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Celebrity Baby Mama Drama

Angelina Jolie is the most famous of them. Meg Ryan, Sharon Stone, Sheryl Crow, Kate Jackson, Mary-Louise Parker and Calista Flockhart have all done it. Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston have both publicly stated that they're considering doing it.

Is this some hot new diet fad? A drug? Guest star on SNL? Nope, it's adoption. All the women above are single and unmarried, and all of them have adopted children, with the exception of Simpson and Aniston, who are still merely "considering" adoption. God knows how many celebrities have popped out babies with men they've dated for a few months at best and aren't married -- and if they are married, split up in record time. Even Paris Hilton is interviewing that she wants a baby, probably because former BFF Nicole Richie is stealing her spotlight by having one. And now, a new movie is coming out that, in a sense, spotlights this fad -- except this movie shines the light on surrogacy instead.

I give you Tina Fey's new movie, "Baby Mama".

I had only one thought when I watched that trailer for the first time.

What is wrong with Hollywood?!

Tina Fey's movie "Baby Mama" illustrates an epidemic to me. Her character "wants a baby more than anything else", so she finds a way to go out and get one. Nevermind that she's not even dating anyone, so they kid will have literally no father figure in his or her life. Nevermind that an adoption agency turned her down. She wants a baby, damn it, so she's gonna get one by whatever means necessary. She finds a woman to be a surrogate so she can have her baby.

Now, no one misunderstand. I have nothing against adoption, artificial insemination, or surrogate mothers. My own mother and my aunt, her sister, are both adopted (they are not blood-related). A friend of mine is going through the adoption process as well because she's unable to get pregnant after trying every available option to her for a long time. I think it's wonderful when people are willing to open their hearts and adopt, or when someone is willing to carry a baby for a woman otherwise unable to have children. And I also know that there are many single mothers and fathers working hard to give their children the best possible upbringing they can. I don't have a problem with any of that.

What I do have a problem with is how cavalierly Hollywood and celebrities in general seem to treat motherhood.

This trend of celebrities having babies, or adopting babies, just because they decide they "want one" disgusts me. Just because you are rich and famous does not mean you are ready and capable of caring for a child (hello, Britney Spears... ) -- like the ones who adopt or give birth to children without haviny any kind of stable family setting to give them. To celebrities, children are accessories -- just like having another dog to take care of. And when taking care of the kid is getting to be too much work, or they have a movie premiere to go to across the world, or if they want to go out and get obliterated every night at clubs across the country, they can just hand them off to their army of nannies and caretakers, standing by to take over when Mommy doesn't feel like it anymore.

How many of these celebrities do you think are truly capable of putting their child before themselves? Celebrities are narcissistic by nature; it's almost a requirement to be self-centered and self-serving before all else to make it in Hollywood. Putting the well-being of a child before what the celebrity may want right that moment never really crosses their mind; after all, the nanny can take over!

Take Angelina Jolie. She's reformed her image by adopting kids from all over the word, and then giving birth to an adorable little girl named Shiloh who was fathered by Brad Pitt. But how good of a mother is she really? She gives them no stable family whatsoever -- after all, she and Brad are not married, and Billy Bob Thornton was Maddox's original father -- and she doesn't give them a stable home, either. She constantly talks about giving up working for a year or two to give them a stable home, but she never does. Instead, they're uprooted every few months to fly to another country whenever Angelina decides she's getting bored. Does she think about the effect that could have on her children? I'm sure that Angelina loves her children. But I think that she loves herself and her carefree lifestyle more. She doesn't give them a chance to develop roots anywhere, so how can they grow to be healthy and strong? They're "children of the world", she'd say, which I'm sure the U.N. would approve of greatly. But is it what is best for her children? And let's not forget she used to be Hollywood's bad girl, engaging in lesbianism, exchanging blood in vials with her beaus, making out with her brother at award shows, and claiming that she could never be monogamous. What will her children think when they see Mommy making out with Uncle?

I'm sure that there are celebrity parents who are genuinely good, caring parents who are able to put their children first. Unfortunately, they seem to be outnumbered.

Celebrities think its OK to just find yourself a kid as soon as you get a twinge of a maternal urge, but it isn't. Having money does not mean you're able to give your child the best environment possible. Children need stability in their lives; parents that are willing and able to put the wants and needs of their children before their own, and parents who can be good, steady role models for them. Parents who think of themselves first always and see no problem with having a steady revolving door of lovers, while they're out partying every night, doing God knows what kind of drugs, do not make good children. The offspring of celebrities often end up on the covers of tabloids with sex and drug addictions, often with no future and no clue what to do with their lives. Do we really need to wonder why? If celebrities aren't prepared to make their children their first priority, then they shouldn't have them, no matter how much they might "want them". Unless they're actually willing to be parents, it isn't right to just go out and get one like you would a puppy at a pound to make themselves feel more complete inside.

