm believer in citizens' duty to vote, so I went out today and early-voted in the Republican Primary. Partly because there are a lot of races at the state and local and county level which need attention, but also because even with the current weasel-fest, a vote matters.

So, besides the other races, platform decisions and issues, I cast my vote for Mitt Romney to be the Republican Party nominee for President. It occurred to me that it might be worth discussion, that decision.

I am still undecided, frankly, about whether I will vote for John McCain this fall if he - as expected - wins the GOP nomination. I fully understand the ramifications of not supporting the Republican in a race, where the Democrat would clearly be far worse. But for now, in the primary, the decision was easy - even out of the race, Romney did more to convince me he was fit and suited for the job, while McCain did not even make the effort to earn my vote.

When the votes are tallied, I fully expect McCain to have 'won' Texas. That makes my vote more important, than less. If enough people vote as I did, maybe McCain will 'win' by something less than a convincing margin, and it would send an appropriate message, for McCain to find that voters prefer some of the guys already out of the race, to the fake conservative from Arizona. John McCain might get my vote this fall, but he will have to earn it. I think there are many of us who feel that way, and it's up to John to show he has learned that he needs conservatives to win and direct his campaign accordingly, not for us to knuckle under to threats or scare tactics.


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<a href="http://wikiporn.or... (Below threshold)


Just in case anyone forgot who the alternative to McCain and Obama are.

I would like to see more Am... (Below threshold)

I would like to see more Americans get more involved in politics especially in Primaries as well as your position of voting for who you like instead of voting for who is going to win. However to vote just because you feel it is your duty is wrong. If one doesn't know what one is voting on then one should not vote. I have many times not voted on a ballot if I was not well inform on that particular Judge, proposition or what not. If voters vote on whims then the process becomes more of a lottery of chance than displaying the will of the people.

I also voted for Romney aft... (Below threshold)

I also voted for Romney after he had dropped out. I would hope that everyone supporting him before he dropped out would still cast their vote for him. Wayne, I agree, I think an uneducated vote is worse than no vote. I also abstain from voting when I am no knowledgeable about the candidates, or positions.

I can agree that John McCai... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

I can agree that John McCain has not earned my vote either. He has not actually explained why anyone should vote for him. He has a "take it or leave it" attitude. He hasn't articulated policy positions, he hasn't explained why he thinks he would make a good or better president than anyone.

Instead he has played the name calling game with conservatives and is trying to point the finger and warn Conservatives that we need to vote. He's trying to use Clinton and Obama as people we need to be scared of, and that's why we have to vote for him. He assumes he gets conservative votes by default.

He doesn't.

He no more gets Conservative votes by default than does Hillary or Obama. This is the year the GOP essentially dropped a big F.U. on it's contributers and voters. I'm going to be curious to see how much money they raised as compared to years past. I bet they take a HUGE hit on donations as well as volunteers. For some reason i don't think 80 year olds are going to be jumping up and down to volunteer, or at least not the ones who are senile, handicapped or otherwise not suitable for campaign work.

George Bush generated a large amount of support for the GOP and like a gigantic blackhole, McCain has sucked it all up and destroyed what grassroots support the GOP had. McCain was the establishment candidate through and through. The man does not represent a segment of our society, rather he merely represents himself.

This GOP primary was a HUGE failing for many many reasons. I think alot of things fell McCain's way and he won off of chance more than anyone actually wanting him to win. There was no flawless candidate, so the conservative vote splintered and McCain pulled the highest percent, plus there were states where democrats and independents voted for him.

Lets not forget the little back room deal where McCain sent his caucus delegates to Huckabee in order to block romney from winning a state on super-tuesday. Would that have changed things for Romney? Maybe, maybe not, but there are tons of little things like this that played in McCain's favor this year.

I think the vast majority of the right and GOP in general does not want McCain as our representative in this election. I think most people would have been fine with anyone except McCain (or Huckabee), and i fall into that camp. I could have dealt with Rudy, Romney, or anyone else. Just not McCain...

You guys are always about 6... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

You guys are always about 6 months behind. Guess you people didn't get the memo.

After a look back over the last 6 years of conservative governance all but about 15% of Americans recognize conservative rule as a colossal, biblical failure.

The other 15%? They are the political zombies that populate Wizbang..kinda like 60 year old guys with Elvis haircuts driving PT cruisers.

Conservatism is what Mitch Miller and Andy Williams were in 1964. It's over folks.

As dr lava indulges in y... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

As dr lava indulges in yet another completely unrealistic fantasy, the adults continue the discussion ...

Dave W:Why is the ... (Below threshold)

Dave W:

Why is the simplest explanation so hard for you to understand?

McCain won the GOP nomination because he was the best candidate for the GOP.

Giuliani - a northeast liberal

Romney - another northeast liberal who tried to swing back to the right, distant third (behind McCain and Huckabee) in conservative South, lost heavily to McCain everywhere else except his home states

Huckabee - limited appeal

Thompson - didn't even get out of the gate

You guys really, rea... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

You guys really, really don't get it do you?


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