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The Comeback Kid Stays Out Of The Picture


Is it just me, or doesn't it seem like Chelsea Clinton is getting more photo ops and speaking engagements that a certain former President? This was the scene from the victory celebration in Ohio for Hillary Clinton this evening.

Wizbang Politics and Wizbang Blue are both covering all the races on the Democratic side this evening.


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Comments (16)

Bill WHO?... (Below threshold)

Bill WHO?

It looks like Rush's diabol... (Below threshold)

It looks like Rush's diabolical plan worked.

I raise my morning cup of Joe in cheers to another month of watching two Democratic senator chicken hawks fight over who will promise the most-est the fastest and get to run against a certified war hero in the general election.

Yep, a first term senator with the most liberal voting record verses the wife of the red faced man that stabs his fingers at people a lot.

Thank you God.

You're right, Kev. I was th... (Below threshold)

You're right, Kev. I was thinking the same thing. We'll want him back only if she wins the nomination.

Rush's plan did work<... (Below threshold)

Rush's plan did work


Speaking personally, I have... (Below threshold)

Speaking personally, I have no problem having Chelsea getting more photo ops, other than the master plan of her future campaign....

Hillary to Bill: "Open your... (Below threshold)

Hillary to Bill: "Open your frikken mouth one more time before March 5th and I'll cut off your Dubai allowence for the next three months."

Maybe she serves him at the... (Below threshold)

Maybe she serves him at the convention, or maybe she thinks it can wait until the inauguration, but I see both a political and a marital divorce in the future.

Chelsea is serving an appre... (Below threshold)

Chelsea is serving an apprenticeship for a House seat in two years. They will pick a safe Democrat district and make the incumbent an offer he can't refuse.

Does Chelsea put out?... (Below threshold)

Does Chelsea put out?

Does Chelsea put out?</i... (Below threshold)

Does Chelsea put out?

Only for Democratic Operative with Lots of Cash!

"Wizbang Politics and Wi... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"Wizbang Politics and Wizbang Blue are both covering all the races on the Democratic side this evening."

Wizbang Politics? Oh, you mean the website for Larkin's Church of the Obamassiah-- an alternate reality fabricated out of dreams, spin, denial, obfuscation, and prevariaction.

No thanks, Kevin. If I want to expose myself to shit like that I'll just turn on the newwork news.

Ha ha ha ha... I love it! T... (Below threshold)

Ha ha ha ha... I love it! Thank You conservatives!

It's not over until the ... (Below threshold)

It's not over until the fat lady cackles.

Where's Bill? ohh yeah, cel... (Below threshold)

Where's Bill? ohh yeah, celebrating with Monica. ha ha ha

I saw a 78 year old termina... (Below threshold)

I saw a 78 year old terminal patient yesterday whose main reason for living is "to stay alive long enough to vote for the first woman president."

She seemed pretty determine... (Below threshold)

She seemed pretty determined. I bet she lives a long time.






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