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About Those Gay Singles Ads...

Short version: They're gone.

Long version: We were alerted to their presence this morning and immediately removed them. Since they are served by a network that has over 10,000 ads we had no real way of knowing they'd be there, but once we found out about them I immediately manually banned them due to their overtly suggestive nature. The settings we use for ads are supposed to prevent overtly sexual or objectionable ads, suggestive dating ads, distracting images, crude humor, or other questionable creative behavior or content from appearing.

Obviously I've dug deeper into those settings to try and tweak the media filter to make sure half-naked men or women don't appear in our ads. To be clear the ad wasn't removed because it targeted gay singles, it was due to the graphic looking so much like a come on for gay porn.


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Comments (12)

I think you tweaked that pu... (Below threshold)

I think you tweaked that puppy a tad too much. The only woman showing up right now is Hillary.

Maybe if you turned the dial a little to the left you may get those babes that peddle the T-shirts back. ;-)

Careful: one wrong tweak, ... (Below threshold)

Careful: one wrong tweak, and we could end up with pictures of Hillary in those T-shirts.

Someone could lose an eye or something . . .


Admit it, you had to remove... (Below threshold)

Admit it, you had to remove them because you couldn't get DJ to focus on anything else.

Work is pretty liberal abou... (Below threshold)

Work is pretty liberal about letting us surf at lunch time, but any porn and you might as well clear out your desk when you are done. I'm off to expunge my temp files as best I can and hope I never get audited. I'd probably be able to defend myself but I'd rather not be in that position. So this is appreciated. The bikini/T-shirt chicks were pushing it too but they are wearing clothes and not naked covered by camera angle and word placement.

I've got John McCain with a... (Below threshold)

I've got John McCain with all the blood rushing to his head over here. He looks pretty ticked off about it, too.

Kevin, thanks for your hard work - I teach in a school system with a very aggressive filter, but we have had porn show up in Google Images searches many a time - the filter won't let you actually open the page, but it appears as a thumbnail. In other words - these things happen.

Hey, sometimes those half d... (Below threshold)

Hey, sometimes those half dressed ads with some hot babes are the best thing on this site. Just because I'm over 50 doesn't mean I'm dead. But I do also like to check out the serious commentary and always enjoy the excellent writing of some writers here and the sometimes funny odd news that makes up the "Knucklehead Of The Day" award as well.

Paul, this is one of the fe... (Below threshold)

Paul, this is one of the few times I agree with you. I am over fifty, but I ain't dead yet. Good to see you comment. ww

Ah HA! Paul DOES go to the... (Below threshold)

Ah HA! Paul DOES go to the vegetarian topless joints (and not just for the good food)!

Darn, there goes my plans f... (Below threshold)

Darn, there goes my plans for a fun filled weekend...

The upside down McCain ads ... (Below threshold)

The upside down McCain ads are annoying and stupid. Does anyone ever click sidebar ads?

Crap, I was ready to sign u... (Below threshold)

Crap, I was ready to sign up!

I thought there was a "spectrum" of sexual orientations on this website.

Oh, no, that was wizbangblue. Sorry.

I was wondering about that?... (Below threshold)

I was wondering about that? when I saw them... You can keep the half naked big breasted doorbreakers please ( hee hee) and lose the gays.






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