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'A' is for armored

California's Governor has an interesting incentive for children to do well in school.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new rewards program for schoolkids: Stay in school, take a tank for a spin.

The Republican governor is bringing home an Austrian army tank he loaned the Motts Military Museum in Columbus, Ohio, and he said Wednesday he plans to use it to drive around inner-city children who do well in school, say "no" to drugs and avoid gangs in the Los Angeles area.

Standing outside the Northwood Elementary School in North Sacramento, where he promoted his plan to assist 97 troubled school districts, Schwarzenegger said he plans to take kids for a ride one day a month.

If Schwarzenegger is serious, I think we can count the hours or minutes till some leftists begin saying the Governor is exposing children to guns and how wrong that is.

Honestly I prefer what my Dad used to do. Take me and my brothers to a baseball game, or the demolition derby on Long Island. One NY middle school gives out a cellphone with 130 prepaid minutes as a reward for good grades. I'd take the tank ride.

A big hat tip to education blogger Joanne Jacobs. I borrowed the title of Joanne's post for my own. It was just too good to pass up on.

Update- I fixed the spelling. Triple post my blog article, misspell armor. See what happens when you don't take chemo for the first time in nine weeks?


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Man, and all I got in schoo... (Below threshold)
Eric F:

Man, and all I got in school was little gold star stickers ...

I think I'd like to see him... (Below threshold)

I think I'd like to see him drive down past the Marine Recruiting Station in Berkeley.

"I borrowed the title of... (Below threshold)

"I borrowed the title of Joanne's post for my own. It was just too good to pass up on."

It would help if you spelled it right :)

For my kids it is relativel... (Below threshold)

For my kids it is relatively straight forward. Get all A's and B's on their report card or they lose TV, computer and video game privileges until the next report card. Now they aren't in an inner city school. My oldest wears 'gang colors' for the latin club. And the immediate satsifaction of getting to ride in a tank is not as much of an incentive to them than the incentive of not getting to play video games for the next 3 weeks (the school sends a lot of progress reports out).

So is the issue a failure of incentive to motivate the kids to do what is right (aka a tank ride will make it all better) or is it a failure in the parent to properly motivate the kid?

Sure you aren't Korean? <br... (Below threshold)

Sure you aren't Korean?

A Korean daughter brings home a quiz she gets a 97 on. Her mother says- "What happened to the missing 3?"

My parents would keep me confined to the house if my report card wasn't good enough. Then I began to like it. That made the punishment of little use.

If you think I like to nitpick, you should have seen me in the 11th grade Amer. History class. The teacher on the 2nd or 3rd day puts up a chalk board full of notes and I find 3 mistakes. Boy did Mr. Muir get me transfered to AP American History fast. LOL.


I think it sounds like a lo... (Below threshold)

I think it sounds like a lot of fun.

And even if it's not a fantastic motivator, the kids who *are* getting good grades and qualify, deserve some recognition too. Particularly boys who probably think there is nothing grander than a huge machine.

And if he gives them a ride personally, that's great, too.

The Austrians had tanks? W... (Below threshold)

The Austrians had tanks? Wow, who knew?

It's just Ahlnold's way of ... (Below threshold)

It's just Ahlnold's way of saying "Tanks, kids!"






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