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Hillary's SNL Hail Mary

Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live this evening, sharing the stage with SNL's Amy Poehler who does a very good Clinton. Here's the appearance in case you missed it which, given SNL's ratings, is a pretty good bet...

She appeared after a mildly humorous debate skit where Sen. Clinton gets all the hard questions and Sen. Obama is given the answers by Tim Russert and Brian Williams.

[Note: NBC, in their infinite wizdom, has had all clips from Saturday's show removed from YouTube. They'd much rather you wait until no one gives a damn anymore to not bother to go see the clip on NBC.com]


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Comments (8)

Not exactly going to increa... (Below threshold)

Not exactly going to increase their ratings, is it?

Aaaaaand it's gone.... (Below threshold)

Aaaaaand it's gone.

Hillary Rocks!Barack... (Below threshold)

Hillary Rocks!
Barack Rocks!


Oh, Hillary! Yer soh <b... (Below threshold)

Oh, Hillary! Yer soh kewl! :p

Will N.O.W. protest that th... (Below threshold)

Will N.O.W. protest that they could not find a real lesbian to portray Hillary?

Poehler has some of the man... (Below threshold)

Poehler has some of the mannerisms down, but looks to good to pull Hillary off. They need to add some jowls and make her look meaner.

Fred Armisen actually looked too mean as Obama (from the makeup perspective). Especially last week. I think they softened the appearance this week.

I'm nauseous. ... (Below threshold)

I'm nauseous.

The Clintons complain of th... (Below threshold)
John S:

The Clintons complain of the way the media is treating them, but the irony is that the media is treating them like REPUBLICANS. Every Republican campaign in the past 50 years has had to deal with absurdly negative bias. In Bush's case in 2004 the stories ran close to 90% negative. Every Republican campaign knows the MSM is an opponent they must beat that is much more formidable than anyone the Dems can run. Bill and Hillary: Welcome to the real world and deal with it. John McCain certainly will...






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