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Video of the Day

From Rachel Lucas comes the Video of the Day. This is a little flashback. We're going to take you back to 2004, when Barack Obama had just won the Illinois senate seat, and was asked about why he was not interested in running for President.

Snortworthiest line:

You know, I am a believer in knowing what you're doing when you apply for a job.

Is he now?


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Flipflopper... (Below threshold)


The answer is obviously 'ye... (Below threshold)

The answer is obviously 'yes'. He's a salesman, and he's selling the rhetoric of the imagination - a wish in one hand and s**t in the other. This demagogue illusion is most potent when ignorance and dependence is expertly exploited. And people let him - no! swoon for him - to do so.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Not of the obamanator, but the mass of sheeple who ache to enchanted by this man. Their name is legion.

But that was 2004, way back... (Below threshold)

But that was 2004, way back when he didn't realize he WAS The Messiah, and needed to save our souls.

Hollywood and Soris kicked ... (Below threshold)

Hollywood and Soris kicked in too much dough. He had no choice. In addition, he has never been challenge for an office yet. Should be fun.

There's the key right there... (Below threshold)

There's the key right there: Changing his mind doesn't change the issue of experience.

I remember Newsweak talking... (Below threshold)

I remember Newsweak talking him up in 2004.

He was created, he can be d... (Below threshold)

He was created, he can be destroyed.

I agree with my main man, H... (Below threshold)

I agree with my main man, Hussein Obama, lama, ding dong.

it should be lotsa larfs wh... (Below threshold)

it should be lotsa larfs when someone walks around obama's back and exposes the 2 X 4's propping up the plywood facade...

"it's a fake, we've been suckered in."






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