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They are just too big

Being married to a Filipina and having lived and traveled in Asia, I like to keep up with news in the region. That includes the reading of blogs.

Japundit is a blog I discovered less than a year ago. Its a funny blog. Good for finding all sorts of odd news. Something I like posting to my blog.

Here is some recent news concerning Japanese model Serena Kozakura.

Serena Kozakura, a Japanese model, proves size DOES matter when a court threw out the model's case based on her breast size.

Serena was found guilty of breaking and entering into a man's apartment, kicking a hole in a door and crawling through. On her appeal, the defense held up a cutout size of the hole, showing the impossibility of Serena's 44 inch boobs going through.

Serena rejoiced in the verdict: "I used to hate my body so much, but it was my breasts that won in court"

If she hated her body, she would get a reduction. Definitely put Serena's legal victory in the crazy but successful legal defense strategy files.

If you want to see just how big Serena, check beneath the fold. Not obscene.

As much as I like Asian women, I don't find Serena very appealing. That crazed look in her eyes. If I want big breasts, give me Rio Natsume any day. I hope these women have good chiropractors.

Thanks to Japundit and Weird Asia News.


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Comments (14)

Mama ries,, get Me a drink,... (Below threshold)

Mama ries,, get Me a drink, better make it a double.. yowzer!

I think they're swell.... (Below threshold)

I think they're swell.

I think they just swell too... (Below threshold)

I think they just swell too..

This post is worthless with... (Below threshold)

This post is worthless without more pics.

You guys are just PIGS!... (Below threshold)

You guys are just PIGS!

Any idea how good her english is?

Dont you mean ing-rish??... (Below threshold)

Dont you mean ing-rish??

Not guilty.On both... (Below threshold)

Not guilty.

On both counts.

And she's a model? Her boso... (Below threshold)

And she's a model? Her bosom would disqualify her for that in the United States.

Hm. Maybe Japan is more civilized than we are...

If the boobs can't fit, you... (Below threshold)
civildisobedience Author Profile Page:

If the boobs can't fit, you must acquit!

. . . and she has . . . gre... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

. . . and she has . . . great tracts of land.

Mark L--guess you want to w... (Below threshold)

Mark L--guess you want to work in the garden too, eh? Landscape isn't looking too bad. Just sayin'.... :)

"You guys are just PIGS!... (Below threshold)

"You guys are just PIGS!

Any idea how good Her english is?"

You mean "how well She speaks english?"

We cant be bothered by little things like eloquence and .proper english. We love Her natural beauty.

A whole lot of young women/... (Below threshold)

A whole lot of young women/girls hate their bodies, particularly if their breasts are big enough to draw attention.

Most get used to it.

And she might still get a reduction some day, but for now she makes money from them so...

Im in love! oink oink! An... (Below threshold)

Im in love! oink oink! And I think they are twins.






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