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Video of the Day

If only more Europeans held opinions like this, and were willing to speak about it openly, and stand up against the Islamization of their countries, perhaps Europe would not be turning into Eurabia, the nation of Dhimmis. High five to this guy for having some common sense, though.


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Good Morning London!... (Below threshold)

Good Morning London!

Cassie: That's awesome. W... (Below threshold)

Cassie: That's awesome. Where's the source for that so I can link it to my blog and Facebook page?

Also: Remember when the Lewinski story broke, and all the Feminist 'leaders' said they would give Bill Clinton something that rhymes with "snow job" for all he'd done for equal rights? Well, I think this gentleman is far more deserving of 'affection' for being a sane, honourable Brit in an age of simpering supplication.

<a href="http://www.patcond... (Below threshold)
Ha, I never thought I'd see... (Below threshold)

Ha, I never thought I'd see Pat Condell on Wizbang. He's puts out regular videos, all of which you can view here.

You may be disappointed though, Muslims are not the only religious types Pat has fun with. For instance, check out "Pimping for Jesus." The "Christian Jackboot" bit is nice. Enjoy Pat, I know I do!

To be quite honest, this vi... (Below threshold)

To be quite honest, this video almost makes me want to move to London. I wish I could afford to buy this man dinner and a pint. Booyah!

"perhaps Europe would not b... (Below threshold)
Nicolas Krebs:

"perhaps Europe would not be turning into Eurabia"

Indeed, Europe is not currently Eurabia, as claim Bat Ye'or (who is wrong).

Phew! Just when I thought e... (Below threshold)

Phew! Just when I thought everyone in Europe had turned in their balls. What a relief.

I love this guy!!! Thank Go... (Below threshold)
Arturo Garcia Jr.:

I love this guy!!! Thank God, there at least one person in Europe who has a brain.






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