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Then why should anyone vote Democratic in November

Senators Obama and Clinton might be best advised to put a muzzle on their campaign people. Statements like this from Susan Rice, Barack Obama's chief foreign policy adviser, help neither candidate-

"Clinton hasn't had to answer the phone at three o'clock in the morning and yet she attacked Barack Obama for not being ready,'' Ms. Rice said. "They're both not ready to have that 3 a.m. phone call."

Here's the video

Hat tip- James Joyner at OTB who writes "I'm glad she cleared that up."

This is my serious post of the day. I'm hoping another Wizbang contributor steps in. Either that or I'll either update the Turkish Muslim pizza maker from Bulgaria deportation story or how someone compared Tiger Woods and Barack Obama next.


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Comments (14)

The point is not who has ex... (Below threshold)

The point is not who has experience at answering the 3 AM call (as Obama is implying), the point to me is who has the guts to do anything about the 3 AM call:

1st Choice): McCain--Cares, always cared, & will have a military plan.
2nd Choice): Hillary--Will not want an attack on her name (if just to protect her name).
Never A Choice)---Obama--I don't think he will ever use the military. He'll be sitting on the side of the bed at 3 AM trying to figure out what the US has done wrong & what to "SAY" to fix the problem.

... and with Michelle sitti... (Below threshold)

... and with Michelle sitting next to him, he may very well be convinced to just let whatever happens, happen, since we probably deserve it.

How about who can find advi... (Below threshold)

How about who can find advisors who are not blithering idiots? In which case, neither are ready to run an ice cream truck.

One doesn't have to done so... (Below threshold)

One doesn't have to done something before to be ready for it but it helps. I don't believe any of the current candidates is ready for that call. McCain is the most prepared out of the three. As for that call, Rudy or Barbour from Mississippi has demonstrated that they are good in a crisis but that has to wait for another day.

Barack Obama said the night... (Below threshold)

Barack Obama said the night he lost the two big states: "I want us to be able to go to a foreign country and be proud that they are an american." Apparently, Obama is not or neither is his wife proud to be american. Liberals are such self loathing, american haters. Always has been, always will. ww

At this rate, does McCain e... (Below threshold)

At this rate, does McCain even have to run a campaign? Can he just work on his acceptance speech on Nov 4, and his Inauguration speech on Jan 20, 2009?

Obama Osama, what's the dif... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Obama Osama, what's the difference? Just the bs.

Well, there you go. All yo... (Below threshold)

Well, there you go. All you need to know, in a nutshell.

I think what she meant to s... (Below threshold)

I think what she meant to say is "We're planning on hoping the '3am phone' doesn't ring. If it does ring, we'll be wishing it didn't." ...which is the inefficacity hope.

Shows how hard it is to kee... (Below threshold)

Shows how hard it is to keep lying.

Tiger Woods has more class,... (Below threshold)

Tiger Woods has more class, more money and He's half philippino,not half muslim like Osama.. these are all plus's

"How about who can find advisors that are not blithering idiots, in which case, neither are ready to run an ice cream truck."

I dont know? but, Obama would look good in a "good humor" outfit to contrast His half black status? And Hillary could deliver "push ups"if Bill wanted so..maybe they are barely qualified for that..

Just nother obomination. M... (Below threshold)

Just nother obomination. Move On.

In larger context, her comm... (Below threshold)

In larger context, her comment turns out not to be as stupid as it appears.

back a few years ago some i... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

back a few years ago some idiot wrote a letter in one of our local papers saying YOU HAV A LOT TO LOSE IF YOU DONT VOTE DEMACRAT and that was when AL GORE was running for office






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