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Obligatory Voting Day Post

Here is the obligatory post to let you all know what you already know: it's voting day in Ohio and Texas -- oh, and don't forget Rhode Island and Vermont. They're small states, but they count too.

I hope McCain kicks Huckabee's ass all over the place, so that Huck will get over whatever kick it is he seems to get out of holding on to a campaign that he knows he cannot win. You're not helping anyone out by doing this, Huck. I get that you want to climb the political career ladder, but it's over. Get over it; move on. Maybe in 2012 you can gear up for another run. But you ain't gonna be the President this time, so get off the merry-go-round. Mitt Romney had a better chance of besting McCain than you did when he quit at CPAC (damn him for quitting, too), but he did something called bowing out gracefully. You should try it.

As for our Democrat friends, I sincerely hope that Hillary wins big today. I want to see these two slugging it out all the way to the convention.

Get your popcorn ready, because it's gonna be a brawl!


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I would say we leave Huck a... (Below threshold)

I would say we leave Huck alone. He is harmless at this point, nobody (even McCain) is pressing for him to leave, he is not affecting the race in any way, he is not sucking oxygen either, and he is trying to line up his next gig. No harm, no foul.

I want to see these two ... (Below threshold)

I want to see these two slugging it out all the way to the convention.

Yes of course you all want to see this.

Personally, I agree with Bill Richardson:

"We have to have a positive campaign after Tuesday. Whoever has the most delegates after Tuesday, a clear lead, should be, in my judgment, the nominee."

It's enough already after tonight. We need to coalesce around one candidate and put an end to the party infighting. Whoever is behind after tonight should withdraw.

I have to wonder if Huckabe... (Below threshold)

I have to wonder if Huckabee minimized his expendatures and is making a net gain on his campaign warchest? The only other explanation is that he hopes to eclipse the other contenders in people's recollections in case there's an open primary in 2012.

Conflicting emotions here, ... (Below threshold)

Conflicting emotions here, joy at watching hillary get tubed, and dismay that Obama may actually become the nominee. An Obama presidency could well be a mis-step this country would be unable to recover from.






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