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Has Adam Gadahn Gone to Meet his 72 Virgins?

If so, wouldn't that be wonderful. Rusty Shackleford says that it is starting to look that way:

How much do I trust the person who told me this? On a scale of 1-10, he's an 11. It's more a question of his sources than anything else. His sources seem to believe Gadahn has gone to meet his 72 virgins.

So, is Adam Gadahn dead? I know we've been down this road before, and I know a lot of this is wishful thinking, but Magic Eight Ball says outlook good.

UPDATE: Just to make this clear, there is a major caveat here. That caveat is that my friend's source is in Pakistan. You know, the land where rumor & fact are sometimes indistinguishable to most. So, there was a reason I picked "Outlook good" and not "It is decidedly so" or "You may rely on it" from among the 20 Magic 8 Ball choices.

Having said that, we have at least three separate sources all claiming that Gadahn is either dead or missing. How sure is the "source"? Very sure.

If I were a betting man I'd put a couple hundred bucks on Gadahn being dead, but certainly wouldn't bet the farm on it.


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Comments (3)

Little nuggets of good news... (Below threshold)

Little nuggets of good news like this are heartening in the midst of all the gloom and doom prevalent these days.

May all his virgins have th... (Below threshold)

May all his virgins have the combined looks of Rosie and Phylis Diller.

BTW the over/under betting on when barney2000 lights a candle is 12 hours.

"Azzam the American" was a ... (Below threshold)

"Azzam the American" was a "warrior for Islam," but only a warrior with words. He may have posed with a weapon, but was not one to use it.

So it is most likely his death came not in combat, but from typhoid, malaria, or an infected cut. Inglorious in Jihad, no doubt, but fitting nonetheless for one who left the advanced modern world to fight to return humanity to the 7th Century A.D.






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