It's time to put an end to this epidemic of Celebrity Baby Mama Drama.


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Comments (14)

This story is such b*llsh*t... (Below threshold)

This story is such b*llsh*t, sorry. There is no epidemic going on amongst celebs They're not doing anything non-celebs aren't doing.

And who are you to judge that celebs wanting to have kids do so for a different reason than non-celebs? People want kids because they WANT to have kids.

I am sure some celebs want them for the wrong reason - people like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson come to mind, NOT women like Angelina Jolie, Calista Flockhart or Meg Ryan - but hye, it's just like that in REAL life, isn't it?

Why doesn't the US start worrying more about the alarming teenage preganancy rate, especially in comparison to most other developed countries? Why not be more skeptical about private adoption or surrogacy where women seem to sell their baby to the highest bidder? There are so much bigger issues to worry about than this ' celeb epidemic' that never was anywhere except in certain gossipmedia's eyes!

Yes, there is an epidemic. ... (Below threshold)

Yes, there is an epidemic. It is called love of self, sin in one of the greatest proportions.

Cassy, keep telling it like it is!

Cassy,I hope you a... (Below threshold)


I hope you are going to post this at Wizbang Pop! too. :)

Yeah, but if they HAVE babi... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but if they HAVE babies the natural way, it could screw up their figures!

And THAT would severely damage their self-esteem, as well as their earnings long-term.

(Besides, can you imagine Callista Flockheart pregnant? She'd look like a toothpick swallowed a bowling ball.)

So it's ok for your family ... (Below threshold)

So it's ok for your family and your friend but not for anyone who happens to be in the spotlight.
You may want to look into these people's backgrounds before you accuse them of being selfish and wanting kids for accessories, or wanting to adopt because of their figures.
There may be other reasons and issues, and they may be very much the same as with your family and friend.
You're not scoring very high marks when it comes to emotional intelligence.

I don't know. I get the im... (Below threshold)

I don't know. I get the impression you're criticizing these people for doing a good thing because they're celebrities. I'm more than happy to jump on the Hollywood-bashing bandwagon, but not for this.

When the hell did Bush make... (Below threshold)

When the hell did Bush make you the "Decider"? I guess it is sooo much better to have a baby when married like Brittany Spears.

Here you have a bunch of "Liberal Hollywood" types adopting babies and you are against it? Maybe the mothers should have just aborted the babies in the first place. That would've show-'em.

Interesting point of view. ... (Below threshold)

Interesting point of view. I think you're right in many cases, particularly with Angelina and Brad. I'm guessing that most are so narcissistic that they believe their children are the luckiest because their parents are so famous, beautiful and rich when most kids just want a stable home and normal parents. Good article. Thanks.

My wife and I adopted our l... (Below threshold)

My wife and I adopted our last child and i woudld sorta recommend it to anyone (international adoption, crazy paperwork, no real end date, but she just turned 15 today and is CRUSHED i say CRUSHED that her mean and nasty parents did NOT get her a cell phone. I would put her down to any other kid you have by any method, there are times you certainly say can we send them back :) )

Anyway the idea that Hollywood types do a disservice to their children by moving around is an interesting one. I know another name for those types of kids, they are known as Navy/Army brats. I was one of those also. I do not know what it would be like to attend the same school for a whole year (one year got 3 different schools, Florida, Calif, Guam all for the 3rd grade). I do not know how to compare, but some of the advantages i THINK outweighed the negatives. You do get a better world view, you can learn to be better at fitting in and how to adjust to people coming and going. So not all bad, but there are times when it would be nice to say i stayed in the same house longer than 3 years or 4 months.

Reading your posts, Doc. R... (Below threshold)

Reading your posts, Doc. Reading your posts...

I totally agree. Well said... (Below threshold)

I totally agree. Well said. Especially about "Saint Angie."

There are a few things goin... (Below threshold)

There are a few things going on here. Many celebrities are truly idiots who want children much as they want a shiny new bauble and for the same reason- to show it off.

There are others whose careers have come first but now the clock approaches midnight and they are compelled to act. These women have made some wretched choices- the worst one of which was deciding on acting as a career and thinking that one is likely to find a long term and stable mate. Now they will get to make one more wretched choice.

Hollywood doesn't really grant marriage licenses- it grants short term leases.

My opinion of Angelina Joli... (Below threshold)

My opinion of Angelina Jolie cannot be spoken in polite circles. I do think this Hollywood baby drama stuff has gotten out of hand. I do believe they think it's just another "must have" accessory and that once the cachet wears off, they'll dump the child with nannies or relatives. What's scarier to me is that the 13 to 18 year-old girls I teach see this crud in the rags and on TV every day. It HAS to be influencing them, and not for the better.

Their a lot of unfit parent... (Below threshold)

Their a lot of unfit parents that are not celebrities. And I believe that some celebrities take a good care to their babies.






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