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Video of the Day: "Peaceful" protesting in Berkeley

Here's some video of the mature, peaceful, patriotic, fair-minded protestors in Berkeley.

Wait, did I say mature, peaceful, and patriotic? Make that foul-mouthed, violent, America-hating, military-despising, close-minded protestors in Berkeley. See some great catchphrases, hear some wonderful insults being tossed around, and watch as a mob of people chase two Republicans away yelling "Hit them!" and trying to start a fight.

Caution for language.

Hat Tip: Moonbattery


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Comments (15)

Just have a big time boycot... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Just have a big time boycott of BERKELEY and see how like like losing several thousand dollars in tourist cash this summer let it just become a penal colony

Nothing surprises me from t... (Below threshold)

Nothing surprises me from the hate-filled left anymore.

Ah, the peaceful, non-viole... (Below threshold)

Ah, the peaceful, non-violence-promoting and tolerant left. Very, very brave, too, especially when they vastly outnumber those whom they want to "persuade."

Mentioned this before, what... (Below threshold)

Mentioned this before, what an astonishing disconnect these people show, to protest the very ones who protect their privilege to protest, and in the case of Code Pink, run to the ones you just badmouthed and holler "save me!". I wore the uniform with PRIDE, and I can only say that it's fortunate I'll never get within arm's length of ANY of these bipedal feces.

I've never met a liberal ac... (Below threshold)

I've never met a liberal activist that wasn't a miserable person. These people are miserable, and they choose a side they think can enact their revenge upon the something or someone that has hurt them in their life, that has nothing to do with politics. They're sick and need help.

I see Code Stink is doing a... (Below threshold)

I see Code Stink is doing a raindance in there. Oh yeah, pushing and shoving, profanity and foul gestures; "this is America, dammit and we're going to have our peaceful protest!!"

Funniest sentence I heard in there: "We've had to deal with police brutality before." Heh. Stupid kid.

Aw, Berkeley, I love you... (Below threshold)

Aw, Berkeley, I love you! Should have gone there, but thinking it would be too crowded, I went to UC San Diego instead (among other schools). Great to see Berkeley's young residents upholding Berkeley's grand tradition of


Thanks for the video, Cassy!!

Herman-"Should ... (Below threshold)


"Should have gone there,"

Why, Herman? Your clueless comment already holds the same mentality. No need to travel if you're already "there."

Some observations:</... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Some observations:

1. Seriously, half those kids look like they don't even have driver's licenses yet. So easily manipulated by older, hate-for-America wackos hellbent on spreading their agendas.

2. Bad idea for the Republican kid let it be known he was a Republican in that fervor-laced crowd.

3. Makes me sick to my stomach that this what the bay Area has come to. It's not the place where I grew up.

4. And finally, to the protesters: If you really want to see a police state in action, one that wouldn't have let even come close to organizing like this, ask mommy and daddy for some money and take a trip to Burma.

Just be glad they don't hav... (Below threshold)

Just be glad they don't have anyone named Adolph organizing for them.

That Republican guy that go... (Below threshold)

That Republican guy that got his ass kicked at the rally should have asked a different question than "Is this your peaceful protest?" Hell no it isn't! This is our violent protest against anyone who supports this ridiculous war. Deal with it.

That Republican guy that... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

That Republican guy that got his ass kicked at the rally....

Pretty BIG men there, huh? Going after one guy. Yeah, real tough boys there, huh? Boy I bet those 25-30 kids really beat the shit out of him. He had coming, though, didn't he Ryan? Because that's the way little tools like yourself get your little pent-up aggressions out, isn't it. By kicking a lone guy's ass.

Yup, real men one and all.

It's easy for these moonbat... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

It's easy for these moonbats to be thugs. If any physical threat arises against them because of their actions, they know they can turn to the Marines to keep them safe.

Just like Medea Benjamin did.

I wonder when the "authorit... (Below threshold)

I wonder when the "authorities" who have video evidence of the organizers egging on the crowd to violence will ever arrest these insurgents and have them spirited off to Guantánamo?

I wonder if those mindless dweebs wandering around with their 50 pounds of books in their backpacks got locked out of their classrooms for being late?

I mean, hey, its a police state, right? I heard them say so!

The symbol of peace for the... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

The symbol of peace for these bunch is the old 70s chicken footprint when its realy a dove






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