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McCain channels Reagan

"We're Americans, and we'll never surrender -- they will!"

I do not agree with all of John McCain's policies. There's a lot of things about him that make me worry, albeit not nearly as many as the number I can find looking at Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. However, in the ad, McCain remarks:

I know who I am, and what I want to do, because I don't seek the office out of a sense of entitlement. I owe America more than she has ever owed me... I've been an imperfect servant of my country for many years. I've never lived a day, in good times or bad, that I haven't been proud -- proud -- of the privilege.

Can you imagine anything remotely similar to that coming out of the mouths of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?! I think McCain was being sincere and honest about being an imperfect servant who owes America more than she owes him. While I do doubt his decisions sometimes, I've never doubted the love and pride he feels for his country -- it's overwhelmingly obvious, and God knows he sacrificed enough for her -- and when asked about that service, he says that he "failed".

Compare that to Barack "our country is mean" Obama, who regularly extolls how horrible it is and how much we need change, or Hillary "America owes me the presidency" Clinton, who positively reeks of an attitude filled with entitlement.

McCain's not a perfect candidate, and God knows he's no Ronald Reagan. But he's far to the right of our other two choices, and it's obvious he's trying to channel the conservative idol in this ad. He's still no Reagan, but in this ad, he plays the part well. It's his best campaign ad yet.



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Comments (6)

Don't worry about McCain, h... (Below threshold)

Don't worry about McCain, he's an old soldier and won't take any pushing around as he showed when he told the reporters to shove it. Do the reporters? really wonder why 70% of the citizens have no respect for, and don't trust them. The other 30% of the citizens are like bobble head dolls in a car on rough road. They continue to bob their head in unison since they have no idea about anything.

Now we have Hussein Obama supporters (the Revrund Al leader) saying the blacks will riot if Hussein Obama doesn't get the nomination. That will be followed by the same threats if he doesn't win the election. Well I have bad news for the Revrund Al and the welfare riders. Americans are fed up and believe it or not they are ready to fight for a change, and not a Hussein Obama type change. Riding welfare since 1865 doesn't give blacks any privilage or right to threaten those who house, clothe and feed you. Too bad the Revrund Al and his henchmen will be on the losing end of the war they start. Fact is that 10% or less of the blacks contribute to society and the other 90% ride and try to destroy it. It really is time for a change.

John McCain is not my first... (Below threshold)

John McCain is not my first or second choice for the Presidency. When I saw that comment "I owe America more than she has ever owed me" and "I have been an imperfect servant", I think he really means that. I don't think a speech writer wrote those words, I think he did. I don't know if I would have had the courage and fortitude to last 5 years in a North Vietnamese prison camp. He did.

He is a much better candidate for the Presidency of the most powerful nation on earth than those other 2 Village Idiots the Dems have running. I'll be damned if I'm going to sit this election out and pout because my guy (Fred!) didn't win. Doing that will only ensure a Dem victory and a calamity for the security of our nation.

I will vote for John McCain and I won't hold my nose while doing it.

It was noted on this blog a... (Below threshold)

It was noted on this blog about the old novel "Dark Horse," written in the early 70's. Mr. Pinholster gives advice to Mr. Quinn, which boils down to who is the most qualified person among those running. I was also a Fredhead, but I'll be pulling the lever for McCain in November, based on that logic.

If he keeps this up I might... (Below threshold)

If he keeps this up I might have to actually vote for him (previously said I wouldn't due to his anti-constitutional stance on approving judges). He's still got a ways to go, but he's got months to win over skeptics like me. (btw: I wouldn't vote D, just would NV the presidential line, which would be relatively meaningless here in NY anyway given the giant margin the D will win by here)

I was also a Fredhead, but ... (Below threshold)
linda Tarricone:

I was also a Fredhead, but we have to move forward with what we have. RPL is so right. McCain, although I don't agree with his long left reach, is the most qualified.The other two represent all that is wrong with America right now. I want my children to be proud to be Americans and to use all their God given talents to provide for themselves. The opportunity in this country is amazing yet we cripple people into believing they can not make it on their own.So, so wrong.

Yeah, John McCain has those... (Below threshold)

Yeah, John McCain has those aweful & incomprehensible depths -- worse than that, he actually fought in an actual war -- something that Reagan, Bush & Cheney fought to avoid. Don't you hate that?

But more than that, he represents human intellectual complexity, from which the neocon mind recoils. Wouldn't it be better if his judgments & his arguments were black & white?

And then there's all that stuff he said about the religious right. Oh boy. You must be ill.

By the way: I'm voting for this cracker. I saw him first. (Love the Letterman stuff...)

Maybe Hillary would (you will pardon the pun) fill your bill; all of her answers & remedies are one dimensional and straight out of the DNC platform. If they were out of the RNC platform (and it's only an accident of history that they are not), you would vote for her.






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